Prolonging the life of your most valuable assets requires at least two things:

  1. early detection of internal weaknesses (e.g. fluid contamination, corrosion); and
  2. mitigation against the effect of sudden, extraordinary external forces on critical members.

Kaohsiung port, Taiwan

Sudden asset failures can cripple a business.  Incident analyses, risk assessments and condition monitoring can all help to identify appropriate actions.  However, these practices fall short when lessons aren’t learnt and assumptions don’t change.  Here is a useful case study.

Over the last decade or so, several of my clients have experienced very sudden, violent weather events that have blown very large machines uncontrollably along their tracks.  In many cases, the damage was significant, but not catastrophic.  Incident analyses were shared within an effective industry network.  However, the findings of these analyses did not serve to reset critical assumptions affecting risk levels and mitigation actions.  No real improvements to the weather event early warning system seemed to occur.  Fair enough. 

Cyclones build very slowly along Australia’s coast and there are often several days’ worth of warning.

However, it’s not been the cyclones but the “super-cells” that have caused much of the recent damage.  A super-cell can appear within minutes and leave just a quickly, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Isn’t is great when we can look closely at data and learn from each other, making significant improvements quickly.  That’s where a knowledge-sharing network shines.  Valuable information is shared, but it’s up to the asset owner to decide whether to trust the source and implement the changes.

Machines don’t die – they’re murdered!

Some of the best Asset Management advice I ever heard came from former BHP Steel Westernport practitioners, Rod and Ed.

They would often speak about the premature failure that occurs from loose fittings, misalignment and contaminants in lubes; all signs of asset management ignorance – or neglect! 

Do we know whether the fluids circulating in our most valuable assets are clean?  I wrote about this in a previous article entitled: Tough TLC.

Fluid contamination is an insidious threat to your most valuable assets.  In the early 2000’s BHP’s Global Maintenance Network developed the FLAC initiative – Fuel, Lube, Air and Coolant – all critical media that could cause premature failure, if contaminated.  Something as simple as an ISO Cleanliness patch test helped save many assets from an early grave.

Your most valuable assets

What are your most valuable assets? Are you holding onto any dangerous assumptions about these?  Could carelessness be placing them at risk of sudden death?  Do you know whether your fluid additives are safe and effective?

Young parents have been concerned for decades about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and doctors don’t know why.  All they could do is give the deaths a common name.

Well, now we are seeing adults dying suddenly in numbers too big to ignore.  This is happening all over the world.  Here is a recent story from Australia. Doctors don’t know why.  All they could do is give the deaths a common name – SADS.

Here are some very strange coincidences with SADS:

  • Sudden adult deaths spiked around the world just after the roll-out of COVID shots.
  • All-cause mortality spiked around the world just after the roll-out of COVID shots (see Hide and Seek for more details).
  • Internet searches for terms like “blood clots”, “died suddenly” and “sudden infant death syndrome” all spiked after vaxx availability and mandates.
  • The CDC and Pfizer warn young athletes about the risk of blood clots.  (Why would Pfizer weigh in on this?)
  • Unvaxxed people don’t seem to be dying suddenly.

On Feb 10 2022, the CDC and Pfizer issued urgent warnings on blood clots even in “The Healthiest Athletes.”  Of course, no one has ever heard of this frequent phenomenon before the COVID vaccines. 

This is what propagandists call “normalising.”

Interesting recent spikes in Google Search trends

Some Higher Profile Cases of Sudden Death among healthy young adults

Australia’s top doctor and President of the Australian Medical Association South Australia, Michelle Atchison, was shattered following the unexpected death of her only daughter Caillan, aged 26. 

Caillan died in her sleep.

Dr Atchison was a huge proponent of COVID shots.

Mattea Somerville, the 12-year-old girl who petitioned for the city of Guelph to get a rainbow crosswalk died suddenly in her sleep.

“She was healthy and there were no warning signs.”  She was likely to be vaccinated.  Canadians are keen on vaccinating their children.

Pauline Hanson Auspol GIF - PaulineHanson Auspol OneNation - Discover ...

6 in 6 days

Six young, healthy athletes, students or coaches who died suddenly in the first six days of June 2022 in the US.

NoNameAgeDateVaxx StatusCause of death
1Tyler Mescher231 JunNot providedNot provided
2Charlie Wilson201 JunNot providedNot provided
3Aiden Kaminska192 JunNot providedNot provided
4Jayda Grant203 JunNot providedNot provided
5Jason Blake Perry165 JunNot providedNot provided
6Unnamed126 JunNot providedNot provided

It’s true that we can’t know for sure that ALL of these died from the COVID shots. The only way to know is for people to demand PROPER autopsies. Nobody is demanding this.

We are happy to spend the money required to know the ISO Cleanliness level of machine fluids. What about the contaminants in the blood of our children?

Please read the section “Under the Microscope” in my previous article: Trust



Micro-clotting in the blood leads to never before seen clots found by embalmers of people who died after being vaccinated.

What the legacy media is NOT talking about

Remember the constant fear-mongering about COVID during the early stages of the pandemic?  Legacy media told us to lock down, mask up and cower in fear until the magical COVID shots appeared.  Then we’d be safe.  The legacy media went ballistic over a few hundred cases and a dozen deaths. 

Look at the numbers today and what do you hear?

In case you are still unsure, your most valuable assets are your children and grandchildren.  Unless they have a serious underlying medical condition, they are not at risk of death or disease from COVID.  No healthy child has died from COVID.  So why is there a COVID emergency, requiring an Emergency Use Authorisation for COVID shots for children.  Despite this, the regulators (FDA, TGA) are pushing shots for 6 months old babies to 5-year-olds.  There is no valid health reason for this.

Steve Kirsch provided a video in this post “This 4 Min Video Should Be Mandatory Viewing For All Parents Considering Vaccinating Their Kids.”

“Dr. Clare Craig, co-chair of the HART group, explains the clinical trial that was used to justify vaccinating our kids.  She was appalled.

“The only conclusion you can draw after watching this video is that the people running the FDA, CDC and the members of the outside committees approving these vaccines are either completely incompetent or totally bought off.”

Please watch the video and then tell me if you still think the COVID shots are safe and effective.

One day a Royal Commission into COVID response will uncover the truth and expose all of the lies and corruption.  Till then, please stand firm and refuse to sacrifice your children on the altar of COVID lies and fear.

As parents, you have one job to do.

For humanity’s sake, do your job.