November 11, 2023 JV

Q’d Up

First was L, then G, then B, then T.  Is this just a random sequence or have they been “queued up” over the past 100 years or so?  Or even longer?

Homosexual behaviour can be traced back in history, some claim to 9000 years BC.  It can be found in ancient Greek and Roman history, in the Bible and other ancient religious texts.

Very detailed timelines of activism to decriminalise, accept and then normalise LGBT behaviour can be found online.  When analysed, it is obvious that these things didn’t happen by accident.

I wrote about how innocent children are being groomed into the LGBT lifestyle in my article Belonging.  Although the ”T” in the LGBTQAI+ alphabet may be the centre of current controversy, it’s simply just the latest in the queue.  The sexual revolution of the late 1960’s culminating in the Stonewall riots has greatly accelerated LGBTQAI+ activism and appears to be driven by a central animating force.

Of all the letters in the LGBTQAI+ alphabet, Q stands alone.  Queer Theory is responsible for the process we’ve seen unfolding for decades.

The following are excerpts from Dr. James Lindsay’s his essay titled: Queer Education is Child Abuse

’Queer’ is not an identity like gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

It is by definition an explicitly and intentionally activist identity.  That is, it is a political stance, not a fact of who someone is—in fact, not an identity at all.  Again, this is by definition in Queer Theory.  As David Halperin defined it in his 1995 book Saint Foucault: Towards a Gay Hagiography:

‘Unlike gay identity, which, though deliberately proclaimed in an act of affirmation, is nonetheless rooted in the positive fact of homosexual object-choice, queer identity need not be grounded in any positive truth or in any stable reality.  As the very word implies, “queer” does not name some natural kind or refer to some determinate object; it acquires its meaning from its oppositional relation to the norm.  Queer is by definition whatever is at odds with the normal, the legitimate, the dominant.  There is nothing in particular to which it necessarily refers. It is an identity without an essence.

Halperin takes great pains to distinguish homosexual being from political homosexual doing and insists that the latter is all of and exactly what Michel Foucault meant by the term “the homosexual,” which he often employed.  As he explains, ‘[Queerness] can now be constituted not substantively but oppositionally, not by what it is but by where it is and how it operates.  Those who knowingly occupy such a marginal location, who assume a de-essentialized identity that is purely positional in character, are properly speaking not gay but queer.’

So, all of the “Love is Love” rhetoric– wasn’t that intended to recognise homosexual relationships? 

Not according to Queer Theory.  It’s not the destination, but the process of ‘Queering’ that is important.

That’s why any gains for women won by Feminist activists have now been stolen by men in dresses.

Gay men are just not progressive enough.  If they were, they should be prepared to go under the knife.

From his article:  Queer Education is Evil Dr. Lindsay writes:

“It is a persistent myth and common lie that Queer Education (Queer Pedagogy) is meant to in some way help ‘LGBTQ kids,’ whether by fostering empathy, increasing visibility, providing role models, or whatever else.  This is blatantly not true.  In fact, it’s blatantly not true in their own words.  ‘Queer’ is not an identity at all, and it has nothing in principle to do with any sexuality, gender dysphoria (or sex confusion), or any other real thing.  Queer is explicitly and intentionally an oppositional political stance.”

From his podcast Queer Education is Evil (11:00 min), Dr. Lindsay states that the purpose of Queering is simply to destabilise and disrupt.  When targeted at young minds, it can accomplish enormous damage to their psyche and pre-disposes them to be Marxist activists in the New World Order.

At the (15:45 min) mark Dr. Lindsay describes how Drag Queen Story Hour is used to “groom” children and acts as an entry point to paedophilia.

I must be noted that the United Nations – the organisation that refused to condemn the Hamas atrocities of Oct 7 2023 in Israel, is ushering in a “Sustainable and Inclusive” future via the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and DEI training, also wants to decriminalise paedophilia.

What we learn from James Lindsay’s: The Queer Gnostic Cult is that:

Queer Theory is the doctrine of a cult. Strange as this gender ideology may seem, perverse as it is, it can only be understood in terms of the esoteric cult religious structures called Gnosticism and Hermeticism. That is, Queer Theory is Queer Gnosticism, and the Queer Gnostic cult is consuming our society.

Lindsay states that Queer Gnosticism is the most advanced of all woke theories.  From the 3:00:00 min mark we hear:

“In Thinking Sex, Gayle Rubin writes ‘a radical theory of sex must identify, describe, explain, and denounce erotic injustice and sexual oppression.  Such a theory needs refined conceptual tools which can grasp the subject and hold it in view.  It must build rich descriptions of sexuality as it exists in society and history.  It requires a convincing critical language that can convey the barbarity of sexual persecution.’”

(3:06:45) Queer consciousness then includes the idea that sex and the underlying desires are only comprehensible as the social-spiritual phenomenon that are subject to dialectical evolution through hermetic alchemy.  People discovering the greater, higher truth through the dialectical process by removing distinctions.  They are something that is becoming; progressing toward what it always should have been, which is completely free and without any clarifying distinctions.  They are thus cut free of the connection to physical reality entirely and Queer Gnosis is coming to understand this beliefYou get your Queer Gnosis by understanding that biology doesn’t matter to who you actually are.

This is what an Inclusive future looks like.  Do you like that?  Do you want that for your children and grandchildren?

What is the ultimate end of Queering the human race according to the Gnostic / Hermetic cult?  I don’t know, but it’s not Transgenderism.

What’s Q’d up next is right here at the doorstep.

To Be Continued …

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