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The Big C

From Dr. Peter McCullough’s substack, we read that:

In 1984, Sutherland and Bailer proposed the “Multi-Hit Hypothesis of Carcinogenesis:”

“A new multi-hit model of carcinogenesis [origin of cancer] is developed for use in evaluating age-specific cancer incidence rates in human populations.  The model allows for some heterogeneity in both risk (perhaps genetic) and pathway (number of hits).”

They essentially said it takes multiple different hits or insults to cells and their genetic machinery to cause a normal cell to become cancerous.

Angues and Bustos just released a paper on the Authorea preprint server that assembles the evidence to date that both mRNA and the Spike protein work within human cells to cause changes that result in oncogenesis.

The figure shown is consistent with a multi-hit hypothesis of oncogenesis after injection with Pfizer or Moderna.

In another substack article: The Emperor of all Maladies, Accelerated, John Leake, (Dr. Peter McCullough’s co-author), writes:

“For over a century, modern science has labored to find ways to reduce the terrible disease burden of cancer, and much progress has been made.  

It would therefore be harder to image a more singularly idiotic action that to produce—and to insist that everyone receive—an experimental vaccine for a respiratory virus that may cause cancer.  Surely this could never happen. Right?”

Health professionals are not helping to make the Big C BIGGER, are they?

While researching and writing about the implications of government response to COVID since 2020, I’ve noted that many doctors, pathologists, scientists and nurses have pointed to signals of elevated and unusually aggressive cancer cases.  Here are but a few of the examples I’ve collected along the way.

In The Prestige (Jan 2022) I wrote:

“If the autopsy findings are confirmed by other pathologists with additional samples, and if they are combined with the findings of Dr. Hoffe (>60% inoculant recipients have elevated D-dimer tests and evidence of clotting) and Dr. Cole (increase in cancers after inoculation, including twenty-fold increase in uterine cancer), we are seeing a disaster of unimaginable proportions.  The conclusion (if supported by further data) is that essentially EVERY inoculant recipient suffers damage, with more damage after each shot.  Given the seriousness of the types of damage (autoimmune diseases, cancer, re-emergent dormant infections, clotting/strokes, cardiac damage, etc.), these effects will translate into lifespan reduction, which should be counted as deaths from the inoculations.  So, in the USA, where ~200M people have been fully inoculated, the number of deaths will not be the 10,000 or so reported in VAERS, or the 150,000+ scaled-up deaths from VAERS, but could be closer to tens of millions when the inoculation effects play out!” Steve Kirsch

In Control (Feb 2022) I wrote:

“Yes, I started seeing upticks in autoimmune disease. Yes, I started seeing an uptick in cancers.  Did I sound the alarm? You bet I did.”
Dr. Ryan Cole

“And worse, we detect that signal and then the signal is starting to amplify because now when we go to conferences and we talk to say, I talked to a surgical oncologist surgeon last night, he’s saying he has a young gastric cancer patient, who is a 28-year-old, an oesophageal cancer who is 31-year-old.  A radiologist called me yesterday from a multi-center unit, with another 31-year-old person dead – within a couple of weeks of their shots.” Dr. Ryan Cole

In Trust (Mar 2022) I wrote:

These excess deaths cannot be explained by the heavily inflated “COVID death” figures alone.  A recent analysis of CDC death data reinforces insurance company panic confirming a recent spike in death and disability claims.  Patterns of pathology results reveal strange, new clotting mechanisms, major upticks in cancer and a variety of auto-immune diseases.  Numerous examples of vaccine adverse effects reports are being actively suppressed, enabling medical authorities to support the claim that they are “rare”.

In Hide and Seek (Apr 2022) I wrote:

“DMED showed a massive increase in numerous diagnosis codes ranging from cancers, blood disorders, and heart ailments to strokes, nervous system disorders, and reproductive issues. They attested in sworn statements that the increase in the data reflected their clinical experience in the military over the past year and is, in their professional opinion, the result primarily of mass vaccine injury from the COVID shots.”

In Tarp (Oct 2022) I wrote:

Before we go Around the Grounds, there appears to be at least two mechanisms of action:

  • Sudden death within days of being injected (heart attacks, strokes etc.); and
  • Slower death around five months later, potentially caused by slowly-forming blood clots or aggressive cancers etc.

I hope we don’t find out later that there are any other longer-term mechanisms.

Another issue is that this synthetic mRNA (pseudouridine was substituted for uridine) is that it is immunosuppressive.

“Having this mRNA in the body suppresses not only the ability to fight off latent DNA viruses such as shingles, EBV and CMV, it is likely to also suppress the ability of the immune system to detect cancer.” 
(Dr. Robert Malone)

That was all bad, but the most egregious evidence of malfeasance come from the following

In Universal (Nov 2022) I wrote:

In two very detailed articles, Houston, We Have a Problem and Houston, the CDC has a Problem, The Ethical Skeptic (TES) shows how the CDC has been manipulating cause of death data to achieve two specific goals:

  1. conceal excess deaths potentially caused by the mRNA vaccines, and
  2. attempt to make mRNA vaccines falsely appear as uber-effective in saving lives.

Among the many findings is that increases in Sudden Deaths (e.g. heart attacks, strokes) and Cancers are being either masked as COVID deaths or hidden in Unknown Cause categories by CDC staff.

TES analysed the data before and after a late 2021 “CDC / NCHS System Upgrade” and made the following observation:

“In 2022, post the NVSS System Upgrade around one-quarter of all Covid-19 death victims, suddenly also happened to be dying of Cancer. This was not the case throughout any other period during the pandemic – the ratio normally falling around 5.3% (in itself also high).  The only way this over-apportionment can happen is if Covid is being assigned trivially to cancer patients, so that Covid-19 may further then be assigned as the Underlying Cause of Death, thereby reducing the ICD-10 Cancer tally accordingly. In other words,

a categorical gaming of cancer death tallies.

This was an undisclosed policy change which occurred during the System Upgrade.”

“Since the NVSS System Upgrade, a full 25% of all Covid-19 mortality each week has just happened to be people also dying of cancer.  Such constitutes an impossibility in this important mortality account ledger, one which is analogous to the same species of mistake an embezzler might make.”

In Don’t Go There (Feb 2023) I wrote:

In Igor’s comments section, a subscriber notes:

“Wife is a nurse at the hospital.  Her floor receives all of the “vid positive” patients.  The other day there were none.  But there is an increase in cancer patients on the floor.  Now training all nurses in the administration of chemo.  Not just the cancer nurses anymore.”

In Holod Games (Jan 2023) I wrote about the recent finding that mRNA COVID shots, when administered more than three times, cause the immune system to shut down, potentially allowing all kinds of pathogens to invade unchecked.  It also allows cancers cells, once under control, to multiply.  It’s no wonder evolutionary biologist Brett Weinstein (in the same article) described COVID-19 as “the Largest Blunder in human history.”

In To B or not to B (Jul 2023) I wrote:

A 17 May 2023 study into igG4-related disease discussed:

“emerging evidence suggests that the reported increase in IgG4 levels detected after repeated vaccination with the mRNA vaccines may not be a protective mechanism; rather, it constitutes an immune tolerance mechanism to the spike protein that could promote unopposed SARS-CoV2 infection and replication by suppressing natural antiviral responses.  Increased IgG4 synthesis due to repeated mRNA vaccination with high antigen concentrations may also cause autoimmune diseases, and promote cancer growth and autoimmune myocarditis in susceptible individuals.”

Many people who have studied COVID response would recognise Dr. Harvey Risch.  He was associated with the use of repurposed drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine to treat the early stages of COVID.

However, many people would not be aware of the fact that Professor Risch spent most of his career as an epidemiologist studying cancer.

In a recent interview with Jan Jekielek at The Epoch Times (behind a paywall), he spoke about alarming observations that cancer clinicians have recently reported. Here is an excerpt of the full video.  For example:

“What clinicians have been seeing,” said Dr. Risch, “is very strange things: For example, 25-year-olds with colon cancer, who don’t have family histories of the disease—that’s basically impossible along the known paradigm for how colon cancer works—and other long-latency cancers that they’re seeing in very young people.” He said “this is not how cancer normally develops.

Let’s return to the “The Emperor of All Maladies” Accelerated

Forty years later, Sutherland and Bailer could not have dreamed about the application of their hypothesis to global mass genetic vaccination given every six months to a broad population, some with high risks for, or even with incipient cancer.


Here are some reasonable first steps:

1.            Remove all COVID-19 vaccines from human use to reduce any additional exposure

2.            CDC should link vaccine administration data with all government cancer registries

3.            The National Cancer Institute should urgently fund mRNA COVID-19 vaccine cancer research

4.            Vaccinated with prior histories of cancer should make a specific post-vaccination oncology clinic visit to consider reassessment or restaging

5.            Vaccinated with no prior history of malignancy should check to see they are up to date on routine cancer screening (prostate, lung, breast, ovary, uterus, colon).

6.            All vaccinated patients and their doctors should be alert to any change in health status and have a low threshold for clinical investigation

Instead, we see that

the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was jointly given to Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman for “their discoveries concerning nucleoside base modifications that enabled the development of effective mRNA vaccines against COVID-19.”

In this article we read:

“Dr Karikó found a way to prevent the immune system from launching an inflammatory reaction against lab-made mRNA, previously seen as a major hurdle against any therapeutic use of mRNA.  [She substituted pseudo-uridine for uridine and now the lipid nano-particles circulate throughout the body unabated for months].

The sneaky butler in Adam Sandler’s 2002 movie Mr Deeds.

Together with Dr Weissman, she showed in 2005 that adjustments to nucleosides — the molecular letters that write the mRNA’s genetic code — can keep the mRNA under the immune system’s radar.”

When comparing this to Dr. Robert Malone’s comment on immuno-suppression caused by the modified mRNA molecules,

one would assume that this article is from the Christian satire site: The Babylon Bee. 

No, sadly, this is a real story from the ABC News.  One must assume that the world’s most senior scientists and medical professionals either don’t read scientific journals and study ongoing elevated excess mortality data or they simply don’t care.

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