DEI must DIE

says Elon Musk.

The article It is Written ended with this Elon Musk post.

Is Musk alone on this?  If you consume only legacy media, you’d think so, but you’d be wrong.

Bari Weiss, former NY Times and Wall St Journal writer, called for an end to DEI programs, saying that they undermine ‘central missions’ of institutions.

Following their antisemitic behaviour, prominent Constitutional legal mind Alan Dershowitz took aim at Harvard University.

I came, I saw, I copied – why DEI must die. This is an article and a video on DEI and Claudine Gay, by British social commentator, Konstantin Kisin.

While Kisin masterfully explains former Harvard President – Claudine Gay’s plagiarism and anitsemitism, Christopher Rufo outlines how intelligent and emboldened conservatives collaborated to rightly dethrone the DEI prima donna.  The empress has no clothes.

In this article, Rufo gives Politico the scoop on how the ouster happened:

“The resignation of Harvard president Claudine Gay has sent shockwaves through America’s elite institutions. Commentators across the political spectrum, habituated to years of submission to DEI orthodoxy, have been asking: How did it happen?”

In this article, the NY Post opines on how US Ivy League Universities have demonstrated an unabashed proclivity for hiring meritless candidates for key positions.

Infiltrating academia is bad enough; can one imagine the risk of the woke mind virus infecting industries that directly impact the safety of millions?

As an example, what happens when DEI gives unqualified people important jobs like landing planes?

Ashley St Clair posted this on X, based on whistleblower info:

Seriously, frequent flyers should reassess the risk of flying while DEI is in place.  The US FAA is warning of a recent “uptick” in Serious Close Calls. 

“Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on Wednesday cited an “uptick” in recent aviation incidents and called on participants at a Federal Aviation Administration safety summit to help find the “root causes” of the problem.

“We are particularly concerned because we have seen an uptick in serious close calls,” Buttigieg said in his opening remarks, referring to a series of near collisions on runways across the US.”

Any idea of what could be causing this, Pete?

OK, but surely, DEI is not involved with the design and construction of planes???

“Boeing didn’t just mandate DEI at Boeing. It also prioritized ESG and DEI in their supply chain, as with ESG agendas, which suggests they did not look for the best suppliers on quality and safety on objective metrics, but focused on meeting their ESG goals instead.

The ‘annual incentive bonus’ tied to DEI targets is more than the base salary for the CEO and CFO. It is equal to the salary for the Chief Legal Officer. These are perverse incentives for ideological projects that, at best, water down Boeing’s mission: building safe aircraft.”

The cost of Boeing’s mis-steps?

Boeing’s legacy vanished into thin air.
Saving it will take years.

Julie Johnsson, Anthony Palazzo, Siddharth Vikram Philip and Ryan BeeneAFR
Jan 18, 2024

In his podcast “The Fraud of Diversity and Inclusion” Dr. James Lindsay reminds us what “Diversity” and “Inclusion” are really all about.

“’Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ don’t mean what they sound like they mean. People are catching on to this all around the world, but we need to go deeper.  It’s necessary not just to know something is wrong with these ideas and their implementation but also to know how and why they’re wrong. Ultimately, this means grasping the Left’s Woke Marxist mindset, namely the idea of cultural hegemony.  You see, ‘Diverse’ means ‘outside of the culturally hegemonic viewpoint,’ and ‘Inclusion’ means ‘including and protecting counter-hegemonic perspectives and the people who promote them.’  Understanding that the Left always thinks in terms of the evil spirits they call ‘systemic power’ is necessary to understand all of their terms, especially these two for practical reasons.”

Why can’t so many company CEOs and Board members – supposedly, the smartest people in business – understand this? Perhaps major shareholders could threaten CEOs and Board members who persist with DEI and ESG, and the general public mock them?

Mark Cuban is owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball franchise and a proponent of DEI and has appeared on Shark Tank.  In a recent X (Twitter) exchange, he attempted to school Elon Musk on the virtues of DEI.

Musk trapped him, declaring that “His hypocrisy convinces no one.”

Here are a few of the zingers sent to Cuban:

Disney has lost almost half of its stock value since formally going woke.  Over the past few years, virtually every Disney film bombed, losing the company Billions and causing the President of Walt Disney Motion Picture Studios, Sean Bailey to be fired from his position.

This video outlines the recent shake-up at the House of Mouse.

The average person sees what’s happening.  Let’s hope our business leaders wake up soon and grow a backbone.

Google put its DEI-fuelled racism on full display with the release of its AI image generation tool, Gemini.  It simply could not generate accurate historical images.

For example, here is how it depicted Nazi soldiers.

The Babylon Bee trolled Google severely with this satirical piece:

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — After fierce backlash to their racist AI image generation tool, executives at Google have paused the release of the software and promised to do a better job of hiding the AI’s racism.

Here at Google, we remain unabashedly committed to racism,” said CEO Sundar Pichai. “However, we do admit that our rabid racial animus was maybe too ‘in-your-face’ for version one of our Gemini AI.  We will redouble our efforts to ensure our hateful bigotry is less obvious in future updates so that our anti-human agenda can continue to remake the world in the image of an insufferably woke corporate HR lady, except this time undetected. Thank you.”

Who’s your daddy?

Deception, like we’re seeing today with woke, is not new.  It’s as old as human history.