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Nearly 1,000 men, women, and children died at Jonestown, in Guyana, on November 18, 1978.

Ordered to drink poison by the charismatic and delusional cult leader Jim Jones, the casualties of the “Jonestown massacre” were members of the People’s Temple, a “Christian” organisation that integrated anything that Jones wanted to use, from Marxist theories to faith healing.  Jonestown was envisioned as a “rainbow family” made up of people of all races, ages, and creeds, who were separated from America and working on their own to create a utopian civilization.

As his cult was about to be exposed, Jones instructed his people to gather in the Jonestown pavilion to begin their mass suicide.  The compound’s “nurses” brought out Flavor Aid (not Kool-Aid as the saying goes), which was mixed with cyanide and valium and began force-feeding to any children who didn’t drink it willingly.  Jones hoped that once the adults of the compound watched their children pass away that they’d have nothing to live for.  The people who didn’t “drink the Kool-Aid” were either injected with cyanide or shot as they tried to escape.

It’s quite easy to look back at the Jonestown victims and wonder how the masses could have been duped.  However, it’s much more difficult to look forward and question how many are being brainwashed TODAY into a modern-day religious cult and don’t even realise it.

Did I say “modern-day cult”?  Well, it’s actually very old, but it’s draped in new threads. 

No, not the 1960’s hippy-dippy orange ones.

That’s too obvious. 

More chic.

More avante garde.

Yes, like that.

But before we examine the cult’s current manifestations, let’s discover its origins.

Wikipedia says that Gnosticism is a collection of religious ideas and systems which coalesced in the late 1st century AD among Jewish and early Christian sects.  However, Dr. James Lindsay argues, from his analysis that this is simplistic.  There are actually four different inter-related forms of Gnosticism and it likely commenced way earlier, since Plato called it “old.”

  1. gnosticism: A reliance upon “gnosis” (a special kind of mystically revealed knowledge) to understand the world.  Having a “gnosiological attitude” (Paulo Freire – in a later article) or a “gnostic” disposition.
  2. gnosticism: A more specific miserable, pessimistic “gnostic” disposition that boils down to the belief that life is a “prison of existence” and people have been flung into it (Heidegger).  A gnostic can become enlightened to this fact and then, at least on a spiritual level, can escape it.
  3. Gnosticism: An ancient mystery religion with its own creation myth – for example, a perversion of the early chapters of Genesis, where the serpent was actually telling the truth and God was an evil demiurge (builder of the prison of existence).  A common rendering is that God stopped Adam and Eve from knowing their fully potential by banishing them from the Garden of Eden.  One can see here an early glimpse of Marx’s “bourgeoise versus proletariat” class conflict theory.
  4. Gnosticism: Gnostic-formal – 1st and early 2nd century AD Jewish and Christians sects such as the Valentinian and Sethian cults.

Many Christian theologians tend to hold a narrow view on gnosticim (definition 4).  Dr. Lindsay argues that the more general, small “g” definitions of gnosticism, especially definition 2. possess far greater explanatory power concerning today’s events.

Hermeticism is a philosophical system that is primarily based on the purported teachings of the Greek god Hermes produced over a period spanning many centuries (c. 300 BC – 1200 AD). 

Throughout its history, Hermeticism was closely associated with the idea of a primeval, divine wisdom, revealed only to the most ancient of sages, such as Hermes.  In the Renaissance, this developed into the notion of a prisca theologia or “ancient theology,” which asserted that there is a single, true theology which was given by God to some of the first humans, and traces of which may still be found in various ancient systems of thought.

It claims that a shard of the divine was scattered throughout the universe and it is the prime task and purpose of mankind to transform the mundane in order to release the divine.

When humans agree to work together to destroy the evils of the material universe, they will usher in the climax of history (heaven on earth).  The shards of the divine will then coalesce to form the only true God – MAN in his perfected state at the end of this age.  In other words, Hermeticism is the belief that man will finally discover God when the Age of Aquarius is actually ushered in.  Man will realise that he himself is God, when all of the evil of the world has finally been removed.

The most notable aspect of Hermeticism is alchemy or “the Hermetic art.”  Early material alchemists believed that gold was trapped within lead and that it could be released through alchemic processes. 

The 19th Century German philosopher Hegel blended Gnostic and Hermetic thought to produce a dialectical method based on the work of Enlightenment thinker, Immanuel Kant: Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis; or Abstract, Negative and Concrete. 

Also known as “negative thinking,” it is the mode by which Leftists have sought to tear down Western Civilization and replace it with their own Utopia.  They believe that constant criticism about everything and a continual deconstruction of the pillars of society will eventually eliminate the mundane, releasing the divine.  This process of perfection by negation is accomplished by “doing the work” (the never-ending task of a leftist activist, like gluing oneself to a roadway to disrupt traffic until fossil fuel is no more).  These very same alchemical processes are being practiced by occultists and warlocks today.

Who are these modern-day occultists and warlocks and what spells are they casting over humanity?

How is the wizardry happening?

What are the outcomes of these incantations?

How can I presume to know the answers to these questions?

Do I, myself, possess the Nous –

the mind of God?

Well, no.  I simply examine the works of courageous and intelligent people like Michael O’Fallon and Dr. James Lindsay and verify their claims by conducting my own research. 

For those who don’t know O’Fallon and Lindsay, please refer to my article:

Odd Couple.

Both of these men found themselves, in some way, in the belly of the best – a great vantage point from which to sound the alarm (since 2017).  Not only do they have personal experience of what was begin planned ten years ago, but they also read and analyse the writings of key historical influencers of this age.  I’ve personally sensed something was seriously wrong as early as April 2020, but was unable to diagnose it accurately until December 2022 when I discovered the Odd Couple.  What I’m going to reveal over the next few articles will both shock you and provide great hope.

Of greatest relevance to this series of articles is how the pair were able to discern clearly how parasitic forms of gnostic and hermetic thought had infiltrated recent cult expressions, almost undetected.

Over a series of articles, I will outline and relay Dr. Lindsay’s and Michael O’Fallon’s work, demonstrating how Hermetic and Gnostic magic has been syncretised and passed on through the ages and how it found its way into the halls of power.  I will outline the mechanisms being used to overtake and manipulate capital markets in order to “shape the system” (Klaus Schwab) in a perverse, Nous-inspired direction.  I will describe the infiltration of the church and the theft of education, with plans to create a generation of extreme radicals, unable to think for themselves.  But it won’t all be doom and gloom.  Despite decades of careful planning, hundreds of Billions of dollars of investment and some early success, current deployment is shaky.  I will provide evidence of mass awakenings and serious push-back.  Then I will provide guidance for how you can check all of this for yourself.

Here are a couple of other alternative media figures, lending weight to this series of arguments:

Here is a short video from Tucker Carlson (Feb 10 2023). Watch the first 15 mins.

Tucker mocks the Climate alarmists and rightly calls them “cultists.”

Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò immediately responded to Tucker Carlson’s video with his own 14 min version. 

Vigano often opposes the current pontiff’s position and has a clear message for humanity.  Watch and / or read his response in Tucker’s article.

As I wrote earlier, it’s easy to look back at the Jonestown victims and wonder how those people could have been duped.  Hindsight is always 20/20 and there’s a good thing about cults – they always use the same playbook.

There were several stages along the way with the Jim Jones cult, where people could have, and likely did, opt out:

  1. Preaching weird doctrines.  When he broke away from the Cadle Tabernacle in Indianapolis and started his own church. (late 1950’s).
  2. Requests his members sacrifice their freedoms.  When he moved his congregation from Indiana to California.  (1960’s)
  3. Establishing supreme authority.  When Jones grew more erratic and confrontational, using drugs, breaking up marriages and sexually abusing women.  (till 1977)
  4. Making even more outrageous requests to sacrifice freedoms.  When he abruptly moved to Guyana, convincing some of his followers to sell everything and join him.  (1977)
  5. Enslaving his congregation.  When he expected his congregation to work 18-hour days, tilling the fields and constructing the compound for the followers who were joining them.  (1977)
  6. Establishing tyrannical control over the people.  When Jim Jones actively used practices from the book ‘1984’ to manipulate his followers, including the use of lies, propaganda, and drugs to silence dissenters.  (1978)
  7. Sacrificing children.  When he gave children the cynanide-laced drink.  (1978)
  8. Extinction.  When the people who didn’t drink the poisoned drink were either injected with cyanide or shot as they tried to escape.  (1978)

And that, my friends, is how all cults operate.  There may have been some truth and good works early in the journey, but as time progressed, the lies and abhorrent behaviour became the hallmarks of the Jim Jones cult.  We can learn much from Jonestown.

Comparing this list with the current “Great Reset” deployment, I believe that we have moved from stage 2 to the commencement of stage 5 globally in just the last few years.  These accelerated and heavy-handed changes signal a sense of desperation on the part of the cabal which has caused a great awakening to occur.

For many to be awake to this already is amazing; considering the amount of money, effort and technology that has been deployed to brain-wash the public.  However, certain aspects of the totalitarian power-grab have been cartoonish, especially recently.  Add to this, courageous whistle-blowers who have sacrificed much to allow the truth to emerge.

Fully appreciating what is happening will be difficult for many.  I’ve personally invested several years of research and analysis to come to grips with this, and I still find it difficult to process.

Let’s not get anywhere near the Kool-Aid now and please don’t try to keep up with the Jones’s.

P.S. for those interested in a deep dive, I’d suggest beginning with the New Discourses Podcast:

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