Knowledge Sharing

Network Development; CoP Development; Document Management Systems; Collaborative Climate; Forum; Conference Design; Conference Facilitation. READ MORE 

Asset Management Services

Assessment (using various Frameworks); Reliability Roadmap; Defect Elimination; CMMS implementation; Project Management Frameworks; KPI development. READ MORE 

Operational Readiness

Management Operating System; Asset Management; Business Framework; Business Systems Integration. READ MORE

Strategic Planning

SWOT Analysis; Business Plan; Workshop Facilitation; Stakeholder Management READ MORE

Business Improvement

Complex Systems Analysis; Systems Thinking; Defect Elimination Processes; Organisational Change Management; Tool integration (Six Sigma, LEAN, TOC). READ MORE

Strategic Options Analysis

Opportunity Framing; Kepner Tregoe Decision Analysis; Ranging Analysis. READ MORE 

Resource Planning Experiences

Landform Planning; Growth Study Plans; Rejects and Tailings; Later Development Plans; Co-Development Agreements; Geological Strategic Planning; Business Development; Land and Tenure; Life of Asset Planning. READ MORE

People Development

Vision / Mission / Strategy Development; Team Building; Problem Solving; Innovation; Complexity Thinking; Collaboration. READ MORE


Technical Writing; Study Leadership; Project Management; Workshop Facilitation. READ MORE