March 28, 2023 JV


Fulcrum [fuhl-kruhm]: the support, or point of rest, on which a lever turns in moving a body

I was asked to outline a plan for where this series of articles is going.  It’s a bit like being asked to draw the final picture of a completed jig-saw puzzle when you haven’t yet found all of the pieces and don’t have the box cover.

However, I believe I’ve read and seen enough now to have a decent crack.

The remaining series of articles may not go precisely as envisaged, but this is my best assessment. 

This current assessment will also serve to help readers catch-up or reflect on what’s already been written.

The engaged reader would realise that I have written several articles that together, make the following argument:

The West is currently being subjected to a Communist Cultural Revolution with American characteristics.  It has been brewing for decades and increasing strongly for the last few years.  This modern-day Marxism, which we’re all experiencing now in the West, is not the economic version espoused my Marx.  Like a mind-virus, it has mutated over the decades from Economic Marxism to Cultural Marxism to Identity Marxism to Woke Marxism and has now overtaken virtually every institution in the West.  It sees its goal of ushering in Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution by forcing the world to embrace the UN Agenda 2030 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. James Lindsay’s analysis of this modern-day Marxism proves that it is a religious cult.  In his words, it is “the largest cult start-up in human history.”  The cult is based on the ancient esoteric religions of Gnosticism and Hermeticism clothed in New Age garb.  Dr. Lindsay, who claims agnosticism, cannot help but using words like “demonic” and “Satanic” to describe what’s happening.  He, along with his partner, Michael O’Fallon have been busy warning everyone for several years now, about what is happening.  They now have the attention of many prominent conservatives, including the most senior leaders of the US evangelical Christian movement.  Their research, articles and seminars are clarifying and compelling.  They diagnose and provide sage advice for how to push back against the evils of the current age.

I’ve already provided sufficient evidence to support my argument.  Here is a very brief summary:

4 Jan 2023 The Odd Couple

I introduced two characters – Michael O’Fallon and Dr. James Lindsay and explained why everyone needs to listen to what they are saying.  Tom Ascol, the senior pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida and the head of the conservative block of the world’s largest Christian pastors’ group (the Southern Baptist Convention)

was profoundly impacted by their research and evidence.

20 Feb 2023 Kool-Aid

I introduced Gnosticism and Hermeticism – ancient esoteric religions – and described how these were being used in perhaps the largest cult start-up in human history.  O’Fallon and Lindsay were able to discern clearly how parasitic forms of gnostic and hermetic thought had been smuggled into Marxism

and through multiple mutations, have infiltrated recent cult expressions, almost undetected.  As was made famous at Jonestown: don’t drink the poisoned Kool-Aid.

20 Feb 2023 Seventeen

Why does Brazilian Marxist, Paulo Freire believe that 17 Generative Themes are required to achieve conscientisation (radicalisation)?  Why did the UN create 17 Sustainable Development Goals?  Why not 16 or 20?  Why are there 17 contradictions to Capitalism? 

Why were there 17 articles in the agreement reached between the Communist Government of China (pre-1957) and the local government of Tibet?  Chance?  Read what mystics say about the magic number 17.

2 Mar 2023 Pedigree

Where did all of this woke garbage come from?  If you actually trace the ancestral roots and astonishingly weird beliefs of the progenitors of this madness, you will learn.  I did that.  I listened to dozens of hours of podcasts and drew a family tree.  This article follows that family tree from Hegel to Marx to Gramsci to Camara, Marcuse and Freire.  On another branch from Blavatsky to Bailey to Muller and Fetzer.  And along the third major branch we have global eugenicists and over-population theorists represented by the United Nations, Kissinger and Brzezinski.

Who are all of these people and to what person does the mind virus infecting all of them, converge?  What is the fruit of this poisonous tree?  Klaus Schwab.

10 Mar 2023 Sustainable

The ouroboros is an ancient Gnostic and Hermetic symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail.  It represents eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life, death, and rebirth.  The term “sustainable” finds it roots in over-population theory and Marcuse’s writings.  Until December 2022, I had no idea.  I thought it was a catch-all term that covered “Safety and the Environment.”  Boy, was I mistaken! 

Kissinger and Brzezinski helped the Chinese Communists develop what appears to be a “Productive Socialism” while Klaus Schwab posited “Stakeholder Capitalism.”

The two opposing theories were dialectically synthesised by Marcuse to be Marx’s “Riddle of History, Solved.” 

The UN, WEF and other supranational organisations are now attempting to usher in the New World Order through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, shaping Klaus Schwab’s “sustainable and inclusive” future.

15 Mar 2023 Milieu

Robert Jay Lifton, distinguished Professor of Psychiatry at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York conducted dozens of interviews in Hong Kong during the Chinese Communist Cultural Revolution and used his findings as the basis of his 1961 book: Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of ‘Brainwashing’ in China.”

Dr. James Lindsay examines Lifton’s “Eight Criteria for Thought Reform” in the light of what’s happening today in politics and media.   Lindsay opines: “Well the woke pretty well damn nails all eight of them super hard, doesn’t it. … What is happening in America is a Maoist cultural revolution with American characteristics.”

Why should you entertain the writings of a blogger with an email distribution list of 71 subscribers?

I believe that what I’ve discovered, and am writing about are some of the most critical things you should be paying attention to, today.

Says who?  Tucker Carlson.

“Let’s pretend for a sec that our country had a news media that was interested in bringing you the news, not in lecturing you about your moral inferiority… What stories would we be talking about if we lived in that country? … The world is changing faster now than any time in the past 100 years.   None of these changes will make life better for your grandchildren.  But since many Americans [and Australians] don’t even know they’re happening, the outcry here has been limited to a few insightful but deeply frustrated bloggers on social media.  They see clearly what’s happening.

Tucker Carlson DOMINATES the 8 pm prime-time news spot on US TV.  Watch the first 18 minutes of his 22 March 2023 episode.  Note the dates when I published my articles.

Although he’s not mentioned the Odd Couple, the significance of mystical numerology or the weird family tree, he has described the current situation as a cult on numerous occasions. 

These 18 minutes contain numerous topics detailed in Sustainable and Milieu.  If you don’t choose to watch The Tucker video, please refer to a partial transcript at the end of this article.


I’ve used facts to properly describe the roots of the current situation.  Truth is our Lever.  This brings us to the pivot point of the article; its’ fulcrum.

The globalists’ New World Order has all the markings of a huge cult, a scam, a travesty of epic proportions.  What I’m about to write in the following articles is how the global elites and their Marxist vanguard plan to snap the trap shut.

The critical question is:

“will the free public exert the combined effort required to upset the motive powers of this body before it succeeds in shutting down all individual attempts to block its path”?

In future articles, I will provide further evidence for why these programs are evil and need to be fought legally, peacefully, but relentlessly.  I will also provide evidence for where pushback is already occurring and what can be done to retake institutions.  I have plans to write about:

The UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  I will explain how, even though some of the goals may look and sound good, in ruthless combination, they represent a future state of totalitarian chaos and destruction.  This is the future being prepared for today’s students.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Framework.  “This is a scam” – Elon Musk.  I will describe its’ origins and how it is being used by the woke to manipulate and destroy businesses and shape the “sustainable and inclusive” future.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training.  I will discuss the Marxist roots of DEI and how this is being used to destroy organisations from within.  It goes hand-in hand with ESG.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).  I will describe the Marxist and esoteric roots of SEL and how it is ALREADY being used to radicalise youth with woke Marxism in the USA and in Victoria and the ACT in Australia (coming soon to a school near you).  This will be used to make students so fearful and paranoid that they will demand the UN 17 SDGs in the future.

Digital Prison.  I will outline a series of plans to imprison everyone using a CCP-style Social Credit System on steroids.  Once the trap is tripped, it will be very difficult to live in a world outside of the “New World Order.”  It will include details on how digital tools such as vaccine passports, Central Bank Digital Currency and virtual reality will be used to drive people into 15-minute “Smart” cities, abolish personal vehicles, replace meat with bugs and hypnotise the unemployed people into blind servitude.

Woke Religion.  I will explain what corrupt leaders of faith are doing to convince followers to go along with the New World Order.

Transhumanism.  A combination of gene-editing, bionic modification, neuro-enhancement, robotics, and artificial intelligence, this worst of all perversions will be woke man’s attempt to dispense with physical man and usher in the New Age of “spiritual” Man 2.0 – made in their own image.
Take note.  I will be providing evidence, much of it directly from the UN’s and WEF’s own web sites.  This is not speculation; these are plans for our future. 

Why bother?

Why must we now awaken from slumber and apply maximum effort to pushing back against this evil?  If you listen to Michael O’Fallon, you’ll see that I share his views.  If we are courageous enough to speak the truth, we may succeed in pushing back against the radicalisation of our youth and the destruction of society as we know it.  With God’s help, we may see the restoration of some level of justice, peace and prosperity in the world.

Otherwise, it would appear that the battle of Armageddon, as predicted in the book of Revelation, draws near.

That’s why Michael O’Fallon simply states:

“we must win.”

There is no alternative.

Details of the Tucker Carlson 22 March 2023 episode:

Here is a partial transcript of the first 18 minutes:

0:12       Let’s pretend for a sec that our country had a news media that was interested in bringing you the news, not in lecturing you about your moral inferiority – “you’re so bad!” – or lying to you in obviously transparent ways – “January 6 was an insurrection, guys!” “Trans women are women.”  Say it or else.

0:49       What stories would we be talking about if we lived in that country?

2:03       [Xi Jinping] “Change that hasn’t happened in 100 years is coming, and we are driving this change together.”  What change was Xi talking about?  The end of American global hegemony.

3:26       The world is changing faster now than any time in the past 100 years.   None of these changes will make life better for your grandchildren.  But since many Americans [and Australians] don’t even know they’re happening, the outcry here has been limited to a few insightful but deeply frustrated bloggers on social media.  They see clearly what’s happening.

3:45       There are still people in this country, for example, who seem to believe that the so-called “climate agenda” is actually about the climate, or the environment or the earth or something and not a coordinated effort by China to hobble the US and the West and take its place as the leader of the world.
[Note: although he didn’t mention it here, Tucker has spoken often about the efforts of the WEF and the UN, coordinating with the China to bring about the New World Order.  We simply don’t know whether the globalists or the CCP regard themselves as the senior partner in this relationship.]

4:10       Tucker speaks for several minutes about the relentless propaganda of the Climate Cult in demanding that the West (and not China) stop using fossil fuels and destroy their own economies.  “The climate time-bob is ticking.”

6:40       China is building two new coal plants every week, while the US is building none.

7:09       Compared to Eastern Asia, North American countries have a 33% greater obligation to mitigate global warming.  How do you measure obligation?

7:48       Take a look at the woke language the UN is using to defend its assertions.

8:30       “Indigenous knowledge” aka other ways of knowing (woke).

8:45       Tucker then showed various legacy media outlets raising the stakes with climate hysteria.  “There’s no such things as climate alarmism anymore.  The time-bomb is ticking.” (Bill Weir, CNN).

9:25       For the Chinese it’s just so easy.  How do you win a war without fighting? By getting your adversary to kill himself.

10:30     It turns out that the globally accepted goal [of 1.5 degree C temperature rise] originated in a newspaper advertisement of a draft paper that was not even peer-reviewed.  Now, it’s in the Paris Climate Agreement.  That’s the power of marketing [Milieu Control].

10:45     But what’s the point of the marketing?  It’s to destroy one civilisation to be supplanted by another civilisation.

11:10     Tucker also mentions Julian Huxley from UNESCO (Malthusianism) and other over-population theorists.  Refer to Sustainable.

12:00     It’s not really about Carbon, it’s about herding people.

13:40     81 Million votes he [Biden] got.  More than Obama.  Shut up and accept it. [Stolen US Election].

14:00     This is a cult, a theology.  A great reshuffling of civilisations.

15:00     Interview with Dutch Legal philosopher.  “It’s always about money and it’s always about power.”

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