Coup part Deux

For anyone who read my previous article on 8th November, entitled Little Deuce Coup, you will realise how big a bombshell was dropped.  Since then, I’ve been monitoring the situation closely and want to provide an update.

Firstly, some of the earlier content has not developed any further.  For example, I can find anything new since Nov 8th on the ballot watermark sting story alleged by Dr. Steve Pieczenik.  Jo Nova also covered it, saying:

Jo Nova

“Knowing that the Democrats were likely to cheat, did Donald Trump find honest Intelligence Agents who were still prepared to work for their President and their nation and keep a secret?  Did they manage to watermark ballot papers with QFS blockchain encryption codes in a way that will allow them to catch and prosecute voter fraud? … I’m watching this with red flags thinking: this is exactly what we all want to hear.  Too good to be true?  … We’ll simply have to wait and see whether anything comes of this blockchain watermark claim.”

Who is Sidney Powell and what does 'release the Kraken' mean?
Sidney Powell

Since Nov 8th, a multi-layered collection of voter-fraud evidence has been presented to courts by the Trump legal team.  In addition, there was a MOAB announcement of electronic election fraud by attorney Sidney Powell over the past week.  She links Hammer and Scorecard with Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic vote tabulation software – the latter pair of systems appearing to do precisely what General McInerny described in my earlier article.  That is, moving up to 3 % of votes from one party to another in transit from the voting machine to the final display.  Over the past few days, Sidney Powell said of the evidence for systemic election fraud that “it will be Biblical“ in its proportion and that she will “release the Kraken.”  Follow developments in this case at #KrakenonSteroids unless Twitter bans her.

There is no doubt that the turn-around in election outcomes following the stoppage in vote-counting in Democrat-run cities between 1 am and 5 am on Wednesday 4th November was very strange indeed.  Since then, many data scientists and statisticians from around the globe have volunteered their time to analyse voting data.  This is driven by genuine interest in the US election. We should all NEED TO KNOW that true democracy – the will of the people – was not overturned by bad actors.  A small sample of the results of some of this analysis are included below for those interested in the data.  Just a couple of the voting anomalies include:

Joe Biden came into the 2020 election with an enormous “enthusiasm gap.”  This was manifested in most US counties with lower voter turn-out (~70%) and heavy losses in rural USA.  The Republicans won every close Congressional race (a red-wave).  Despite this, Biden somehow managed to inspire voter turn-out exceeding 100 % in just a few dozen large, urban, Democrat-controlled districts in battleground states e.g.  Montgomery, Pennsylvania.  Sleepy Joe even managed to beat Barak Obama’s vote tally for 2012 in these counties.  How could he have done that?

As is evident from the above graph, there was little change in the number of absentee votes in most counties. Additionally, most counties did not provide much of a shift in the vote. Montgomery County, PA was a significant outlier, both in terms of percentage change in absentee votes, but far more in voter preference.

This next graphic demonstrates what happened from a statistical perspective. The National Pulse story, based on the work of many data scientists stated that data appears to “show a mathematically fraudulent result that is adding votes unnaturally to the tail of the distribution.” In other words, the report alleges that additional ballots were added to counties that were expected to go for Biden “with the assumption the addition will not be noticed due to the already high Dem/Rep ratio.” The statistical term for this type of election fraud is called “stuffing the tail.”

This data is consistent with what has happened in countries like Russia and Venezuela for decades. 

Further analysis of Montgomery data reveals other anomalies that cannot be explained easily. One is that on November 5th at 9:09am, an update in Montgomery County NYT-reported election results saw reported mail-in ballot votes increase by 90,022, but total votes increase by only 9,534 votes. To achieve this, the number of in-person votes needed to be decreased by 80,488.  This is highly unusual.  What needs to be remembered is that the validity of in-person votes can be readily challenged while mail-in votes cannot be verified (signature-matched) once the envelope is discarded.  Any attempt at fraud can more easily be concealed with mail-in votes.

Dominion Voting Machine

The other telling piece of information is that the early morning dump of 90,000 ballots were 95% in favour of Biden. Mail-in ballots counted before and after this dump were ~ 75% in favour of Biden.  There is nothing that can explain this huge change towards Biden, for ONLY this batch of ballots, dropped in the middle of the night while poll watchers were absent.  If this triggers an investigation in Montgomery, PA, it will spread to the other PA districts and states including Michigan, Minnesota and Georgia where similar early-morning mail-in ballots were dumped en masse. This and much more evidence is provided in a Revolver News story. A plausible explanation for the data anomalies is provided in an addendum.

The MSM claim that the Trump campaign has distanced itself from Sidney Powell, perhaps because of her “wild” theories on Dominion Voting Systems.  But the MSM has a very short memory.  Examining the details more closely, you will see that Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, funded by #WeThePeople, have been given free reign to run a different kind of legal campaign to the Trump Team. You’ll also see in the video how CNN has inadvertently helped her case.  A third, high-powered legal team funded by the Amistad Project are also weighing in.

Here’s another little morsel of evidence for electronic election fraud.  The following words were allegedly said by Dominion vote counting software chief programmer Eric Coomer to ANTIFA members and cell leaders on conference calls.

“Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f**king sure of that!”

Eric Coomer – Dominion chief programmer

Have you heard something about the US military seizing servers tabulating US Election results in Germany soon after November 5th?  If you have, you may respond by stating that this has been debunked by most of the MSM. 

Well, here is an interesting twist to this story by Turcopolier – a retired Army officer with two terriers. I suggest you check out his blog. I love the title: Sic Semper Tyrannis meaning “thus always to tyrants”. It suggests that bad outcomes should or eventually will befall tyrants.  I found this by reading through comments in the bowels of another of JoNova’s blogs. Sometimes you’ve just got to look in the most obscure places on the internet to find the best stories.

Why is there such relentless, united international effort against investigating the evidence of fraud? Why such a rush to sweep Biden into the oval office?  Well, perhaps, because this could be the biggest and most elaborate crime in US history.  Could it be that many politicians, both US Democrat and Republican and foreign leaders have benefited from such “election insurance” over many years?  Will they now stop at nothing, even blatant deception, suppression of alternative news, even threats to the children of election board officials in an attempt to silence the trump team and continue with their lies?  Or could there be an even more sinister deception that they are attempting to hide, with Team Trump being the last and only real line of defence standing in their way?

Buckle up.  December 8th is the Safe Harbour date on the US Election timeline.  I’m predicting some wild weather in the US political ocean between now and then.  Let’s see whether there really is a Kraken lurking in the deep or whether Sidney Powell has trashed her reputation over a wild conspiracy theory.

Here’s a late-breaking tweet from Lin Wood (#WeThePeople) to Brad Raffensperger, corrupt Georgia Secretary of State.

“Would someone ask my never-to-be friend Brad Raffensperger @GaSecofState if he has seen this tape of election fraud at State Farm Arena in Fulton Co., GA. Several people have seen it. Many more will see it soon. Video camera eye does not lie. How do you spell Election Fraud?”