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Executive Summary

Much crucial counter-narrative information has been labelled as disinformation or misinformation by government diktat over the past few years.  This article focuses on three case studies, initially “dis-mis-d” by various modern information warfare techniques.  Each case study is supported by compelling data sourced through alternative social media sites.  

Despite legacy media’s best attempts to obscure and deceive, each case study shows how a carefully-crafted, high-profile, government-sponsored narrative is eventually exposed as a lie through intrepid investigative journalism and an appeal to evidence.

The truth cannot be stopped; it always emerges. 

We now have a population that deeply mistrusts government institutions, especially legacy media.  The majority of Australians and Americans believe the media intends to deceive them.  This must be reversed if we are to have a functioning Western democracy.

Each of the three case study topics in this article demonstrates how a policy position, initially sold as good for humanity, ends up being disastrous; whether by design or by accident.  And these are not trivial topics.  Each is literally “life or death.”

To add insult to injury, it’s the free West – the Five Eyes nations of the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US which all seem to be collaborating to simultaneously stop free speech using new disinformation and misinformation laws.  However, a strong populist awakening has fuelled a growing revolt against this tyranny.

This article will enrage and equip you to take action and there’s no time to waste.  The Australian government is attempting to strangle free speech on social media by levying enormous fines for each instance of wrongthink.

I hope you will read the entire article.  I trust you’ll find each case study to be compelling, if not shocking and will help equip you to get engaged.  If you decide not to read it all, as a minimum, please go to the end and find out how to post a submission protesting the Australian government’s plan to end free speech on social media sites.

COVID shots

In my last article (To B or not to B), I referenced a few of Elon Musk’s tweets from the Peter Hotez – Joe Rogan Twitter war.  Musk seemed to be very interested in this particular Twitter exchange (which garnered over 330 million collective views). 

Many may not realise that Musk has some serious skin in the COVID game

I believe Musk’s personal experience with the COVID shots coupled with the Biden regime’s flagrant censorship of social media regarding vaccine adverse events played a role in his Twitter purchase decision.  I don’t believe that Musk enjoyed being lied to about a very personal matter and since he was capable, he decided to do something to protect free-speech.  Musk loves science and wants to facilitate proper debate on his forum.  I am speculating, but his intimate knowledge of COVID science and his Tweet patterns certainly support these reasons for buying Twitter.

Musk may not believe in God, but like every one of us, he is a man of faith.  His faith is in the scientific process.  Musk understands complex systems better than most and knows that if you challenge a complex system in a novel way, it may respond in a novel way – the iron law of unintended consequences.  Funny that.

Whether sending a ship into outer space or a submersible into the depths of the sea, a knowledge of how a complex system is going to behave under a range of scenarios before stressing it outside of laboratory conditions is essential.  That’s the purpose of trials and testing.

That’s also why dissenting voices should be welcomed, not dismissed.

Our immune systems are absolutely amazing. 

Whether you are a theist or an agnostic, you must agree.  Scientists know very little about the immune system.  It helps people to maintain personal integrity with a minimum of downtime and fuss.  Amazing things begin to happen when foreign entities (antigens) attempt to invade the human body. 

However, when the immune system goes “out of control”, there’s not much doctors can do.  Hence the difficulties with organ transplants and fighting diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Guillain-Barre syndrome. 

Musk’s concern over the impact of repeated COVID shots on the immune system is very real and has been proven.

In a great Epoch Times video (sorry, behind a paywall), popular medical teacher, Dr. Mobeen Syed discusses a new paper on Anti-Antibodies by Dr. William Murphy.

This paper describes how the medical establishment made a critical error in measuring COVID shot efficacy.  They myopically focused on Anti-body production within one immune domain (Ab1).  Murphy explains that the immune system has been shown to create Anti-Antibodies within a separate immune domain (Ab2).  He writes: “Ab2 antibodies binding to the original receptor on normal cells therefore have the potential to mediate profound effects on the cell that could result in pathologic changes, particularly in the long term — long after the original antigen itself has disappeared.”

Murphy’s study results explain the rapid loss of COVID shot efficacy following multiple shots.  Ab2 Anti-Anti-bodies seem to be cancelling out any benefits that the shots may deliver.  Shockingly, the medical establishment refused to investigate and simply yelled “more shots.”  No test was ever done to determine the effect of multiple shots of mRNA on T-cells and related Ab2 immune system responses.

Toward the end of the interview Dr. Mobeen Syed soberly stated

“It becomes scarier, the more we learn about it.  Instead of making it better, every new study demonstrates some new alarming outcome …”

But what worries Dr Been most is the lack of intellectual curiosity on the part of establishment experts.

“… and equally or more alarming is a dismissive behaviour from those who are making decisions.”

I have written previously (QED) about major vaccine adverse effects and an epidemic of excess all-cause mortality in highly vaccinated countries. New evidence comes out every week, but I don’t want to lengthen this article with any more content.

What started out as “vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic” is becoming either “the largest blunder in human history” or a grotesque plan to enforce a future mRNA shot deployment platform, no matter the cost.  Time will tell – provided we have access to dissenting voices.

Legacy media strongly resists acknowledging the existence of counter-narrative information like this.  Despite the onslaught of establishment propaganda, most eligible Australians (88 %) said “ixnay” to the latest booster.

Can you imagine a future where we only have legacy media and social media is banned from publishing information like this?

Climate Change

Just like the human immune system, the earth’s climate is a complex system.  However, establishment “science” asserts that the CO2 level (0.04 % of the atmosphere) is somehow, the climate’s Temperature Control knob, is responsible for global warming and that humans burning fossil fuels is causing CO2 to rise. Simples!

The establishment narrative asserts that unless we stop liberating Carbon Dioxide, the planet will burn up.

In 2016 newly elected PHON Senator Malcolm Roberts asked CSIRO chief scientist Dr. Alan Finkel for the evidence of man-made climate change. 

In this brief video Dr. Finkel responded:

(2:00 min) CO2 acts like a warming blanket, trapping heat.

(2:45 min) Temperatures are going up and up and up.

We also know separately to the video that the Keeling Curve shows that atmospheric CO2 levels have been rising (for several decades now) at a constant rate of about 2.5 ppm per year with seasonality superimposed upon this.

However, what we didn’t hear from Dr. Finkel was any dissenting voices from scientists.  Voices that argue the CO2 “warming blanket” theory is more hypothesis than theory.  Yes, the earth has seen a steady rise in temperature over the past 150 years.  However, the earth was in a Little Ice Age (e.g. the River Thames freezing over) in the late 1800’s and now it is not (that’s a good thing).  Yes, the Industrial Age occurred at the same time, lifting many people out of poverty, fuelled by cheap and abundant fossil fuels (that’s a good thing).  Yes, particulates did pollute the air in the early part of the 20th century (that’s a bad thing), but much of this has been removed in the West over the past few decades (that’s a good thing).  China is the world’s largest emitter of pollution (that’s a bad thing).  But let’s not conflate particulates with CO2.  Sixth-grade science taught us that Carbon Dioxide is plant-food, not pollution.  Crop yields have increased and the earth has “greened” significantly with rising atmospheric CO2 levels (that’s a good thing).

No-one is denying “Climate Change.”  What dissenting scientific voices deny is that the earth’s temperature is simply controlled by CO2 levels.  It’s far more complex than that.  The sun’s activity, the earth’s movement about it, the oceans, the clouds and the earth’s atmosphere all interact in a very complex manner to give us our climate and our weather.

How can we tell which theory of climate change: Simple, Man-made CO2 or Complex, Natural is correct?

With data, of course!

A telling interchange took place at the very beginning of the Malcolm Roberts video.  He asked Dr. Finkel to agree with him that “empirical evidence decides science.”  However, Finkel refused to agree.  Instead, Finkel stated that “empirical evidence is important, Senator.

When pressed again, Finkel went on to say that “science is complex … the issues, many of which are decided with modelling and statistical approaches … [are] not always simple.”

Fascinating.  Finkel’s buried lede is that only qualified experts can interpret data.

Remember Fauci?

Finkel asserts that although Climate Change is simple and it’s all about fossil fuels releasing Carbon Dioxide, it’s also complex.  In fact, Finkel asserts that climate change is so complex that data alone can’t explain it.  It needs a scientist.  But no ordinary scientist.  One that is funded by the Billions of dollars appropriated through the United Nations IPCC.  There they are again – the United Nations.  They seem to be popping up everywhere.

Had this interchange between Roberts and Finkel occurred today, Finkel would have had extraordinary trouble explaining the following empirical evidence.  He wouldn’t be able to “model” his way out of this.

Why was there no discernible reduction in atmospheric CO2 levels between April and October of 2020?

During this period cars, planes and some factories were all largely shut down during COVID lockdowns. 

This was a perfect simulation of the effect of NET ZERO Carbon policies on atmospheric CO2 levels.  See my article Return of the Outcry for more details.

Based on the empirical data, the theory that human industrial activity contributes to atmospheric Carbon Dioxide is an epic Fail.

Also, Finkel said that “temperatures are going up and up and up.”  That is a grossly simplistic statement.

In the 1970’s temperatures were going down and down and down while CO2 was going up and up and up.


It is essential that manipulation of climate data be called out. Biden’s EPA recently attempted to delete the 1930’s heat waves from history.

Where are these 1930’s heat waves reflected in the NASA GISS dataset?

How does the GISS data align with the 1970’s “descent into an Ice Age”? How does the GISS data align with the USCRN from 2005 – 2023?

None of this makes sense to rational people. Unfortunately, Climate Alarmism is a religious cult.

According to the only accurate temperature measurement network, the USCRN (established in 2005), temperatures are flat to falling since 2005, despite temporary highs in 2012 and 2016.

I explained AGW’s Big Problem in some considerable detail in my article SIMS.

It should be getting hotter with rising CO2 levels.  The data certainly seems to support the Complex, Natural Climate Change theory rather than the Simple, Man-made CO2 theory.

In my March 2020 article Simples, I also wrote that scientists claimed the sun was about to enter the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) – a period of time when solar activity would reduce.  I mentioned how Israeli scientist Nir Shaviv showed solar wind affecting the production of highly-reflective white clouds which aid in cooling the earth, all due to the GSM.

We have now entered the GSM and overall, temperatures are cooling. 

I see your CSIRO chief scientist and raise you a Nobel Laureate.

“The dramatic temperature-stabilizing feedback of clouds … is more than fifty times as powerful as the radiative forcing effect of CO2.” 

Dr. John Clauser.

On his web-site, Senator Malcolm Roberts writes:

“Right now, in kitchens and living rooms across Australia, families are opening their electricity bills, their gas bills and having to sit down. Then the panic sets in – how can I pay this?

It will get worse – when the lights go out, the heaters and air-conditioners stop, poor and vulnerable Australians will die.”

Senator Malcom Roberts

One year ago, a poll indicated that Australians thought more should be done to combat climate change. What LNP politicians failed to note then was that the climate change issue garnered only 8 % importance among LNP voters.  Embracing Net Zero was a great way to lose a Federal election.  I’d like to see a more recent poll.   I won’t hold my breath waiting for one.

Starting out as “reducing our Carbon footprint to save the planet,” 60 % of Americans now believe that “climate change has become a religion that ‘actually has nothing to do with the climate’” according to a March 2023 Rassmussen poll.  Independent journalists like Tucker Carlson (before Fox removed him) have had a profound impact on Americans’ views on Climate Change.

Legacy media strongly resists acknowledging the existence of counter-narrative information like this.  Despite the onslaught of establishment propaganda, most of the US population now rejects the Climate Cult.

Can you imagine a future where we only have legacy media and social media is banned from publishing information like this?

Sovereign borders

National sovereignty, poverty and mass human migration.  This is another set of complex, life or death issues.  Yet supranational groups such as the WHO and WEF have a simple solution – encourage open borders and free migration.

The United States of America no longer has a secure southern border with millions crossing illegally each year.  In my article Space-Time, I outlined evidence for a United Nations [they’re at it again] plan to flood the US with immigrants, causing anarchy and the dissolution of US national sovereignty.

A porous border allows illegal immigrants, potential terrorists and fentanyl to pour across at record levels.  However, what garners very little attention from the media is perhaps the greatest crime – the trafficking of children.

Today, the Biden Administration cannot account for 85,000 missing children that crossed the border unaccompanied. 

HHS Whistleblower Tara Lee Rodas Claims that the US Government is acting as a ‘Middleman’ in a Child Trafficking Operation.

In this video Ms. Rodas states that:

(0:18) “My goal is to inspire action to safeguard the lives of migrant children including the staggering 85,000 that are missing.  Today children will work overnight shifts at slaughterhouses, factories, restaurants to pay their debts to smugglers and traffickers.  Today children will be sold for sex. … For nearly a decade, unaccompanied children have been suffering in the shadows.”

(1:25) “I discovered that children are being trafficked through a sophisticated network that begins with recruiting in home country, smuggling to the US border and ends when ORR delivers a child to a sponsor.  Some sponsors are criminals and traffickers and members of transnational criminal organisations.  Some sponsors view children as commodities and assets to be used for earning income.  This is why we are witnessing an explosion of labour trafficking.”

Factory worker or brothel worker?  Which earns more money for the slave owner? 

On July 4th, the film Sound of Freedom was released at US theatres.  

In this article, we read that the film “Sound of Freedom,” focuses on bringing attention to the global crisis of child trafficking. 

“However, some in the media have criticized the film and downplayed the significance of the message the movie delivers.  Multiple liberal outlets have trashed ‘Sound of Freedom’ as ‘QAnon-adjacent’ and ‘fit for Qanon.’  These are descriptions that relegate the film about human trafficking to fodder for conspiracy theorists.

‘… who would want to get the backs or run interference for pedophiles and human traffickers? … Why would you want to lie to push an agenda whose goal is to have children be in captivity? It’s kind of sick,’ said Ballard.”

Sound of Freedom is a cinematic masterpiece and dramatic thriller, becoming the No. 1 movie at US cinemas from July 10-11, with a total audience of over 5 M, an audience score of 100 % and more $50 M in takings as of July 13.

The film is based on the true story of Tim Ballard, a former U.S. government agent that quits his job to rescue children from global sex traffickers.  Ballard (Caviezel), a federal agent, finds himself losing hope in the dark field of children crime work.  However, Ballard quickly uncovers his life mission when he’s able to free a seven-year-old boy that was kidnapped.  When the young boy asks Ballard to find his sister who was also kidnapped, Ballard decides to devote his life to rescuing children from sex slavery.  Here is a trailer

According to the U.S. State Department’s webpage titled “About Human Trafficking“:

“… at any given time in 2021, approximately 27.6 million people were in forced labor. of these … 6.3 million in forced commercial sexual exploitation.”

Millions of people have illegally crossed the US southern border since 2021.

Why would the US Dept of Justice remove ‘International Sex Trafficking Of Minors’ from their Areas of Concern?  Find out here.

Why would the United Nations advocate for decriminalising paedophiliaFind out here.  There’s that UN again.

Why would Hollywood elites work to suppress ‘Sound of Freedom’ for years?  Find out here.

Why does Australia refuse to show ‘Sound of Freedom’ at our cinemas?  Click here to sign a petition.

Legacy media strongly resists acknowledging the existence of counter-narrative information like this.  Despite the onslaught of establishment propaganda, the US population is beginning to awaken to this depravity and to fight back at school boards and with their wallets (see Budlighting).

Can you imagine a future where we only have legacy media and social media is banned from publishing information like this?

A future where you are not allowed to know alternative information on life or death topics like COVID shots, Climate Change and Child Sex Trafficking?

A future where you are only exposed to the official government narrative.  We are quickly descending there.  It is a place somewhere between Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s 1984.

Since early 2020, the number of independent journalists and alternative media sites has exploded, fuelled by curiosity.  We need answers to the questions: “why is all of legacy media sounding like a mocking-bird?  Why do they refuse to question the questionable?”

This curiosity is precisely what Western governments seek to quell.

During the COVID years, “Free-Speech” was flagrantly disregarded by many nations and legacy media.  However, on July 4th, 2023 (Independence Day), Judge Terry Doughty of US District Court for the Western District of Louisiana slapped down the US Government and numerous federal agencies.  He prohibited them from communicating “with social-media companies for the purpose of urging, encouraging, pressuring, or inducing in any manner the removal, deletion, suppression, or reduction of content containing protected free speech posted on social-media platforms.”

Doughty wrote a blistering 155-page memo summarising the many acts of censorship against Americans.

Here is an excerpt from Pg 154:

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, a period perhaps best characterized by widespread doubt and uncertainty, the United States Government seems to have assumed a role similar to an Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth.’”

Judge Terry Doughty

The Wall St Journal produced an excellent 5-minute video demonstrating the US government’s dystopian actions and the implications of Judge Doughty’s ruling.

(0:12) “A Federal Judge has ruled that government officials cannot coerce social media platforms to do what the constitution forbids the government from doing.”

So, it appears that, due to the strength of the US Constitution’s First Amendment, the US Government can be held liable for their intimidation tactics.

You may not know that the Australian Labour Government is currently planning to introduce its own Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” – The Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023.  THIS LINK INVITES SUBMISSIONS.

I recently read the following substack: Holy Collusion, Batman! It looks like the attacks on free speech might be coordinated and global!

It includes two insightful videos, the first being from the UK parliament, where Baroness Claire Fox and Lord Moylan discuss a new bill intended to grant the UK government department OFCOM extraordinary powers to censor on-line speech.  The second video is a classic.

It shows former NZ PM Jacinta Ardern discussing how she plans to crush on-line speech that differs from the official NZ government position, aka “the single source of truth”.

You wouldn’t know about these things because legacy media does not cover them.  You’d need to watch alternative media.

Like this video from the Australian Christian Lobby.


If the ACMA bill passes, articles like the one you are currently reading will be banned from social media with the threat of a massive fine for mis- or dis-information. 

If we don’t stand up now and peacefully fight for our freedoms, they will be taken from us.  Please leave a submission on the Government’s web site before August 6 2023.

If we don’t stand up now, we’ll all be dis-mis-d.

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