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Many changes commenced in 2015, just after the UN Agenda 2030 was quietly agreed by our nations’ leaders.  It was about that time that the term “diversity” appeared in the corporate vernacular.

In late 2017 when I wrote Diverse or Divisive? it was obvious that diversity was being used to drive social engineering within corporations.  The big “tell” for me came during a conference that I ran; namely the statement made by one of my clients:

“I’d like to think that I got my job on merit and not because I’m a female.”

Diversity of thought is obviously necessary when groupthink stifles innovation.

However, by 2017, “diversity” was being manipulated to drive a woke agenda, not improved business performance.

How else do you support the notion that the NBA (with > 80 % of all its players black) is the most diverse sporting league in the USA?

Not long after, Diversity found a new buddy – Inclusion.

Like a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter’s night, Inclusion was added to make us all feel good about diversity.

Nobody wanted people to feel left out.  It was a huge appeal to emotion.  Other than the disabled (whose discrimination was addressed in 1992) this was no longer a significant issue in the workplace.  So, just like “diversity,” “inclusion” failed the sniff test.

While the first two terms could be argued, albeit from an emotional perspective, “equity” could not.  It is simply socialism – the forced redistribution of shares.  All attempts to compare it to “equality” are hollow. The two are polar-opposites.  They only sound similar.

James Lindsay does an excellent job of explaining these concepts and their implications on business performance in his series: The Marxist Roots of DEI.

Lindsay explains D, E and I on this web-site.

“Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives have taken over the country, reaching into every aspect of our work, school, and lives.  What is “DEI,” though?  New Discourses founder James Lindsay explains the idea and its history in unprecedented depth in this new series from an in-person workshop in Miami, Florida, breaking down each of the three letters in detail.  What we’ll find is that it’s a contemporary and managerial repackaging of socialism.

In the first episode of the series, Lindsay dives into the concept at the center of DEI: Equity.  It is not possible to understand DEI initiatives without realizing that equity is what drives them. Equity is the goal of all DEI programs, which is to say that DEI programs exist to force captive audiences of people to achieve “equitable” redistribution of resources, status, and wealth according to neo-Marxist Identity Theories like Critical Race Theory.  Equity is an administered political economy in which shares are adjusted so that citizens are made equal, including shares of social and cultural capital.  In other words, it’s an expansion of socialism.  Once we understand what equity is about, the purposes of “Diversity” and “Inclusion” initiatives become clear.”

In the second episode of the series, following from his discussion of equity as (expanded) socialism, Lindsay articulates that “Diversity” initiatives are rooted in the goal of installing ideologically consistent political officers within organizations to effect and enforce policies directed toward achieving equity. These political officers, often called “Diversity Officers,” are in fact a rebranding of the older concept of commissars, who enforced socialism in the same way.

In the third and final episode in the series, Lindsay explains that “Inclusion” is an overarching value structure for the “Diverse and Equitable” commissar system that’s being installed. In fact, it’s a justification not for inclusion as most people understand it, but for censorship and purges, just like in any Communist state. Inclusion, and its extension in “Belonging,” are a manipulative strategy akin to Mao Zedong’s “unity, criticism, unity” formula for taking over not just institutions but the value structure of populations and bending them toward socialism (or, in this case, equity).

I have listened to all of Lindsay’s long-form podcasts.  If you don’t have time to listen to these, you may want to watch the three two-minute videos. 

You could also examine the terms: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and many more using James Lindsay’s Social Justice Encyclopedia of woke terms: Translation from the Wokish.  Don’t take my word for it.  Do your own research.

We have seen how the left are expert at redefining terms.  If they told you up-front what they were intending, you’d recoil in horror and throw the bums out onto the street.  Instead, they play word games, attempting to weasel their way into organisations, eventually seizing the levers of power and squeezing out anyone who fails to comply.

This series of power-moves was understood and chronicled by Robert Jay Lifton in his 1961 book: Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of ‘Brainwashing’ in China.
I described this in my article Milieu

With time, DEI training sessions morph into Maoist “struggle sessions” that use Demand for Purity and Confession as censorship and purging tools.  People will either comply with and chant the “Sustainable and Inclusive” mantra or find themselves ostracised and eventually, removed.

DEI Results

So, how is DEI going? Let’s look at a DEI report-card after the last five or so years of virtually unchecked implementation.

Poor Program Acceptance

Many left-leaning sites have reported on the fact that DEI programs simply don’t work.

Their problems are explained in the following (sample) articles.

  • The other problem with UW DEI programs: They don’t work. (Badger Institute)
  • Why So Many DEI Programs Are Failing And How To Improve Them (Forbes)
  • The Failure of the DEI-Industrial Complex (Harvard)

Even the WEF recognises the issues and takes the opportunity to ratchet up the rhetoric with some new branding.

Poor Business Performance

DEI and its impact on the ESG “S” score at Anheuser-Busch (the Dylan Mulvaney saga) has cost the company a 25 % loss of sales in Bud Light and a 15 % drop in stock value since April 1.  They are now even paying distributors to carry their beer.

Numerous Bud Light memes will make it a difficult for them to ever recover the # 1 beer position.

My article (Budlighting) shows that customers are ready, willing and able to inflict economic pain on companies that cross the DEI red-line: their children.

Military Risk

The DEI ideology is undermining US national security and causing the military to miss it’s recruiting targets. How so? Watch:

This video compares recent recruitment videos for the US military and the Russian Military (please pardon the profanity at the end).

Travel Risk

In 2018, Tucker Carlson found that the Federal Aviation Authority was changing the standards of US Air Traffic Controllers through woke hiring practices.

“A group within the FAA … determined that the workforce was too white. They had a concerted effort … in the Obama administration to change that.”

Michael Pearson, attorney suing the Federal Aviation Administration

Thankfully, this was identified and rectified before it caused any fatalities.

Unbelievably, Tucker was forced to deal with this reckless stupidity at Southwest Airlines several years later.

When will they learn?  Sadly, it may take a major DEI-induced incident for people to be held accountable.

Multiple fatalities

This story analyses the tragic ending to the Titan Submersible – a totally avoidable lesson in the lethality of unchecked wokeness.

The author writes:

A friend who worked on the film Titanic just sent me a report headlined:

Titan Sub: OceanGate CEO Didn’t Want to Hire ’50-Year-Old White Guys’ Because They’re Not ‘Inspirational’

The report is worth reading in full, but especially noteworthy are statements that OceanGate CEO, Stockton Rush, made in 2020.

“When I started the business, one of the things you’ll find, there are other sub-operators out there but they typically have gentleman who are ex-military submariners and you’ll see a whole bunch of 50-year-old white guys.

I wanted our team to be younger, to be inspirational and I’m not going to inspire a 16-year-old to go pursue marine technology but a 25-year-old you know who’s a subpilot or a platform operator or one of our techs can be inspirational. So we’ve really tried to to get very intelligent, motivated, younger individuals involved because

we’re doing things that are completely new.

We’re taking approaches that are used largely in the aerospace industry

… is related to safety and some of the the preponderance of checklists things we do for risk assessments and things like that,

… that are more aviation related than ocean related.

You sure that’s a good idea, matey?

The Bigotry of Low Expectations

The US Supreme Court has finally over-turned six decades of so-called Affirmative Action (reverse racism). For sixty years, blacks, women and other groups have been given special privileges in hiring and admissions. And how has this benefited them?  I hearken back to my client’s comment at the 2017 conference: “I’d like to think that I got my job on merit and not because I’m a female.” How many qualified blacks, women and others have been considered by their peers to be “diversity hires?” How many have been given positions that they are not qualified for; just to set them up for failure?

This US Supreme Court action has driven a spike into the heart of the DEI movement. The same idea applies to Australia’s “The Voice” referendum. Granting special rights to people based on immutable characteristics like the colour of their skin or the chromosomes in their cells is itself racism and bigotry. Finally, a court that considers the Constitution and judges wisely!

Charles Love, the author of the article: Affirmative Action Is Finally Dead. It’s Time for Real Equality writes that the much-anticipated Supreme Court decision has outlawed the use of race as a factor in college admissions.  He is hopeful that it might finally usher in the conditions for true equality.

What’s the End Game for DEI?

Women have been replaced by men wearing dresses who are now winning gold medals, taking coveted jobs and receiving prestigious awards.

Feminists and gays are not queer enough.  They’re not committed to the woke Marxist cause of “queerness” according to the TQ.  LGB are now witnessing first-hand how the left eats its own.  And so, the dialectic turns.

Radical Leftists have become emboldened.

We’ve recently seen NY City Pride March activists chanting

we’re here, we’re queer, where coming for your children.

Well that makes sense. They can’t procreate. They need your children to propagate their ideology.

This does not represent the opinion of the majority of LGB people.  I’ll discuss this “queerness” issue further in a future article.

So where does DEI end?

Since I commenced this article with a reference to the United Nations, I’ll now end with one.

International Child Advocate Attorney Liz Yore explains in a brief interview on the War Room how:

“The United Nations is now declaring that paedophilia is a human right and this so-called human right should not be criminalized or prosecuted.  They are clearly saying that minors can consent to sex with an adult.”

That’s right.  The same UN that promotes their vision of a “Sustainable and INCLUSIVE” future via the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is now pushing to normalise paedophilia.


Why have the woke Marxists become so emboldened?   Multiple Choice:

  1. They believe they have sufficient control over the levers of power to over-ride any objections;
  2. They are driven by demonic powers and cannot stop; or
  3. All of the above.

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