What are we about?

Over four decades working locally and internationally with both large, multicultural organisations and small businesses has led to the discovery of some truly uncommon knowledge.

Successes and tough lessons; the wisdom of mentors and the advice of fellow travellers; seeing the best through external benchmarking and taking time to reflect; the “aha” of broad research and some divine inspiration. All of these and more have combined to create the JVP ie difference.

JVP ie delights in demonstrating the value of a more organic and collaborative business model. In a complex business environment, leaders must embrace diversity and adaptability while seeking unity and alignment. A 21st century organisational design is essential for fostering innovation while exploiting existing knowledge.

Many of today’s business leaders continue to operate an “industrial age” business model in the knowledge era. JVP ie has seen and helps clients to prove that managing intangible assets (primarily organisational and market knowledge) is the only sustainable way to succeed.

Turning a profit cannot be the only success criteria.  In addition to satisfying shareholders, business leaders must also meet the expectations of customers, employees and the broader community.  JVP ie attempts to live these very principles with a special interest in alleviating local and third-world poverty.


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