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Don’t go there

My wife knows vaguely about my research and articles on the failed global COVID response.  I personally know of three people who died unnaturally and too early over the past 12 months or so.

Is it a morbid obsession? I’ve thought about it a lot and I don’t think so. I’ve just read too much on this and have trouble pretending like there’s nothing to see here.

Even though all three were vaccinated, when I began to question whether the COVID shots may have contributed, my wife would immediately say “don’t go there!” When family members are processing the grief and trauma of a loved one dying unexpectantly, they cannot contemplate the thought that their decision to take the jab may have contributed to their own death.  It’s totally understandable.  The mental anguish would be too much to bear.

A Single Death Is a Tragedy; A Million Deaths Is a Statistic

Joseph Stalin

If a grieving family member can’t “go there,” surely, the nations’ leaders can and must.  Surely, they will demand investigations into unexplained millions of excess deaths worldwide.  Surely, some prominent media personality will break ranks and “go there.” Family members won’t return from the grave, but if the COVID shots played a part, they must be stopped while a thorough independent review takes place. Surely!

In most highly vaccinated nations, excess mortality abounds.  A strong correlation certainly appears to exist.

Could some or many of these excess deaths be caused by the COVID shots? It’s important to know, one way or the other.

Will our intrepid leaders “go there?”

Well, not in the UK.

Watch this sad one-minute video, please. A UK parliamentarian asks the Health Minister why people are dying at excess rates in the UK.

The Health Minister explains that

“it is not just the UK, it is in Europe also,”

as if that was an acceptable explanation.

Excess death is not a simple problem to unravel, especially when the CDC are busy manipulating “cause of death” data.  See my article: UNIVERSAL under the sub-title “Universal Obfuscation.”  There are many confounding variables, but when the global “health response” causes total excess death to rise and remain high, well after SARS-COV-2 has waned, one must ask:  Was this ever about health?

Igor Chudov writes about this in his article on Excess Deaths in Europe.

He refers to warnings given by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche about vaccinating into an existing pandemic.

Chudov notes that excess death in not due to COVID alone.  It’s not the COVID shots alone.  It can’t be explained by missed cancer screenings or missed heart medications, which the ministries of health like to offer as explanations.  All factors must be considered.

Something else is at play here and we need to understand quickly, what it is.  I was told recently that several new cases of cancer had appeared within our church membership.  I wanted to ask about their COVID vaxx status but could hear my wife’s voice in the back of my head saying “don’t go there.”

In Igor’s comments section, a subscriber notes:

“Wife is a nurse at the hospital.  Her floor receives all of the “vid positive” patients.  The other day there were none.  But there is an increase in cancer patients on the floor.  Now training all nurses in the administration of chemo.  Not just the cancer nurses anymore.”

Immune Problems

In my article: Holod Games, I wrote about the recent finding that mRNA COVID shots, when administered more than three times, cause the immune system to shut down, potentially allowing all kinds of pathogens to invade unchecked.  It also allows cancers cells, once under control, to multiply.  It’s no wonder evolutionary biologist Brett Weinstein (in the same article) described COVID-19 as “the Largest Blunder in human history.”

In a recent paper, Tony Fauci appears to be distancing himself from his early COVID vaccine efficacy claims.

The co-authored a paper (referred to in this Igor Chudov article) reveals the following:

  • Fauci knew covid vaccines would never provide herd immunity
  • Fauci knew that the current crop of vaccines were “less than sub-optimal” where “the duration of vaccine-elicited immunity is measured only in months”
  • “As of 2022, after more than 60 years of experience with influenza vaccines, very little improvement in vaccine prevention of infection has been noted.”
  • Fauci knew boosters could cause immune tolerance but pushed for them anyway.

But regular readers would recall that Fauci has been to this well before.  In my Dec 2021 article Chronic Unease, I reported that Fauci was pushing for more funding to develop “Next-Generation” vaccines.  From that NBC News article, we read:

“Fauci and two colleagues said the virus that causes COVID-19 is unlikely to be eliminated, and current vaccines are too limited to prevent the emergence of new variants.” And

“Testing universal vaccines in human challenge studies will be important, too, the authors argue. That type of research could accelerate vaccine development, but it’s ethically complicated because it involves intentionally infecting people to test a vaccine.”

The medical overlords are trying to prepare people for future “human challenge studies” using “Next-Generation” universal vaccines, noting they are ethically complicated.

Who wants to be a guinea pig?

But wait.  Let’s compare the ethics of a “human challenge study” with what actually happened over the past two years.  Hyped-up fear, propaganda and coercion resulting in billions of people taking multiple shots of virtually untested experimental COVID gene therapy.  Same difference.

A concerning trend was covered by the substack author el gato malo in “COVID is becoming increasingly vaccine enabled.” El gato malo also alludes to Dr. Vanden Bossche’s theory and presents disturbing UK data that caused him to coin the term “Vaccine Fixation Syndrome.” In this (highly technical) article, he issues a dire warning:

“This could lead to surge after surge of Covid in this [highly jabbed] community and possibly to “forever Covid” if you cannot mount a sufficient response.”

Hyperbole? The data is disturbing and requires further investigation.

In my article: Frankenstein, I outlined Dr. Malone’s hypothesis that it was not the US National Institutes of Health, but rather the US Department of Defence who was actually in charge of COVID response, with Fauci as the front-man.  Malone describes bio-warfare as the big threat with SARS-COV-2 as its latest bio-weapon.  The COVID shots were then simply the latest counter-measure in this ongoing war.  This time, however, the DoD was prepared to test drive its latest vehicle with one (unstated) primary objective:

Establish the mRNA platform as the one, approved platform for all future vaccines and gene therapy products.

Guess what road this vehicle was driven on.

In my article: TARP, Malone shows that the objective had been achieved with the US FDA granting approval for the mRNA delivery platform.

But at what cost?

He wrote:

“What this all means is that using these flawed pre-clinical trials to support a platform technology was PLANNED from the beginning…

The implications of this are enormous… this “pandemic” has been exploited to drive approval of a mRNA platform technology…

We know now that the pseudouridine-containing mRNA does not break down for months.  But rather, it stays in the body producing protein…

…we know from many prior immune tolerance studies that too much antigen (protein in this case), can cause “tolerance.”  That is essentially where the immune system stops seeing the threat…

Another issue is that this synthetic mRNA … is that it is immunosuppressive.  Having this mRNA in the body suppresses not only the ability to fight off latent DNA viruses such as shingles, EBV and CMV, it is likely to also suppress the ability of the immune system to detect cancer.”

I guess if Dr. Malone is correct, it definitely explains the apathy of leaders towards excess death.  If this was a biological war and the objective was to secure ongoing approval for the counter-measure (mRNA platform), then the mission is complete.  Any excess deaths (past, present or future) borne in achieving the objective are simply considered the cost of waging war.

Is it OK to go there yet?

Karl Stefanovik goes off-script on the Today show (Wed 8 Feb 2023)

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