It is Written

Each human cell has over 3 Billion bits of information written within its DNA strands.  The blueprint of life, DNA lays out the growth and maintenance plan for every cell of every organ in the human body.  The human body, its various systems and their myriad intricacies all come from the embryo’s DNA.

It is written.

But DNA does not act in isolation.  Atomic, magnetic, gravitational and other physical forces are fine-tuned for precise protein folding and other amazing functions that support this enigma which we know as cellular life. 

Whether we peer through a microscope or a telescope, we discover that world is fine-tuned for human flourishing.

Cellular and cosmic; we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Immune System

The immune system is one amazing collection of organs and cells.  It operates in two phases – innate (immediate response) and adaptive (longer-term response) and its job is to identify what is human versus foreign; that is, what supports health and life versus what threatens it.  Its mission, like a police force, is to protect and serve.  It identifies foreign bodies, marks them for destruction, kills them and then takes out the trash.

If overly-provoked, the immune system over-reacts, causing self-harm, as with the COVID-induced “cytokine storm” that caused many to perish.  If too sluggish, it allows dormant viruses (shingles, herpes, Epstein-Barr etc.) to activate and cancer cells to spread. 

Can you imagine the consequences of disrupting the finely-balanced immune system?

Critical of the COVID response, Professor of evolutionary biology, Bret Weinstein describes this danger in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson.

At the 17:30 min mark of this video, Weinstein explains how a false state of Emergency was used to manipulate safety protocols, allowing the mRNA platform to bypass the normal safety testing required for a gene therapy product.

FDA and Big Pharma simply did not do the minimum testing required to demonstrate the safety of the mRNA platform.  In addition to this, adverse events and vaccine-related death data have been under-reported and / or manipulated.

For these and other reasons, Florida’s Surgeon-General Joseph Ladapo has called for a halt in the use of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

Bourla’s Big Bet

It would seem that Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla has some insider knowledge.
Please watch the first 20 sec of this video and then from the 8:00 min mark. 

Bourla recently purchased a $2B p.a. turnover pharmaceutical company, Seagen for $43B.  Seagen specialises in developing treatments for cancer.  Perhaps he’s been reading the VigilantFox on Substack?

VigilantFox Sep 13 2023

VigilantFox Oct 14 2023

VigilantFox Oct 31 2023

It would seem that some recent, significant and widespread event is disrupting the human immune system en masse.  This sudden rise in “turbo-cancers” has only appeared since mRNA COVID shots were mandated.  Political leaders and Big Pharma are now doing all they can to ignore or obfuscate excess deaths, including those from turbo-cancers.  This has also been covered in previous articles including:

Is Albert Bourla (Pfizer’s CEO) now planning to cash in on the misery he most likely created through Pfizer’s mRNA COVID shots?

The Slow March

As horrific as the global human immune system disruption may be, another system is also under attack.

Let’s conduct a thought experiment.  Let’s extend the immune system analogy from individual human bodies to society in general.

Now consider destructive thoughts as mind viruses that attempt to invade society’s thinking, just like a physical virus attempts to invade a human body.

What stops them?  Our shared values and our culture protect society from harmful ideas.  This is our innate societal immune system in operation.  The Judaeo-Christian system of education, led by parents and supported by teachers, community leaders and mentors, is essential to protect society and to conserve that which is worth keeping.

So then, under what conditions would a destructive mind virus be allowed to infect society and eventually overcome it?

  1. It must firstly be allowed to co-exist within the current system.
  2. It must then be allowed to replicate and eventually hijack the entire system, ejecting the previously dominant shared values and culture.

This would need to occur very slowly, as an alert immune system would detect what is happening and eliminate the threat.  Even if the innate immune system were to be fooled into allowing the foreign mind-virus to co-exist, once detected, the adaptive immune response should kick into gear, destroying the mind virus and restoring sound health.  Agree?

Therefore, the most crucial condition for a successful mind virus infiltration is that of deception.

A false state of emergency is required; a state that constantly criticises and demeans everything that is good about the existing culture.  A state that demands that the existing dominant systems (the hegemony) be destroyed so that new systems can be built.  Central to this deception is the demand that the mind virus be allowed to coexist within the current set of shared values and culture.

However, coexisting is not enough.  The mind virus must be allowed to challenge the existing shared values and culture using the very system established to protect it.  That is, the education of that which is true and that which is good.  And so, the mind virus must abuse the very fundamentals of freedom, thought and motivation in order to pull off such a brazen manoeuvre.  It uses freedom to challenge the very nature of truth and does so by appealing to a naïve notion of love.

In this article, Dr. Os Guinness addresses the paradox of freedom:

“The greatest enemy of freedom is freedom.  It undermines itself, becoming permissiveness and license… All freedom requires restraint, yet the only restraint appropriate to freedom is self-restraint. Yet self-restraint is what freedom tends to undermine.”

It is the very freedom of the West that the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci decided to exploit in order to provide the method for communism to subvert society.

After many previous failed attempts, Gramsci came up with a cunning plan.

As I wrote in Pedigree:

“Gramsci believed that the prevailing ideological support system in the West would shield itself from any organised opposition.  He, therefore, viewed churches, charities, the media, schools, universities and ‘economic corporate’ power as organisations that needed to be invaded
s l o w l y, by socialist thinkers.

Gramsci’s works became a foundational element of the Cultural Marxist movement.” He wrote:


Antonio Gramsci

The latest iteration of neo-Marxism seen within our education system is woke Marxism.  Yes, it has already fooled the innate societal immune response.  Although they shape-shift rapidly, the latest woke toolset includes ESG, Sustainability, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).  ESG manipulates capital markets, corrupting weak company board members to promote the woke agenda, while sustainability creates a faux moral imperative.  The cult of climate change plays on man’s fears, forcing humans to sacrifice their children’s futures on the altar of Mother Earth to save her from Carbon Dioxide (plant food).  How ridiculous!  The earth is getting greener as CO2 increases!  DEI is the tool de jour that brainwashes ignorant people into believing that they are all racists and must make way for the enlightened few (the woke) to lead the way to Utopia. 

Over the preceding decades, freedom of speech has provided post-modern thought a platform, severely assaulting the reality of absolute truth.  Woke proponents declare that there is no such thing as absolute truth; and they are absolutely sure about that.  How ironic!

Once the acceptance of truth is derailed, DEI, like a mind virus, appeals to a naïve notion of love as it invades and hijacks society’s immune system.  It demands inclusion as a valid way of thought, appealing to tolerance and free speech. 

Although foreign and harmful to the host, it demands a position equal to current values and culture.  It asserts that all white people are racist and their arguments must not be considered.  It demands that equality of opportunity is not good enough; all existing systems must be changed to ensure equality of outcome.  It demands that personal responsibility, meritocracy and freedom of speech are tools of the existing culture and must be replaced with no standards of performance, quotas for minority hiring and speech that only supports the woke agenda.  DEI is convincing society that it needs to exist and any pain suffered because of its presence is necessary for long-term health.

Dr James Lindsay tells us that “Diversity” and “Inclusion” don’t mean what they sound like they mean.  From this brief podcast, we hear that “People are catching on to this all around the world, but we need to go deeper.  

It’s necessary not just to know something is wrong with these ideas and their implementation but also to know how and why they’re wrong.  Ultimately, this means grasping the Left’s Woke Marxist mindset, namely the idea of cultural hegemony. You see, ‘Diverse’ means ‘outside of the culturally hegemonic viewpoint,’ and ‘Inclusion’ means ‘including and protecting counter-hegemonic perspectives and the people who promote them.’  Understanding that the Left always thinks in terms of the evil spirits they call ‘systemic power’ is necessary to understand all of their terms, especially these two for practical reasons.”

So, in a similar way to the mRNA COVID shots, woke Marxism uses the mechanism of DEI (the mRNA delivery platform) to infiltrate education while the Freirean method (pseudo-uridine) smuggles the virus into society undetected.

Both the COVID mRNA shots and DEI are wreaking havoc on humanity; both using a similar mechanism to infiltrate, hijack and destroy from within.  It’s easy to see the damage being done although the perpetrators tend to hide in the shadows.

It’s time to identify and expel the imposters and regain control of humanity’s and society’s immune systems.

Says who?

“Doctors, unions, human rights lawyers, vaccine injured and Royal Commission experts were among the witnesses to give evidence at a

Senate inquiry tasked with proposing terms of reference for a future COVID Royal Commission as pressure mounts on the Albanese Government.

In a rarity for parliamentary inquiries, every single witness was united in their support for an expansive, fully empowered Royal Commission into the Federal and State Governments’ response to COVID.”

And what about DEI?  Although future articles will provide more details, be aware that the world’s wealthiest man and arguably one of its smartest has stated this about DEI: