July 10, 2023 JV

To B or not to B

“To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them? To die, to sleep;
No more; and by a sleep to say we end.”

From Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” Act 3, Scene 1

This is the single most famous speech in Hamlet, and perhaps in all of dramatic history.

What does it mean?  Has he given up on life? Is he seriously contemplating suicide or just waxing philosophical?

Perhaps this is code for a deeper, hidden idea?  Maybe the Ghost told Hamlet about the COVID future of humanity and whispered to him one of the most important questions for 2023!

To Boost or not to Boost,” that is the question!

Just kidding – I’m not a conspiracy theorist!

In my previous series of COVID articles, I covered many serious topics.  What’s satisfying, yet disturbing is that studies continue to be released, confirming ALL OF my previous findings regarding the COVID shots and NONE that indicate they were safe or effective.  I trust this article will nail the COVID shot coffin up tight as a drum and arm you with information to warn others – while such warnings can still be shared.

1.  Repeated Boosting with mRNA-based COVID shots is linked to immune system weakness

After more than three years of COVID madness, we have seen over 13 billion COVID-19 “vaccine” doses administered globally. To date, over 70 % of the world’s population has been injected at least once with a COVID-19 shot.  The results?  The more shots you get, the more likely you are to get infected with COVID-19.

Wow.  More jabs = more COVID.  That’s some vaccine!

How can that be?  It’s all explained in a 12 minute Epoch Times video (behind a paywall, but copied here for public viewing):

A 17 May 2023 study into igG4-related disease discussed: 

“emerging evidence suggests that the reported increase in IgG4 levels detected after repeated vaccination with the mRNA vaccines may not be a protective mechanism; rather, it constitutes an immune tolerance mechanism to the spike protein that could promote unopposed SARS-CoV2 infection and replication by suppressing natural antiviral responses. Increased IgG4 synthesis due to repeated mRNA vaccination with high antigen concentrations may also cause autoimmune diseases, and promote cancer growth and autoimmune myocarditis in susceptible individuals.”

Although I’d suggest you watch all 12 minutes (it’s an excellent summary), there is a critical section (5:38 – 6:30) where Dr Andrew Lee explains the IgG4 issue to his colleagues.

The Epoch Times interviewed Dr. Robert Malone regarding the IgG4 discovery in this video. Malone replied:

“I warned that more jabs can result in what’s called high zone tolerance, of which the switch to IgG4 is one of the mechanisms.  And now we have data that clearly demonstrate that’s occurring in the case of this as well as some other vaccines.  So, it’s basically validating that this rush to administer and re-administer without solid data to back those decisions was highly counter-productive and appears to have resulted in a cohort of people that are actually more susceptible to the disease.

The tolerance stemming from heightened levels of IgG4 means the immune system lacks the ability to respond to antigens, or foreign substances.

Of course, astute readers would recall that Malone’s comments are not new.  I wrote how Robert Malone warned of generalised COVID-shot immune suppression and related diseases in Tarp (Oct 2022) and Don’t Go There (Feb 2023) and how Brett Weinstein warned of immune suppression due to specific over-stimulation of igG4 in Holod Games (Jan 2023).

2.  Repeated Boosting with mRNA-based COVID shots is linked to disease and excess death

My daughter works in a jewellery store and mentioned that several customers have recounted (unprompted) tragic tales of relatives and friends dying suddenly or rapidly, due to aggressive turbo-cancers that flared up over the past year or so.  Old ladies often buy jewellery when they are sad.  Not a satisfying way to achieve your sales bonus.

Dead men do tell tales

I’ve written about unexplained sudden death in various articles including: Suddenly, Cause, Tarp and Universal.

A “proper” autopsy is the only valid way to determine cause of death unequivocally.  Unfortunately, medical authorities have chosen not to conduct them (perhaps, unless demanded by wealthy or influential relatives).

Several internationally recognised doctors and scientists performed a “A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths after COVID-19 Vaccination.”   A pre-print report was published on 5 July 2023 in the prestigious Lancet journal.  It will likely never be peer-reviewed.  It was removed from the Lancet’s pre-print server within 24 hours.  Its findings are simply too revealing.  A copy can be accessed (via the Wayback Machine), along with a Daily Sceptic article about why it was removed.

The paper’s authors identified 44 published papers containing 325 autopsy cases and one necropsy case. Three physicians independently reviewed all deaths and determined whether COVID-19 vaccination was the direct cause or contributed significantly to death.  They found that:

  • Of the total of 326 cases, 240 deaths (73.9%) were independently adjudicated as directly due to or significantly contributed to by COVID-19 vaccination.
  • The most implicated organ system in COVID-19 vaccine-associated death was the cardiovascular system (53%), followed by the hematological system (17%), the respiratory system (8%), and multiple organ systems (7%).
  • The mean time from vaccination to death was 14.3 days.  Most deaths occurred within a week from last vaccine administration.

Almost three out of four of autopsied sudden deaths were caused by COVID shots, either directly or indirectly

3.  Repeated Boosting with mRNA-based COVID shots appears to be a game of Russian Roulette

A recent study: Batch-dependent safety of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine was published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, PhD was a scientist who warned early about “bad batches” of mRNA shots.  I wrote about raw evidence for this in Choice. Yeadon is a former Vice-President and Chief Scientific Officer for Allergic and Respiratory Diseases worldwide for Pfizer and the co-founder and former CEO of the biotech company Ziarco.

In this recent video, at the 10:30 mark, Dr. Yeadon answers his question:

“Are the mRNA injections toxic by mistake or by design?”

He goes on to say:

11:50  “They were designed to injure, maim and to kill.”

15:00  “Your immune system attacks your own body.”

16:00  “They are currently reformatting all existing vaccines in the mRNA format and that’s why Pfizer and Moderna are opening factories all round the world.”

17:45  “The way we stop this is by recovering the power of ‘NO’.”

Yes, it is very concerning that a small number of batches caused a large number of Adverse Events (AEs).  However, what is more concerning to me is that a large number of batches caused 1 in 1000 AEs.  That’s a crazy level for a pharmaceutical intervention!  Then, a large number appeared to do nothing.  Were they inert?

Medical authorities had this data for years and have shown ZERO intellectual curiosity. Bizarre.

A conspiracy theorist may reason that the inert batches served two purposes:

  1. Dilute the overall (otherwise catastrophic) AE rate, making the overall rate easier to hide; and
  2. Reinforce the need for ongoing Boosters.

It’s difficult to understand how the regulators knew this and ignored it. Watch Dr. John Campbell grapple with the implications of this finding.    

3.  Governments and Medical Authorities refuse to debate

In late 2020 a mentor of mine said that he wanted to see a televised debate between doctors and scientists on both sides of the COVID vaxx issue, so people could make up their own minds.  I told him that would be great but not to hold his breath.

So almost three years later – still no debate.  And this, despite the plethora of studies showing poor COVID shot efficacy, significant safety issues and unexplained, elevated all-cause mortality figures.  And yet, there are still many TV doctors and scientists that continue to push the COVID jab.

Recently, Democratic Presidential candidate and anti-vaccine advocate Robert F Kennedy Jr spoke with Joe Rogan. 

During his interview, Kennedy made claims that the COVID shots were neither safe nor effective.

Pro-COVID-shot advocate Dr. Peter Hotez took umbrage over comments made by RFK Jr and Joe Rogan via twitter.

Who is Peter Hotez?


Watch the first minute of this video to find out.

Then Elon Musk, who personally suffered from a COVID shot AE, weighed in on the debate

Hotez still refused to debate, despite the charity amount rising to over $3 M with many pledging to match or exceed Rogan’s initial $100 k.

The Babylon Bee weighed in
(as only the Babylon Bee can).

4.  Is there even worse information about repeated boosting that isn’t being discussed?

What could be worse? Has Musk been reading again? You’ll need to wait for my next article.

Where to from here?

First, the good news:


  • Beginning as one of the most COVID-jabbed nations in the world;
  • Being subjected to a relentless legacy media; and
  • Having the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) funded 96% by big Pharma

most Aussies have ignored the COVID Booster.

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Check these articles for Jan-22 and Jan-23 source data for the graph.

But here’s the bad news:

The battle is not over.  Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that something went seriously wrong with this forced medical intervention, Governments and Health authorities the world over refuse to debate the issue.  They would rather cede your medical autonomy to the CCP-run World Health Organization than attempt to explain their actions.

Founder of “Women’s Rights without Frontiers” Reggie Littlejohn, joined the Steve Bannon War Room to discuss the latest in the battle against the WHO.

Beginning at the 34:30 mark, Littlejohn states that the WHO is claiming jurisdiction over every aspect of life on earth via their “One Health” program.

Here is an explanation of One-Health from the WHO web-site:

“One Health is an integrated, unifying approach that aims to sustainably balance and optimize the health of people, animals and ecosystems.

By linking humans, animals and the environment, One Health can help to address the full spectrum of disease control – from prevention to detection, preparedness, response and management – and contribute to global health security.

The approach can be applied at the community, subnational, national, regional and global levels, and relies on shared and effective governance, communication, collaboration and coordination. Having the One Health approach in place makes it easier for people to better understand the co-benefits, risks, trade-offs and opportunities to advance equitable and holistic solutions.”

The WHO plan to treat people like cattle, controlling them through mass-surveillance and mandate.

39:50  Reggie Littlejohn’s call to action: withdraw from the WHO.  Here is a group in the USA coordinating this effort.

In Australia, the following groups are leading the charge to exit the WHO:

No-one will be safe until the WHO is blown into a thousand pieces.

And science cannot progress without robust debate.

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