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A hunch is something you believe to be true, on the basis of evidence.  It’s much more than just intuition or gut instinct. 

Please watch this 4 min video.

It sets the scene for the entire article.

Trump had a hunch that COVID was not as deadly as the media was reporting.

Trump’s hunch was correct.  Despite this, he was constantly ridiculed by legacy media.

However, Trump’s problems began much earlier.  You see, he was not supposed to win the 2016 election.  But once this happened, the establishment did everything it possibly could to destroy him and regain the levers of power.  IMHO, they were petrified at the thought that Trump would learn the truth of their corruption at the highest levels.  Democrats, the FBI and establishment Republicans immediately claimed that Trump had stolen the 2016 election by colluding with the Russians.  This led to the Robert Muller enquiry.

Senior Democrat Adam Schiff constantly claimed to have direct evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

The media went ballistic chanting in unison that the “walls are closing in” on Trump.

Trump had a hunch that this was a witch-hunt and that the FBI was compromised.  Trump’s hunch was correct.

The government’s lies were so flagrant that even legacy media was forced to agree. Even CNN.

In 2019, former NY Mayor and prosecutor Rudy Giuliani investigated the Biden family’s dealings with Ukraine.  Here is an article that summarises his findings.

Within that article are several tweets from Giuliani, including this one, showing clear evidence of Biden family corruption. 

Trump had a hunch that the Biden family was receiving bribes from Ukrainian oligarchs and asked Zelensky to look into it.  This is the basis of Trump’s “perfect phone call” with President Volodymir Zelensky; a phone call that the Democrats turned into Trump’s first impeachment.

Since the Republicans took control of Congress in 2022, they have been able to force some level of investigation, including the ability to review hundreds of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) – bank transfers flagged as being suspicious.

In this video, Republican Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina said it was “insanity” that the Biden family’s business dealings were not yet being properly investigated.

There are already more than $50M worth of Biden family SARs, including many from Ukraine.

Guiliani’s investigations into Ukraine were further validated by the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop.  I’ve written about this in previous articles: Trust and Space-Time.  The FBI had possession of the Laptop from Hell in 2019 and buried it.  Just before the 2020 election, more government lies about the laptop being Russian disinformation helped Biden to prevail in the election.

Once more, Trump’s hunch has been proven correct.  The US Government and its agencies have continually lied.

One very important piece of US legislation is the Freedom of Information Act.  Since 1967, this provided US citizens to ability to seek information and then compel it to be provided.  Although not perfect, a FOIA request is a powerful tool in helping to establish the truth about a topic.  Australia put similar legislation into place in 1982, but will it remain useful?

On Nov. 29, 2022, US Health Secretary Xavier Becerra, a Biden appointee, wrote in a social media post that …

… people should get vaccinated “if it’s been over 2 months since your last dose.”

According to this article: “The Functional Government Initiative (FGI), a watchdog organization, filed a Freedom of Information Act request for documents supporting the statements.  The group sued after the administration did not comply with timelines laid out in the act.

After seven months of legal proceedings, the US government were forced to admit that there was no basis for Secretary Becerra’s instructions.  Let’s remember that he is the most senior person in charge of all of the US medical institutions including the CDC, NIH and FDA.

“It is tremendously irresponsible for the government’s chief health official to fire off tweets recommending frequent injections of a new vaccine booster apparently based on no academic or scientific support.  How can the public be assured that the agency is ‘following the science’ on other important public health matters when it demonstrates such clear disregard for basic scientific integrity standards on an issue as important as COVID vaccine shots?” Mr. McGinnis added.

If COVID is not as deadly as the media indicates, why the constant push for vaccination?  Why the ban on effective prevention and early treatment?  Why are dissident voices being crushed by the media and the medical industrial complex?  I will attempt to answer these later.

For now, please just imagine the following:

“What would the world be like if the government’s official narrative is the only voice allowed?”

That is precisely what the Albanese Labour Government is attempting to do via the Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023.  I wrote about this in my article dis-mid-d

The Labour Party is pushing for legislation that levies fines of $0.5 M for posting something on social media that is opposed to the official narrative.

At the same time, it maintains that the official government narrative can never be wrong.

Our MPs have commenced debate on this recently
(4th September 2023).

The LNP is voting against Labor’s Orwellian legislation. 

There is still time to add your weight by signing a petition at #BinTheBill

Having researched and written over 100 articles, I’ve developed a few hunches of my own.  Three of my most recent themes: Climate Alarmism, COVID response and US Election fraud have all converged to help explain the fourth – woke Marxists’ lust for power and control.  I asked earlier: “if COVID is not as deadly as the media indicates, why the constant push for vaccination?”  Why ban effective prevention and early treatment?  Here are a few of my hunches that may lead to an ultimate answer:

  • Climate systems are highly complex.  The climate has been changing for millennia, well before fossil fuel use began on a large scale.  Carbon Dioxide is a trace gas that plays a negligible role in climate change.
  • Net Zero Carbon emissions goals do nothing to limit atmospheric CO2 levels while China ignores them.  All they do is impoverish the world’s people, resulting in hunger, misery and death.
  • COVID and its response was weaponised by a cabal of globalist billionaires and politicians to test population control theory in practice.  It didn’t take long for Klaus Schwab to announce that climate-based mandates could be applied in a similar fashion.
  • COVID shots were used to help introduce global digital passports.  However, this objective was stifled when a large enough group of citizens simply refused to participate and then the vaccinated masses stopped boosting, realising that the “safe and effective” mantra was a lie.
  • COVID shots have been proven to be neither safe nor effective.  High excess death rates are associated with countries with high COVID shot rates.  Some argue that the shots are part of a depopulation agenda.  It is very difficult to prove intent beyond reasonable doubt, although evidence of malfeasance abounds.
  • COVID fear-porn was used to illegally change US election laws, enabling the 2020 US election to be stolen through a combination of fraudulent mail-in ballots, weak signature-matching protocols and hackable election systems software.
  • The USA has long been recognised as the West’s best chance of maintaining individual freedom.  Patriotic, America-first politicians are regarded as the USA’s best chance of regaining the freedom that is quickly being stolen. 

  • They are, therefore, being persecuted by a weaponised intelligence community and judicial system, attempting to maintain current regime power.
  • Complicit establishment governments are aiding and abetting woke Marxists to demoralise the masses through anarcho-tyranny.
  • Woke Marxists within supra-nationalist organisations such as the UN and WEF have weaponised Climate Alarmism to destroy the fossil fuel industry and impoverish the middle class under the guise of Sustainability.
  • The same groups are using queer theory, transgender ideology and Social and Emotional Learning techniques to de-stabilise the future generation and brainwash them into demanding the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The ESG framework is designed to demand compliance with the 17 SDGs by manipulating the allocation of Capital towards woke and green businesses and projects.
  • The West is heading quickly toward a future in which the population will be controlled via a complex system of social credit, technology and information warfare.
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies, facial recognition and / or chips in people’s hand or tattooed onto their forehead will regulate how people gain access to services and trade in the future economy.

The Bible warns us of such a dystopian future in the books of Daniel and Revelation.  This is not a hunch but an undisputable fact.  Read it for yourself.

This two-hour video explains much of the information warfare currently being undertaken to brainwash people into compliance; towards the globalist elites’ vision of a New World Order.  I’ve covered most of this in my previous articles.  If you are not a regular reader, this video provides an excellent summary.

(1:15)  It’s easier to fool the people than to convince them they have been fooled.

(4:45)  This is today’s Mockingbird media – all parroting the same talking points.  Sharing unapproved narratives “is extremely dangerous to our democracy.”

(18:15)  This is the unfortunate reality we are now in.  It is this way because we choose to allow it.

Is that you?

I agree with almost everything presented in this video except for the last 5 minutes.

You will need to replace their recommended spiritual New Age ending with the only true God of the Bible if you are to survive the dystopian future.  Please contact me if you have any questions about how to know this God and the people He calls His church.

This is more than just a hunch.

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