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We all know that to discover the root cause of an issue, we must follow the evidence where-ever it leads.  It’s crucial to analyse the data.  But what happens when all available data is corrupted, deleted or simply not captured?

You follow the money.

In their Courageous Discouses substack article: Why Doctors Push COVID-19 Vaccination so Hard, Dr. Peter McCullough and John Leake followed a money trail from HHS and CDC via “COVID-19 Community Corps.”  In 2021, this entity made undisclosed individual payments to hundreds of organizations to promote mass vaccination, including the American Medical Association, American Association of Family Physicians, American Association of Nurse Practitioners, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Association of Pediatrics, and the American Medical Student Association.

Why was the once trusted family physician so adamant that you get the COVID jab?  Even after the data was abundantly clear that it was neither safe nor effective?

In their Courageous Discourses article: The Great COVID-19 Vaccine Bribe, we learn how doctors in Kentucky were being bribed by up to $125 per group health member jabbed to push the COVID shots.  Wow!  Money was begin splashed around everywhere to push the jab. Did something similar happen in other states?  In other countries like Australia, perhaps? It wouldn’t surprise me.

How can the USA, one of the most developed nations in the world, also have one of the highest COVID mortality rates?

Is it just corrupt data?

In his substack:
The Greatest Lie Told During Covid,
El Gato Malo discusses some of the perverse incentives adopted at US hospitals that contributed to COVID patients numbers and COVID deaths.

I’ve also written before about the $39k payment for placing a COVID patient on a ventilator.  In his article, El Gato Malo demonstrates the difference between Sweden and US hospital ventilator use and the wildly different patient outcomes as a result.  Then there’s the US Standard of Care (Fauci-endorsed) use of the deadly, failed Ebola drug Remdesivir for COVID patients.  But the worst case of medical malpractice came in the form of pharmacy and medical board (doctor) bans on safe treatments like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin for COVID.  The money trail clearly shows that the Medical Establishment was doing all it possibly could to push the COVID jabs and undermine any alternative form of treatment, even it meant death to some patients.  When, in the past, were people ever refused early treatment for an infection?  It’s absolutely criminal.

Play Stupid Games. Win Stupid Prizes.

Dr. John Campbell, the UK Youtube health educator, recently discussed a report that compared European Nations COVID Vaxx rates with corresponding Excess Mortality figures.  Here is a brief (3.5 min) excerpt from the longer video.  The data are clear – the higher a nation’s COVID shot rates, the higher their Excess Mortality.

If you recall, Dr. Cambell was a staunch “Follow the Medical Establishment” proponent early into the pandemic and dutifully received his COVID jabs.  Over the past three years, he has followed the data (and the Money) and has been red-pilled, in part, due to a personal adverse reaction to his second shot.  Although he is very mild-mannered and sticks to the facts, he has become a little sarcastic in his delivery.  He now has 2 strikes on Youtube for refuting the established medical narrative in his own unique way.

After finishing this recent report, at the 13:40 min mark of the full video, Dr. John Campbell shares how he is planning to start a career in basketball in the US. He mentions that it’s important to learn the appropriate language if one is to succeed in a new career. 

One important word to learn is a “slam dunk” –
“something that is completely convincing.”

Tucker Carlson is TV’s most watched host.  He has built his success on pushing back against the establishment and exercising his Constitutional First Amendment rights – especially his Freedom of Speech.

Tucker constantly criticised the US establishment politicians for sending tens of Billions of dollars to corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs while ignoring the Mexico / US border.  He openly mocked the legitimacy of the Biden administration and the corruption of the Intelligence Community.  He decried climate alarmists and transgender mutilators as religious cult leaders.

He dared to show January 6 Capitol riot videos that had been hidden for over two years, destroying the Democrat’s “Domestic Terrorist Insurrection” narrative.  This final action appeared to have been the beginning of the end for the Tucker / Fox relationship.

The Democrat leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, appealed directly to the Fox News boss to shut Tucker up in this video.

That is a direct violation of Tucker’s First Amendment rights.

However, I suspect that one of the last straws was Tucker’s interview of Robert F Kennedy Jr. who is running for President against Biden in the Democratic primary.  Kennedy has been fighting corruption in Big Pharma for decades.  It would appear that one cannot entertain a sane alternative to the current Democrat administration, even if his name is “Kennedy.”  Does Big Pharma have such a huge hold over US politics?

The mind boggles, but the advertisements keep rolling.

This video provides just a sample.

In this 5-minute video, Kennedy describes Event 201, a Coronavirus Pandemic simulation held in October 2019.  Instead of discussing how to encourage people to improve their health, lose weight, take Vitamin D etc., the simulation group (CIA, CDC, global heads of travel and business and of course, Big Pharma) focused on how to suppress information that opposes the official narrative.

RFK Jr ends with:

“The first thing you do is you end freedom of speech and start gutting the constitution.”

I was also going to dissect the millions of dollars sent from the CCP to the Biden crime family – but I’ll cover that in a later article.

“Why are you covering the COVID topic again?  Didn’t you finish that several months ago?” you may ask.  It’s because this was never about COVID.

Rather, the mRNA COVID shot was established as the central, pseudo-religious symbol of totalitarian control. 

But it’s more than just symbolic, the mRNA shot is crucial to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In my next article, I will cover in more detail the relationship between the COVID pass, digital identity, digital currency and control of basic human freedoms.

In a recent video, Dr. John Campbell shed some light on an important debate held recently in the UK parliament concerning the ceding of sovereign powers to the WHO for any future public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC) – whether it be due to a viral outbreak, climate change or racism.  I wish our representatives had the stones to debate this.  Instead, they voted to cede Australia’s medical sovereignty to the WHO, despite fierce opposition from minor parties including One Nation.

Here is the official WHO position, which is being (quietly) repeated by legacy media and most of our world leaders.

I’d strongly suggest you watch Dr. John Campbell’s video on this crucial topic as you won’t see this argument covered anywhere on (Pfizer-sponsored) legacy media.

So, what should we do about this? Just roll over and take it?

I really like JP’s suggestion.  Please watch this inspiring 2 minute video.  It’s one of his very best.

“If you suffer from obedience, compliance with corruption, routinely find yourself grazing in pastures with sheep or you have a condition that causes you to say ‘well, that could never happen here,’ then Pfreedom may be the answer you’re looking for…

…Do not take Pfreedom if you are allergic to liberty, responsibility, free speech or any other Constitutional right.  Do not take Pfreedom if you have a pre-existing condition that compels you to be treated like a child who wants to be taken care of by a government that does not care about you.

Pfreedom may not be right for you if you are a Communist, Socialist, far-left Democrat or any other form of entitled degenerate.”

On April 25 we remember the brave ANZACS who stormed the beach at ANZAC Cove in Gallipoli, exchanging their lives for our Freedom.


Can we do less for our children?

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