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Frankenstein is an 1818 novel written by English author Mary Shelley.  It tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant young scientist who creates a living creature from human cadaver parts and animates it using an electric charge.

Most of us call the creature Frankenstein.

However, that term belongs to the creator, not the creature.

I recently watched a series of medical lectures on emerging infectious diseases, leading up to SARS-COV-2 in 2019.  I’d like to share some fascinating pieces from those lectures.

Dr. Steven Hatfill is a specialist physician and a virologist with a military background and separate master’s degrees in microbial genetics, radiation biochemistry, and experimental pathology.

His medical fellowships include Oxford University, the NIH in Bethesda, and the NRC where he studied the Ebola Virus at the US Army Institute for Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick.

In a Florida conference in October 2022, Dr. Steven Hatfill provided some excellent history on emerging infectious diseases (19-42 min).

Something happened around 1990 to accelerate the development of new viruses with the potential for spill-over into the human population.

These new viruses appeared to be coming from China mainly, after they commenced the practice of Polyculture Farming (using waste from one species as food for the other).

Dr. Hatfill summarised the major risk factors (40:00), stating that:

lethal emerging infectious disease pandemics are expected to occur with increasing frequency.

In a separate August 2022 conference, Dr. Hatfill admitted that he was one of the last scientists to admit that the COVID lab leak theory was now more plausibly true than the spill-over theory.

Some critical evidence came from 3-dimensional protein computer-modelling that discovered (17:00) a hidden Staphylococcal Enterotoxin-B (SEB) embedded within the SARS-COV-2 spike protein.

SEB was a very common biological warfare agent produced by the US in Ton quantities in the 1960’s.  It was designed as an incapacitating agent and was planned to be used during the Cuban Missile crisis.  The US got out of the offensive bio-weapons business in the 1970’s (?)

How did a biological warfare agent find its way into SARS-CoV-2?

Researchers were able to recover several documents (from the cloud) deleted by the CCP in late 2019.  These documents confirmed that Gain of Function (GoF) research was being conducted within the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).  This research could not have occurred without Fauci’s NIAID funding and the work of his researchers in the US, primarily that of Dr. Ralph Baric from the University of North Carolina.  Refer to the article Chronic Unease for more information on Ralph Baric.

Hatfill, a former sceptic of the lab leak theory, ends his talk with the quote:   

“There is no evidence that this was a natural outbreak.  There are three pages of evidence that this was a lab leak.”

Dr. Steven Hatfill.

A new scientist has recently emerged on the COVID lab-leak theory scene – Dr Andrew Huff.  He’s just released a book titled: The Truth about Wuhan.

What makes him special?  Here are a couple of fun facts:

  • Dr. Huff was “basically groomed to be a Dr. Anthony Fauci of bioterrorism and biowarfare, receiving a full scholarship at the University of Minnesota, working at the Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence as a PhD student, making almost 6 figures.”
  • He worked at Sandia National Laboratories in biowarfare and bioterrorism on the classified side of this type of work and served as a foreign advisor to heads of state in bioterror and biowarfare.
  • However, Dr. Huff really wanted to work on “crunchy granola” ecological problems, like emerging infectious disease pandemics (as described earlier by Dr. Steven Hatfill).  When a role at EcoHealth Alliance came up, he was excited to join them.

Sidebar: EcoHealth Alliance is the back-channel organisation used by Tony Fauci to fund GoF research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).  I’ve written about it and its President Peter Daszak previously in my article What is dis-mis?

  • Within 12 months, Dr. Huff was promoted to VP of EcoHealth Alliance where he began to see what really went on.
  • This caused a falling-out with Peter Daszak.
  • Dr. Andrew Huff was an INSIDER, who went ROGUE.
  • The media have claimed Dr. Huff is a grifter, but they can’t dispute his claims.
  • 12 months ago, he gave all of his research to several journalists. They all buried it – hence the book.
  • He’s also working with Thomas Renz, the lawyer representing the DoD Medical whistle-blowers and is ready to testify before US Congress.

Dr. Huff dropped a handful of bombs on Steve Bannon’s War Room (Ep 2,353) – beginning at the (20:20) mark:

  1. The WIV is the BSL4 biological weapons lab for the Chinese Communist Party (22:50)
  2. The emergence of SAR-COV-2 is the biggest intelligence failure in US history (26:00)
  3. President of EcoHealth Alliance – Peter Daszak was working with the CIA, his pet project being his relationship with China (26:10)
  4. Ralph Baric (University of Nth Carolina) transferred his advanced bio-technology to the WIV for $600,000 (32:00)
  5. SARS-COV-2, the agent and the mRNA SARS-COV-2 platform were co-developed. (33:40)
    Note: I hinted at this in my article What is dis-mis? where we saw that Fauci’s Moderna and Ralph Baric signed an mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine agreement on Dec 12 2019.

In this Charlie Kirk, podcast, Dr. Huff proves his credentials as a trusted source and provides some astounding details about the lab leak. He gives a great argument for why he believes the lab leak was accidental. This includes some very fresh information that no-one else knows of (trust me, I’ve researched this topic a lot).

Before moving on to the next speaker, I’d like to interject the following – a brief excerpt from a 30 minute overview of the CCP’s war with the USA and the rest of the free world.  At the (9:00) mark, Frank Gaffney, Vice-Chair for the Committee on the Present Danger: China explains what happened in 1991 under the former General Secretary of the CCP, Deng Xiaoping:

Frank Gaffney

In 1991, Deng recognised that, with the collapse of the USSR, a new cold war had begun between the People’s Republic of China and the USA.  He declared China would win it.

He adopted the “Hide and Bide” strategy: patiently seeking the West’s help in building up China’s power by concealing the CCP’s true, malign intentions.

Deng reportedly tasked the CCP’s biological warfare program with depopulating the United States, enabling its colonisation by China.

Towards the end of the Andrew Huff War-room episode (43:30) mark), War Room co-host Natalie Winters stated that:

“this entire business of pandemic prevention is a total fraud.”

She also pointed out (44:40) that in 2012, Xi Jinping stated that “high-end technology is a weapon in modern times.”

Just like Climate Alarmism, pandemic prevention may be a scam. Big Pharma, Gates and Fauci are all making mega-bucks from COVID, but the grift doesn’t fully explain to me why the USA would sell such high-end technology, perhaps more significant that nuclear secrets, to their mortal enemy, the CCP, for thirty pieces of silver.

There must be more to this.

For the history buffs out there, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Communist spies who worked on the Manhattan Project were found guilty of espionage and given the death sentence for transferring valuable information on the design of the atomic bomb to the Russians. 

For his efforts, Ralph Baric received a $65 M grant from Tony Fauci to do more research. 

The final speaker in this article is no stranger to regular readers – Dr. Robert W Malone. 

He is the inventor of the underlying mRNA technology and is the leader of the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists (over 16,000 members).

Dr. Robert Malone commences his speech (43:00) mark with

“My goal here is not to scare you…”

His presentation ends at 1:09:00.  You should watch his entire 26 min piece. Dr. Malone made a similar presentation with slides.

One very pertinent tangential story is the 2001 Amerithrax case, where the Anthrax bio-weapon was mailed to US journalists and politicians and made to look like a radical Islamist attack.

In this article, we learn that Dr. Steven Hatfill was investigated by the FBI as a Person of Interest in the case.  Many believe that Amerithrax was an inside job, with the mailed Anthrax having the same source as that developed by US bio-weapons labs (Fort Detrik).  The FBI wanted to pin Amerithrax on Hatfill, perhaps because they needed a scalp; perhaps because he is a conservative.  Only God knows for sure. Not much has changed with respect to the Intelligence community.

Dr. Hatfill sued the FBI for defamation. In 2008 he settled for $5.8M and was fully exonerated. 

Back to Dr. Malone’s presentation.   

In a nutshell, the US Department of Defence (DoD) has been concerned for decades about the threat posed to the US through biological warfare.

The Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), an arm of DoD, has claimed that the threat level of biological warfare has been, for decades, higher than that for a nuclear holocaust.

Did you know that the US government has spent more money on bio-warfare development than on nuclear weapons development?

Fauci used the 2001 Amerithrax attacks to persuade Congress to fund the NIAID, rather than the DoD in combatting biological weapons.  Malone argues elsewhere that this was simply a way for the DoD to cloak its bio-weapons research under a “health-focused” banner, with Fauci as the front-man.

Oh Great and Powerful Fauci!

You don’t seem to have any problem with lying to the public.

What will we see behind the curtain?

DTRA calculated that it would take till 2050 for the US to produce vaccines for all of the known biological weapons developed up till the end of the cold war.  This was considered to be simply unacceptable in the current threat landscape.  DTRA argued that something significant had to be done immediately to mitigate this existential threat.

The US government’s biodefense enterprise went all-in on the mRNA platform.  DARPA essentially pulled the mRNA technology out of the trash-can and funded the development of the mRNA platform through Fauci’s NIAID.  All of the GoF work performed by Baric et al in making bat coronaviruses more infectious and lethal was perhaps simply cover for experimentation in the development of the mRNA deployment platform.

Fauci has always collaborated internationally to accelerate his agency’s work.  The Chinese Bat Lady, Shi Zhengli was an important research colleague because she had access to natural bat coronaviruses.  Also, as Dr. Huff described, it provided a way for the US to get inside the WIV.  As research findings spread easily across the globe, new techniques became widely known.  Molone pointed out that because of this free flow of research information, biological weapons could now be engineered easily by graduate level scientists in their garage using materials purchased on eBay. 

Fauci and the DoD played Dr. Frankenstein with the CCP.

They created a monster!

Full Disclosure:

This article is not intended to excuse what’s happened in any way.  I still want to see justice done.  That is, millions of people must receive answers, apologies and recompense with perhaps corporal punishment or life imprisonment for those accountable.  Some form of Nuremburg 2.0 is required.


Our three scientists pointed out that:

  1. the world was being confronted with an ever-increasing pandemic threat from naturally emerging pathogens;
  2. the world was simultaneously being confronted with an ever-increasing existential threat from laboratory-produced biological weapons; and
  3. when it appeared that the threat could not be contained, public health became weaponised with SAR-COV-2 perhaps becoming the centre-piece of a new “war-game” with the mRNA deployment platform as the major prize.

Imagine if every world leader was convinced that they all needed to support the global effort to develop the mRNA deployment platform as that would potentially save the world from unspeakable future horrors.

Then nothing could halt the progress of the mRNA deployment platform – not time-honoured medical testing processes, not science, not freedom of speech, not medical autonomy, not poor efficacy; not even vaccine-induced injury or death.  After all, collateral damage is expected when the stakes are so high and we are at war. But don’t tell tell the people. They may not comply.

What could go wrong with that?

If the world was full of gutless, feckless, dim-witted leaders, then we may begin to understand why so many of them could so quickly agree to flushing fundamental human freedoms down the toilet.

Like Malone, I’m not saying that this explains everything about the madness of the global COVID response, but it does provide an interesting perspective.  There are definitely other perspectives to be explored.  A couple more reasons “WHY” need to be teased out before I attempt to tie a bow on this entire COVID saga.

By the way, I’m not a fan-boy for Elon Musk, but I must admit, that his recent actions shining a light inside Twitter are to be applauded. They are vital to reaching the truth behind several critical stories of the past three years including the Hunter Biden laptop, suppression of “Election Denier” speech and of course, COVID madness. He didn’t buy a social media company, he bought a crime scene and the mob are not happy with him poking around in there.

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