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Space-Time is a scientific way of describing a very ordinary phenomenon – the location of something using the four dimensions of space (x, y and z) and time (t).

Relationships are important, but borders are essential.

I formerly worked for BHP, one of the world’s largest and most successful resource companies.  As with other global companies, staff were encouraged to “think global, act local.”

In 1996 I found myself in the right place, at the right time to do just that.  I was invited to help launch a BHP-wide Maintenance Improvement Process, later to become the Global Maintenance Network (GMN), under the direction of my former mentor and good friend, LeRoy Dugger.  We used some basic, yet successful collaborative processes, no nonsense leadership and a dose of divine providence to create a powerful force for good within BHP.  The GMN never mandated any good idea at the local level.  Rather, its role was to identify successful people and practices and to make their ideas famous.  Through the network, diverse thought criss-crossed international boundaries (before woke diversity was a thing), while always respecting the sovereignty of local management.  The GMN was shut down in 2008 by Marius Kloppers who wanted to re-make BHP Global Maintenance in his own image.

I helped launch all of BHP’s Networks in the 2000’s.

Yes, that is a pair of tighty whities proudly displaying each of the Network logos; and

No, I’ve never worn them.

When I left BHP in 2007 and started my own business – JVPIE – it happened again.  I was in the right place at the right time when I was asked to help launch the Australian Coal Terminal (ACT) Networks.  Initially, the Asset Management Network (ACT AM) and then the Operations Network (ACT OP), two years later.  Today, these networks are going gang-busters, with several robust Communities of Practice, over two hundred active members and a similar number of examples of improvements made with the help of shared Network knowledge.  LeRoy was no longer in the picture, but I used everything I’d learned from the GMN days and leveraged the trust and perseverance of terminal leaders to make the ACT Networks even more successful than BHP’s.  Even though the terminals are technically “competitors,” they are more willing to collaborate than BHP operations did during the GMN days.  I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that the terminal equipment and work practices are so similar.  It’s very easy to find common ground for issues and examples of success.  Despite the network camaraderie and some ongoing QLD vs NSW “State of Origin” jesting, network leaders are very clear about local terminal sovereignty.  Relationships are important, but borders are essential.

  1. Terminals will implement only ideas that make sense for their operation; and
  2. Collectively, terminals work for the success of the Australian seaborne coal market.

Dark Clouds Looming on the horizon

Despite the obvious benefits of individual autonomy and national sovereignty, the push towards Communism continues to play out in geo-politics today… 

…notwithstanding the fact that there has never been one real example of a successful Communist regime.  The Black Book of Communism estimates over 100 M deaths at the hands of Communist dictators over the past 100 years.  Yet, proponents of Communism have managed to insert their radical leftist ideologies into many western institutions.  Leftists continue to plead for another chance at power.  “We’ll do better next time.”

Numerous studies have shown that the extended worldwide COVID lockdowns (the China model) did far more harm than good. However, it did present the world with some great opportunities for testing two of our world leaders’ favourite hypotheses – 1. the real impact of Net-Zero CO2 and 2. the robustness of global supply chains.

Our leaders are enamoured with Net-Zero CO2 targets. As I wrote in the Dec 2020 article Return of the Outcry, the six months between April and October of 2020 have provided the world with a realistic view of the effectiveness of reducing CO2 in the atmosphere by shutting down most air and land travel and severely limiting major industry.

Note the official “Keeling Curve” graph. There is NO DISCERNIBLE change in the rate of increase of atmospheric CO2 during those months.

It would appear that the Net Zero CO2 is a very expensive and deadly hoax, as many great scientists have claimed (and been silenced).

The coming winter in Europe will likely result in the death of thousands who must choose between eating and heating.

The broken global supply chains caused by the plague years have prompted the leaders of various nations to reassess the threat posed by off-shoring certain critical manufacturing industries. Globalists like Klaus Schwab have attempted to downplay the fragility of global Just in Time supply chains.

Why are the G20 leaders still in love with globalism?

Perhaps they believe the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset will give them the power they crave?

Klaus Schwab is a great fan of the Chinese Communist Party‘s fusion of State Power and Crony Capitalism. He sees them as a “role model” in the New World Order.

China’s deplorables had had a belly-full of slave labour pay and conditions, resorting to violent protests which could cost them their lives. From the largest iPhone factory in China – Foxconn.

In my October 2021 article, Pawn, I wrote about the crumbling of national borders as one of the five fronts on which a war is currently being waged against western democracy and national sovereignty.

Border – What Border?

I’d like now to present some stunning admissions AND recently uncovered covert operations by the Biden Whitehouse in relation to the porous USA / Mexico border.

Lara Logan is an international award-winning investigative journalist.

In this September 15 2022 episode of Bannon’s War Room, Logan outlined a stunning briefing she received from a unique source that had managed to infiltrate the upper levels of the UN.  (Please watch the first three minutes).

Several years ago (prior to Joe Biden’s installation at the Whitehouse), her source heard of a long-term United Nations plan to migrate 100 M people through the US southern border over several decades and to obliterate the concept of national sovereignty.  In the past 12 months alone, 2.5 M have crossed the border with ‘got-aways’ (seen but not apprehended) numbering anywhere from 2.5 M to 5 M in the same time period.  It is estimated that approx. 40 M have arrived over the past decade or so.  They appear to be well on their way to the magic “ton.”

According to the source’s briefing, the grand plan was that after Obama’s two four-year terms, Hillary Clinton would be in power for eight years and then another Democrat for eight years.  By that time, the invasion would be complete and it was planned that the nation of the United States be dissolved in favour of a regional American government comprising of Canada, USA and Mexico.

Trial Balloon 1

Even though Lara Logan has an impeccable record as a journalist, I was waiting for corroborating evidence before writing about this particular story.  Otherwise, it would be too easy to dismiss the story as a conspiracy theory.  Well, it didn’t take too long.

Less than one month later, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken “proposed” the idea of merging the US with Mexico and Canada

Sorry, Mr. Blinken.  That’s not an original idea.  You are just a pawn for the globalist, communist elites.

Globalism Roadblock

Trump’s surprise election win in 2016 threw sand in the globalist machine’s gears.  It forced the elites to scramble to wrest back control of the US Whitehouse as their grand plan could not be accomplished with an “uncontrollable” Trump in power.

That helps to explain the next four years of US madness – the Russia collusion hoax, the incessant negative media coverage, two impeachments, the draconian COVID response, the weaponization of the intelligence community and the stolen 2020 election, all aimed at taking Trump of the chess board.

Accelerated Decline

We’ve seen what happened under the Biden regime since then – the Afghanistan debacle, war on energy, assault on food production, COVID carnage, supply chain crises, sovereign debt crises, out of control inflation and a porous US / Mexico border.  This catastrophic cavalcade cannot be explained through incompetence.  Not even the Biden regime can be that feckless.  An accelerated plan to destroy the sovereignty of the United States of America and the will of the people appears to be a more plausible reason.

Here is an Interactive map with an updated list of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants destroyed under the Biden Regime.

They are happening so often now, they are no longer being reported by legacy media.

In his Tucker Carlson Originals series “Battle for the Border” (streaming on Fox Nation) Tucker Carlson states: “Someone will control our borders.  It will be the US Government or the Mexican drug dealers.”

Puting out the Welcome mat

This next story, first released on November 21 2022 shows the US Government exerting control over the border, but not how the population imagined.  It shows how the US Whitehouse is subverting normal immigration law, opposing the will of the people.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, just remember the day you heard this story from Tod Bensman.”

Steve Bannon

Bannon teases the big reveal. Watch from the 9:00 to 13:30 min marks.

Investigative journalist, Tod Bensman discovered that the US Government has been secretly pre-approving illegal aliens while in Mexico and either escorting them through ports of entry or flying them directly into the interior of the USA. 

This ten-minute video shows Mexican footage of how the US Government, with US taxpayer-funded NGO’s have been quietly shifting aliens from an “illegal” to a “legal” status to help hide the sheer numbers being trafficked into the US.

Cui bono?

When we see such flagrant disregard for immigration law, we must ask ourselves “Who benefits?” For one – the Mexican drug cartels, who have found the most lucrative business model – human trafficking. Is there another cartel quietly benefiting from this?

Hunter Biden owned a financial stake in the Digital Banking Platform ePlata For undocumented migrants. ePlata partnered with the Mexican government to enable migrants to send and receive remittances.

Even CBS news has admitted that Hunter’s laptop is legit. The Biden family cartel is implicated in 459 potential crimes. Its only 769 days late. You don’t want to rush things like this.

Trial Balloon 2

Back to the long game. Once here, Democrats want to grant illegal aliens amnesty. What about the millions of hard-working immigrants who applied formally and waited years for their chance to become a US citizen?

Here is Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer putting up another trial balloon.

Democrats have decried the “Replacement Theory” as a conspiracy theory for years.  Apparently, they don’t think they need to keep their plan a secret anymore. Perhaps in time for the 2024 election?


Some countries in addition to the USA are waking up to this open borders’ madness, including Sweden and Italy which have both recently installed Conservative leaders. 

Here is an important speech from the leader of the Italian Parliament, Giorgia Meloni on God, Family and Homeland.

Will Australia and in particular, Victoria, wake up and push back against the racist and deeply divisive policies like “The Voice,” attempting to destroy our nation’s sovereignty?

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, Country Liberal Party Senator from the Northern Territory – an elected voice for indigenous Australians speaks to Peta Credlin about “The Voice.”

Gods’ Plan for Humanity

What we all need to realise is that national sovereignty is God’s plan for humanity.  When humans attempted to build a tower to reach the heavens, God scuttled their plans and divided them into people groups. 

Thousands of years later, when addressing the Athenians on Mars Hill, the apostle Paul said:

“From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.  God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us.”

Book of Acts Ch 17: 26-27 (Luke, the physician)

Space and Time are in God’s plan.

Are you?

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