April 8, 2023 JV


Under effective totalitarian Milieu Control, all it takes is a “nudge” to achieve a compliant populace.  Igor Chudov discusses the work of Richard Thaler in this sub-stack article on mass psychological manipulation.  Chudov wrote:

“Richard Thaler is a brilliant behavioral economist, Nobel Prize winner, and a major contributor to the ‘Nudge Theory’, that provided impetus for the infamous UK ‘Nudge Unit’.  

His work on human decision making and cognitive biases was ground-breaking and, in part, helped governments worldwide to hypnotize most people into taking ‘Covid Vaccines’.”

During the plague years, governments world-wide did their best to stamp out any anti-establishment medical arguments like:

  • Early treatments such as exercise, vitamins and Ivermectin are useful in combating COVID;
  • Natural immunity is still the best form of immunity;
  • Lock-downs are a bad idea for society;
  • We’ve never quarantined or tested the healthy before – why now?;
  • Masks don’t work for aerosolised viruses; and
  • Experimental mRNA COVID shots have never been proven safe or effective.

Courageous doctors, scientists and influencers were identified and de-platformed for their dissidence. 

However, when all subtle forms of control fail to achieve their intended purpose, a totalitarian regime is forced to round up and imprison political dissidents on trumped-up charges.

Whether it’s “Russia collusion,” the loss of basic Constitutional rights or Hunter Biden’s laptop, I’ve lost count of the number of times
“the Rubicon has been crossed” over the past few months. 

We are living in perilous times, indeed.

What we must remember is that tyranny is not a new thing.  2000 years ago, a unique figure threatened religious and political power structures.  A Jewish carpenter claimed that he was the Messiah; the one whom prophets pointed to in ancient Hebrew scriptures.  He made claims that he was the “Son of God,” that His kingdom was not of this world, that he would be killed and in three days, rise from the dead.

For his “blasphemies,” Jewish leaders conspired with Roman authorities to have him crucified; a most barbaric form of execution.

And what did the tyrants do about his followers – a rag-tag group of fishermen and societal outcasts – once news started spreading that Jesus had indeed risen from the dead?

The easy thing would have been to place the bloodied body of the crucified carpenter into a wooden cart and parade it through Jerusalem.  That would have shut the dissident voices up quick-smart.  Instead, they chose to create an elaborate hoax of bribery and propaganda saying instead that:

  • The Roman guards had all fallen asleep while watching the tomb of Jesus
  • The disciples came in the dead of night and rolled away the huge tomb-stone
  • They proceeded to steal Jesus body in order to perpetuate their “Big Lie.”

When this “nudge” failed to quiet the disciples, the tyrants decided to torture and kill them.  Another epic fail!  This simply caused an explosion of faith that Jesus the Christ had indeed risen from the dead.  This belief gave birth to the church, which continued to grow for the next 2000 years.

I must say that I have NEVER seen anyone cover this important topic as effectively as the Christian satirical comedy site,
The Babylon Bee.

Finishing my article without watching this 5 minute video would be a tragedy of epic proportions.  You will not be disappointed – whether you are a sceptic or a believer!

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