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Holod Games

Do you remember telling your kids “don’t play with your food?” 

Well it seems like a bunch of Gen-Xer’s and Millenials are doing just that.  Inspired by TV programs like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules, preparing and consuming food has become a serious hobby in the West.

Globalist elites and social justice warriors (SJWs) may be indignant at this display of Western self-indulgence, fuming “how dare you find pleasure in preparing and consuming gourmet food while billions starve in abject poverty!”

While I agree that the wealthy should be generous towards the poor, there’s nothing wrong with cooking and enjoying delicious healthy food.

Between 2020 and 2022 the actions of tyrannical, global COVID restrictions have forced about 100 Million people, mainly in third world nations, into poverty.  Supply chains were smashed.  Small businesses were crushed, across the globe; many gone forever. 

This is finally being reported, even by left-wing media.   All the while, big business, big tech, big pharma etc. made out like bandits.  It was perhaps the largest short-term wealth transfer in history.  Coincidence?

So, what have our elected leaders done to make amends, to help aleviate the very suffering they, themselves imposed?

Amends?  No, no, no time for amends. 

Giddy with the success of their experiment in totalitarian control, elites moved immediately into phase 2.

As Klaus Schwab previously stated:

“Now is the historical moment, the time, not only to fight the virus but to shape the system.”

What does it mean to “shape the system”?

This Tucker Carlson video highlights some of the outrageous comments made by globlist elites at the recent Davos WEF meeting.

According to globalist elites, “shaping the system” means “mastering the future” (2:30 mark) by a “select group of human beings” (3:30 mark) who “talk about saving the planet” (3:50 mark)…”it’s almost extra-terrestrial.”

Boy, that’s exactly what we need!

What’s going on?  In their wisdom, the WEF has recommended drastic reductions in fertilizer usage and cow flatulence across various nations.  After the wonderful experiment in Sri Lanka (0:30 min mark), this is now being trialled in several other nations, including the Netherlands, Ireland and Canada.

Before examining the current situation further, let’s discover what history tells us about farming restrictions.

Holodomor – Hunger (holod) and Extermination (mor)

In 1929, Joseph Stalin decided to collectivise agriculture in the Soviet Republic of Ukraine.  Communist Party agitators forced peasants to relinquish their land, personal property, and sometimes housing to collective farms. 

This led to a drop in production, the disorganisation of the rural economy, and food shortages.  It also sparked a series of peasant rebellions, including armed uprisings, in some parts of Ukraine.

The rebellions worried Stalin, so the Soviet Politburo took a series of decisions that widened and deepened the famine in the Ukrainian countryside.  Farms, villages, and whole towns in Ukraine were placed on blacklists and prevented from receiving food.  Peasants were forbidden to leave the Ukrainian republic in search of food.  Despite growing starvation, food requisitions were increased and aid was not provided in sufficient quantities.  The crisis reached its peak in the winter of 1932–33, when organised groups of police and communist apparatchiks ransacked the homes of peasants and took everything edible, from crops to personal food supplies to pets.  Hunger and fear drove these actions, but they were reinforced by more than a decade of hateful and conspiratorial rhetoric emanating from the highest levels of the Kremlin.

The result of Stalin’s campaign was a catastrophe.  In spring 1933 death rates in Ukraine spiked.  Between 1931 and 1934 at least 5 million people perished of hunger all across the U.S.S.R.  Among them, according to a study conducted by a team of Ukrainian demographers, were at least 3.9 million Ukrainians.

As the famine was happening, news of it was deliberately silenced by Soviet bureaucrats.  Party officials did not mention it in public.  Western journalists based in Moscow (including the notorious Walter Duranty of the New York Times) were instructed not to write about it.  By 2019, 16 countries had passed resolutions that this was genocide against Ukrainians.

Michael O’Fallon does an excellent job of describing the Holodomor and it’s implications on today’s events in the “Global Holodomor.”

I have listened to dozens of his Sovereign Nations podcasts and recommend you do likewise.

Why on earth would the WEF recommend these actions in the midst of a global food shortage?  Why the Netherlands?  Dutch farmers are perhaps the most productive in the world, with the Netherlands being the world’s second largest agricultural exporter.  Why would the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte comply with these insane recommendations?

What they didn’t expect was huge protests lasting many months now.  Tucker Carlson showcases the Netherlands farmers in this video.

Did you know this was happening?

Legacy media is silent.

Bill Gates has been simultaneously buying up huge tracts of farmland in the US.

He now owns 270,000 acres but is really more interested in synthetic (lab-manufactured) meat

John Malone (American billionaire businessman, landowner, philanthropist and former media mogul) owns 2.2. M acres.  His interest is land preservation. Why are so many small farms in the US being gobbled up by large ones?  Very strange.

Ted Turner (another media mogul) is the fourth largest owner of land. Turner wonders how the world could be rid of 5 Billion people.  Watch him in this video. He claimed in 2008 that “we’ll be eight degrees hotter in ten, not ten but 30 or 40 years and basically none of the crops will grow.” 

Turner and Gates share the very same paranoia – climate change and over-population.


In my Nov 2022 article Space-Time I provided information about US-based Food Manufacturing Plants that have been mysteriously destroyed over the past few years.

Since then, I’ve discovered an article featuring Dr Andrew Huff (PhD scientist, former VP of Eco Health Alliance, bio-terrorism expert and Wuhan lab whistle-blower).

While working for the US government, Dr. Huff analysed a US government database (Department of Homeland Security’s Food and Agriculture Sector Criticality Assessment Tool – FASCAT)) which assesses the criticality of the US food processing and distribution network.

Since Huff’s claims about the Wuhan lab leak went public, Michigan police and FBI have raided his home several times and stolen his data.

Dr. Huff claims that…

Using a back-up of the FASCAT database stolen by the Feds, he compared the facilities that have actually been attacked with the high criticality facilities identified therein.

His comparison of actual attacks with critical facilities on the FASCAT database “co-incidentally” produced a statistical t-score of >100,000 (a virtual “perfect match”).

Coincidence?  Remember, this is the same Intelligence community that have fought to keep documents surrounding the JFK assassination, classified 60 years after the event.

This may be an extreme view.

Perhaps we should give institutions the benefit of the doubt until the data are clear.

Thankfully, there’s a great Institute that specialises in dealing with coincidences.  Please watch this 2-minute video.  It’s most enlightening!


Are national leaders aligned with the WEF, willing to take deliberate actions to starve their own people and create global food shortages?  The data would indicate “yes.”  Some readers are willing to consider the data presented and are therefore, open to persuasion.  Others are not.  This article is aimed at the Persuadable.  Just like with the COVID response, more data needs to be collected and analysed before we can be certain.  If you have grown up trusting your government institutions, it can be very difficult to change that mentality.

Persuadable readers – I’d like to introduce you to John Campbell.

He is a retired, English nurse educator with over 2.6 M YouTube subscribers.  He is well known for videos regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and was originally very antagonistic toward anti-vaxxers.  According to Wikipedia: “His videos received praise early in the pandemic, but later veered into misinformation.”

What is the John Campbell story?  This video traces his COVID journey.  He often displays background posters stating “Follow the Data.”

Note, he received at least two COVID shots. 

All of the quotes below are from the John Campbell video with time marks (in case you don’t watch his story).

Start      Autumn 2020     “You’ve got to be led by the science, by the evidence… there is still a lot of anti-vaxx gobbledy-gook out there…that is completely inconsistent with the science, with national guidelines…I do not discuss conspiracy theories.”

0:37       May 2022            Please watch.  It’s difficult to capture his passion in the text alone.

7:58       Nov 2021             “Highly vaccinated populations can still spread the virus.”  He’s following the data, as promised.

10:40     Oct 2022              “Evidence of systemic absorption of mRNA vaccine in human breast-feeding…Basically newborn babies dying at a higher rate than expected in Scotland…PHS response: ‘We do not have any plans to examine maternal vaccination status, as there is no public health reason to do so.’”

You need to watch the video from 11:00 to 11:50.

He says more in the 10 seconds of stunned silence than he has in all of his videos.

12:35     Nov 2022             “The point I’m making here is we had all these lockdowns; we had this mass vaccination campaign; we had people bouncing up and down about it; … and now we’ve actually got higher levels of death and no-one seems to be commenting on it at all.  It is utterly bizarre and inexplicable that we did so much for a certain number of deaths and we have a higher number of deaths and no-one seems to be saying a thing…It’s inexplicable why mainstream media are not all over this.”

14:45     Nov 2022             Campbell can’t understand why Bill Gates is “sad” that Omicron has done a better job of immunising the population than the vaccines have.

The way that the medical establishment has ignored the importance of natural immunity (recovered from COVID infection) is simply crazy.  Campbell has obviously been impacted by this irrationality.

This is a Simulacrum and Campbell has been red-pilled.

In a separate video, John Campbell outlines the results of a 50,000 person Cleveland study into the relative benefit of natural immunity versus COVID shots.

Campbell explains how each shot actually increases the risk of catching COVID.  The first minute of the video drips with satire. The shots actually work in reverse – the more shots one gets, the less protection one has.  How bizarre!

Largest Blunder in human history

On a recent Joe Rogan Experience podcast, evolutionary biologist Brett Weinstein described COVID-19 as

“the Largest Blunder in human history.”

Research published in Science Immunology reveals a “mind blowing” finding that after three doses of mRNA COVID-19 shots, the immune system may be triggered not to fight . “It’s a very dangerous discovery,” Weinstein says, that has to do with an elevation in the percentage of IgG4 antibodies.

“IgG4 is actually part of a system in which the body attenuates its own response to an antigen. …So, the idea that a pathogen, and mind you, not a normal pathogen, a pathogen that we can now be pretty darn certain was engineered by humans, at least in part, that pathogen is now triggering that signal that causes the immune system not to react anymore, means we’re in a whole new landscape.”

Is it a Blunder? Is it Coincidence? – I certainly hope so.  Doing this knowingly would be unimaginably horrible. Weinstein goes on to warn about the implications of other pathogens working out how to exploit this new VAIDS weakness.

What do COVID issues have to do with Hunger?

This article was all about food shortages until now. Why bring COVID back into the discussion?

Whether it’s the 1930’s Holodomor, today’s manufactured food shortages or the COVID pandemic response, the same pattern emerges each time.

Globalist elites only know one way – brute force. They cannot persuade through normal avenues. They must resort to propaganda to delude the masses. As with economic Marxism, this modern woke form relies on power dynamics to seize the means of production. What works more effectively than fear and hunger?

Why are we allowing this to occur?

In a video clip that has gone viral, debater, Russian-English Konstantin Kisin speaks to the Persuadable few about hunger and extreme poverty. 

Kisin explains very eloquently that if given a chance to climb out of poverty, the poor will not give a s%#t about climate change.

Whether focused on fuel or food, the globalist elites and SJW’s have no problem inflicting maximum pain on the West in their zeal for “social justice” and “equity.”  Demi-god-like, they appear to be hell-bent in their quest to mete out a form of punishment; perhaps for “whiteness” or “structural racism”?

They are acting like zealots leading a religious cult…

To Be Continued…

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