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End Game

I wrote of the dangers presented by the Transgender phenomenon in Belonging.  Then, in Q’d Up, I explained why L, G and B are just not queer enough and why M and F can never make the list.  This article will now provide a logical argument for the woke’s directed evolution of Transgenderism into the ultimate perversion of humanity – Transhumanism; the blending of Carbon and Silicon-based life-forms. 

In the beginning, God created man – male and female he created them. (Gen 5:2)

As we have seen in previous articles, Queer Gnosticism aligns itself with the god of this world and in open rebellion to the God of the Bible.  Satan hates God and by extension, God’s greatest creation – man.  Satan is attempting to totally pervert God’s design, making man in his own image.  Our greatest enemy is bringing all of his influence – technological, spiritual, economic, social – to bear on this.

Brittanica describes “transhumanism [as a] philosophical and scientific movement that advocates the use of current and emerging technologies—such as genetic engineering, cryonics, artificial intelligence (AI), and nanotechnology—to augment human capabilities and improve the human condition.  Joe Allen, Transhumanism expert (on the human side) described it differently in his article Transhumanism is the issue of Our Age.  I’ve selected just a few of Joe’s “if’s” below.

“We’re watching a cultural revolution.  …
If wall-to-wall propaganda is a precursor to brain-editing…
If social media is a precursor to virtual hive minds…
If trans children are a precursor to designer babies…
If “smart homes” are a precursor to automated prison cells…
If the snozzberries taste like steaks in the Matrix…
Then the transition from spiritual depth to technological control is well underway.

‘Transhumanism’ gives it a name.”

There’s no doubt that the Trans-gender movement has been fueled by social media.

It’s not a big leap from Trans-Gender to Trans-Human.

“Transhumanism – the global scientific and cultural movement to surpass or transcend Homo sapiens – is the central civilizational issue of our time. … Stanford’s Francis Fukuyama called it ‘the world’s most dangerous Idea.’  He was right. …

The leading international organisation of transhumanists, now called Humanity+, is not covert about its ambitions: ‘Posthumans could be completely synthetic artificial intelligences, or they could be enhanced uploads, or they could be the result of making many smaller but cumulatively profound augmentations to a biological human,’ proclaims it website. … ‘death will be optional by 2045,’   and ‘some posthumans may find it advantageous to jettison their bodies altogether and live as information patterns on vast super-fast computer networks.”

From the Forward to Dark Aeon by Stephen K. Bannon

“Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence.  Shortly thereafter, the human era will be ended.” 

Vernor Vinge (1993)

In an excerpt from his new book Dark Aeon, Joe Allen outlines the gnostic roots of Transhumanism, making it the natural, final (?) step in woke Marxism – the elimination of mankind as a species as it loses itself within the hive mind.

“Many transhumanists look forward to the day when we human lose ourselves in the power of godlike machines. … The AI developer Ben Goertzel, whose OpenCog software animates the world-famous robot, Sophia, adheres to this ego-collapsing, vaguely masochistic approach to human displacement.

… Sophia ultimately takes her name from the goddess – or Aeon – whose fall from grace is described in the heretical Gnostic gospels.”

In gnostic writings, Sophia gave birth to the Demiurge or “craftsman” of our cosmos, who fashioned “the flawed world where our souls are now trapped.

Deep within, each person yearns to return to the Fullness of Light, or the Pleroma. In this mythos, the material world is seen as evil and the spiritual as good.

As written in previous articles, woke Marxism uses the dialectic to “transform the world” until the mundane is removed and the shards of the Divine coalesce to form the ultimate god.  From Pedigree:

Blavatsky advocated the idea of seven ‘Root Races’ including the ‘pure spirit’ from the ‘Imperishable Sacred Land;’ the Hyperboreans from near the North Pole; Lemurians (Australian aboriginals); higher beings who descended to the planet and became Atlantians (i.e. from the lost city of Atlantis); the Aryans (as promoted by Hitler); Maitreya from Mahayana Buddhist mythology and a final super-spiritual seventh root race which would appear at the end of the age.

From Dark Aeon again:

Gnosis, or “higher knowledge,” is to be externalized into digital minds and mechanical bodies.  The Pleroma will be a virtual reality.  Thus, it’s through our own material creations that we will transcend this flawed material realm of suffering, disease, old age, and death.”

Dr. James Lindsay echoes these warnings.  In his podcast Queer Gnostic Cult, (3:09:10 min mark) he describes Transgenderism as “the Transgender Cult or Trans-mutilation Cult and a subset of Queer Gnosticism.”

He goes on to say that:

(3:13:10)  “Transgenderism represents the subject floating free of the body in the ethereal realm.”

At the Singularity (the convergence of nano-tech, gene editing, AI and advanced robotics), Transhumanism claims precisely this capability!


So, once AI has eliminated billions of jobs and the singularity is on our door-step, what are surplus humans to do?

This is a chilling question to consider.

Klaus Schwab and his favourite transhumanist – Yuval Noah Harari have given this some thought. 

From the WEF web-page, we read:

The scale of the challenge should not be underestimated.  The Fourth Industrial Revolution could lead to forms of human augmentation that cause us to question the very nature of human existence – and even sooner than one might imagine.”

Harari answers the question: “What Do We Do with Billions of Useless Humans?” in this video.

Accommodation from the film

Ready Player One.

It is not difficult to imagine a class distinction based on human status 2.0 versus 1.0.

Sadly, existing humans have had little trouble displaying such bigotry in the past.

Imagine human 2.0, fully indoctrinated using the power of AI.

Sadly, it may mirror what’s happening on today’s Ivy League University campuses.

In this substack article, Dr. Robert Malone provides his opinion regarding a future being promoted for our children and grandchildren; a future bearing down at an alarming rate!


“More directly linked to the impact of technology, it involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled and directed society.  Such a society would be dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific know-how.  Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control.”

Zbig Brzezinski.

Designer Babies

Although only a concept at present, EctoLife “offers parents to ‘produce’ customised babies with the help of artificial wombs.  An ‘Elite Package’ would allow people to choose their baby’s level of intelligence, height, hair, eye colour, physical strength and even skin tone.”

Ectolife baby pods

Neo escaping the Matrix

Life imitating Art or vice versa?

“The acquisition of new fields of endeavour by women and their gradual usurpation of leadership will dull and finally dissipate feminine sensibilities, and will choke the maternal instinct, so that marriage and motherhood may become abhorrent and human civilisation draw closer and closer to the perfect civilisation of the bee.”

Nikola Tesla, Collier Magazine 1926

“Sadly, he wasn’t wrong about swarming they/them hives. Although he missed the part where each queen bee is a male billionaire.”

Joe Allen, Dark Aeon

Gene Editing

Despite his numerous protestations, Tony Fauci and the NIAID-sponsored Gain of Function experiments in Wuhan were directly linked by former CDC Director Robert Redfield.

Dr. Robert Malone and others have argued that DoD pressure was used to expedite approval for the mRNA platform for all future “vaccine” products, despite its dismal failure to protect against COVID.

In addition to this, excess mortality in the 20 most vaccinated highly developed countries increased by +149% after vaccination rollout.

Why would any nation agree to the mRNA platform, considering such terrible outcomes post-vaccination with mRNA COVID shots?

You will be assimilated

In this substack article, Dr. Robert Malone discussed the implications of a report entitled:


In this 2021 UK / German DoD collaboration report: Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm, we read that

“It could be argued that treatments involving novel vaccination processes and gene and cell therapies [mRNA] are examples of human augmentation already in the pipeline.”

It would seem that Departments of Defense around the world were counting on certain key biologics to be made available to support human augmentation projects.

One reason the mRNA platform was selected was that it facilitates rapid and cost-effective biologics (e.g. vaccine) development.  It also provides enormous future potential as it is a “gene therapy” which is essential for human augmentation.  Although well-documented, most may not realise that the mRNA platform was developed with Department of Defense (DoD) funding.  Funny how these interests have converged. 

A key challenge of neural and robotic device augmentation is incorporating novel technologies into the human body without cellular rejection.  Many immune system challenges exist, requiring a vast army of human volunteers, testing novel gene therapy products such as the mRNA platform over time, to overcome rejection. We must believe that the DoD have considered how to engage sufficient numbers of people to participate willingly in ongoing mRNA and similar gene therapy product tests.

For those interested, this web page lists a series of Top US government research projects designed to hack and control humans.

“Biological knowledge multiplied by Computing power multiplied by Data equals the Ability to Hack Humans”

Yuval Harari, WEF, 2020

This article has provided but a brief summary of Transhumanism.   The book “Dark AEON” by Joe Allen is recommended for further details and insights.

Since the letter “T” has already been used within the LGBTQAI+ alphabet soup, what should Transhumans be called?  Perhaps …

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