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“In God we Trust – everyone else bring data.”  I’m sure you’ve heard this from me before.  I learnt it when I received my Six Sigma Black Belt at BHP.  Without good data, you cannot solve a complex problem.  Yes, and there are a few other essential ingredients required in effective problem-solving.  They include:

  1. The Outcome (y).
    The outcome measure must match the problem and be defined clearly.
  2. Inputs or possible causes (x1, x2, etc.).
    These must be identified and of sufficient granularity to show their individual effect on the outcome (i.e., the strength of the x-y relationship).
  3. The Control.
    When attempting to solve a problem or conduct an experiment, a control is an element that remains unchanged or unaffected by other variables.  It is used as a benchmark or a point of reference against which other test results are measured and answers the question “what if I do nothing?”  Without a control, you can never be certain about your conclusions.

It’s hard to argue against these principles when attempting to solve problems and make policy decisions.  Yet some of the most important health and policy decisions were made for over two years now, without the application of these principles.

The Outcome

I’ve written about this before, and will only mention it here briefly.  The outcomes for COVID response have been defined woefully.  ANY policy decision should have been made considering the total impact on society – mortality, disease, economy, mental health, education etc.  Instead, politicians cried crocodile tears begging “if it only saves one life” when passing draconian laws.   How did that work out?

When it came to the outcome of a vaccine trials, we should have seen “absolute risk reduction” or “reduction in mortality” as outcomes.  Instead, Big Pharma provided ridiculous examples like “relative risk reduction” and “reduction in symptom duration.”

Inputs or possible causes

The world needed good quality data to help make critical decisions in response to COVID-19 challenges.  Leaks have shown that corruption within BIG Pharma and the regulators has manipulated these key data elements.

The British Medical Journal reported “Revelations of poor practices at a contract research company helping to carry out Pfizer’s pivotal covid-19 vaccine trial raise questions about data integrity and regulatory oversight,” indicating a lot more CYA than PHD.

Dr. Robert Malone, leader of the 17,000-strong International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists spoke with Dr. Ryan Cole and Art Moore about the recent NY Times article on the CDC withholding huge amounts of health data. 

Here are some excerpts:

“The New York Times has interviewed CDC officials who admit that they have data that goes beyond this VAERS data. They have granular data that is indicating how many people have been hospitalized, deaths.
Other data regarding the impact of these vaccines that they admit they’ve been hiding and hiding because they’re concerned about vaccine hesitancy.”

Art Moore

“This guy, Samuel Scarpino, goes on to say, ‘The steps that it takes to get something like this released are often well outside of the control of many of the scientists who work at the CDC’. Now think that quote through. Basically, a non-governmental spokesperson for the official public health scientific community is throwing Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, under the bus.
What he is saying, if you read [and] think through his words is that the governmental leadership of the CDC has stifled CDC scientists and preventing them from disclosing key information to the public about the risks of the vaccine.
That is stunning.” 

Dr. Robert Malone

“So, in a scenario like this, yes, in the lab I started seeing the clotting damage. Yes, I started seeing upticks in autoimmune disease. Yes, I started seeing an uptick in cancers.  Did I sound the alarm? You bet I did.  And what did I hear from most of my colleagues? Crickets.” 

Dr. Ryan Cole

On Bannon’s War Room, Malone and Cole threw down hard.    At the 7 min mark, Malone challenges CDC scientists to decide:

“do you want to be a witness for the prosecution of for the defence?” when this goes to trial.”

“They’re going to be outed at some point.”

Then there’s another Project Veritas blockbuster undercover story showing just how corrupt the FDA and Big Pharma are. FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole unwittingly exposes the incestuous ties that have been created between the FDA and Big Pharma.  They have colluded to line each other’s pockets.

Almost a Billion dollars a year going into FDA’s budget from the people we regulate.

So, it seems that Joe Biden’s recent decision to extend the US Emergency Health declaration INDEFINITELY, was based on fraudulent CDC data (as was his original declaration 12 months ago).

Can you imagine this guy with unlimited emergency powers in perpetuity?

The Australian Government also continues to extend its Emergency Health powers.  Where is the data in support of this? 

Well, it appears that the Australian regulator (TGA) and the US FDA have been drinking the same Kool-Aid.  After the initial Pfizer whistle-blower report:

“Drug regulators in Australia (TGA) and the US (FDA) released statements assuring the public they had full confidence in the data. Further, the benefits of the Pfizer vaccine outweighed the risks.”

The next quote is from a follow-up report entitled: Leaked documents have cast fresh doubts over the integrity of data arising from Pfizer’s pivotal COVID-19 vaccine trial and suggest problems at Ventavia are ongoing.

“Earlier this month, whistle-blower Brook Jackson, raised serious concerns about ‘falsified data’ in Pfizer’s mRNA trial (Comirnaty) to the BMJ. The concerns were corroborated by two former Ventavia employees.”

Evidence of international collusion on data manipulation is popping up everywhere.  Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt was a former World Economic Forum Director of Strategy and a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders Program. 

So was Bill Gates.  Isn’t it funny that both Gates and Hunt gave grants to medical researchers who co-authored the same paper attacking Ivermectin?

Here down-under, we are now seeing a weird set of circumstances.  For 18 months from March 2020, we saw 1,000 Australians die of / with COVID (who knows) while the Government crushed small business through a broad range of tyrannical COVID measures.  Then, by September 2021, as the adult vaccination rate approached 50% and hospitals developed better protocols, the death rate began to rise five-fold over the previous level.  By the end of December 2021, the adult vaccination rate exceeded 90% and the death rate rose abruptly again.   Wow!  That’s really weird!  For my Structural Integrity readers, this looks just like De Sitter’s Law of Fives.  

Let’s recap: the sick and elderly died early in the pandemic and now we have Omicron (basically, a cold).  Yet, when everything should be getting back to normal, people are dropping like flies.  It’s true that the unvaccinated are over-represented in the ICUs because Australia has a very high vaxx rate.  But why are there so many fully vaxxed so sick?  Just like in the USA, we are not hearing much about this on legacy media because it is bad for optics.  They prefer to ignore any news that might cause vaccine hesitancy – even when almost 95% are inoculated.

Really, really weird.  Coincidence?  Correlation doesn’t equal causation, right?

Well, what would you think if this same really, really weird coincidence of rising death rates happened in over 145 of the most vaccinated countries in the world

When I mentioned this meta-analysis in my Jan 17 article The Prestige, Australia was not included in the analysis.  Well, waddya know. 

The Control

Stalin told us that “a single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.”  Australia’s legacy media used to be concerned about one death.  Now, death numbers just roll across the TV screen in chyrons as we eat our cornflakes.

What is really disturbing to me is that all we hear is that “vaccine side effects are very rare.”  The US Vaccine Effects Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) database shows high numbers of death and disease from the shots, depsite the facts that it is grossly under-reported.

Ask yourself:  “Do I have a close friend or relative with a bad reaction to one or more of their shots?”  I personally know of many.  This Israeli MOH survey of reported adverse events confirms that belief.  It’s far worse than the authorities care to admit.

We don’t hear any of this on the legacy media.
However, I see and hear of many cases where families beg for answers to why their relative died suddenly after vaccination.
Doctors are very reluctant to attribute cause of death to the shots.

I collected some cases as I came across them.  Here are a few.

George Watts Jr. (24 years old)

The unnamed son of Sean Eile (10 years old)

Brandon Watt (34 years old)

Sean Hartman (17 years old)

But then I stumbled across this web site
I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled over all of the photos of vaccine-dead.

The Medical Industrial Complex, Big Tech and legacy media have suppressed this data.  The Sean Hartman story reinforces that fact clearly.  These people were told – your loved one is not even a statistic.  Their death is a coincidence.
And this is despite the mountain of evidence, including over 100 different studies showing extensive evidence of COVID-19 vaccines adverse events.

Let’s conduct a thought experiment.  Imagine a future time when everyone in Australia has been forced to take the COVID shots.  Then your son gets myocarditis and needs a heart transplant.  Or Grandma’s shingles flares up again.  Or Aunty Jane’s breast cancer suddenly returns after being in recession for 15 years.  What will you do when the government says “it’s just a co-incidence” and there’s no Control group to compare these incidence rates with?

Am I being hyperbolic?  Spreading fear porn?  Read what Dr. Ryan Cole had to say from the earlier interview:

“And worse, we detect that signal and then the signal is starting to amplify because now when we go to conferences and we talk to say, I talked to a surgical oncologist surgeon last night, he’s saying he has a young gastric cancer patient, who is a 28-year-old, an oesophageal cancer who is 31-year-old.  A radiologist called me yesterday from a multi-center unit, with another 31-year-old person dead – within a couple of weeks of their shots.  And so, when you see these unusual signals and then it gets amplified every time you get another colleague saying thank you for speaking up. ‘I’m seeing the same signal.  I’m seeing the same signal.’  Now you have an overwhelming amount of evidence that you can call and draw on scientifically.”

Dr. Ryan Cole

Luc Montagnier (RIP) was a Nobel Prize winner recognised for discoveries related to the HIV virus. This was one of his final warnings for humanity.

He is also a very controversial figure with early positions on COVID-19 being lab-manipulated and fierce opposition to mass COVID-19 vaccination due to the potential to create vaccine-escape variants.

Smashing the Narrative

Can anything be done, other than peaceful protests?
As we saw from the NY Times CDC story the medical establishment is suppressing ANY DATA that would cause vaccine hesitancy.
How will the evidence break through the legacy media ban on alternative COVID narrative?

We saw one crack in early February when the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet admitted that “They Failed and apologised for not questioning the Government’s COVID-19 narrative.

Until then, J P Sears suggests that we follow his Narrative Scripts!
Humour is definitely a good tactic for breaking through the mass formation psychosis.
Thanks, J P.

Edward Dowd, a graduate of Notre Dame University and former Portfolio Manager at Blackrock, grew his fund from $2 billion to $14 billion and commanded the respect of his investment community peers. 

Today, after semi-retiring to the shores of South Maui, he remains a voice of stock market wisdom that many hedge funds continue to rely upon.  

Dowd has been following vaccine death and injury from a Wall St perspective and has a different approach to breaking the legacy media’s firewall – Thor’s Hammer of Wall St. money.

This article contains several links to videos explaining Dowd’s approach.  Here are some critical excerpts:

“Dowd teamed up with an insurance industry analyst and researched the life insurance claims. They found that since OneAmerica shocked the world by announcing a 40% rise in non-COVID deaths in younger working-class employees, multiple other insurance companies worldwide have seen the same thing – massive rises in non-COVID deaths.  And the evidence inescapably points to the vaccines as the cause.

Other insurance companies have reported the same or worse death numbers as OneAmerica. For example, ‘Unum Insurance is up 36%, Lincoln National plus 57%, Prudential plus 41%, Reinsurance Group of America plus 21%, Hartford plus 32%, Met Life plus 24%, and Aegon – which is a Dutch insurer – saw in their US arm plus 57% in the 4th quarter – in the 3rd quarter they saw a 258% increase in death claims.’

The FDA is the trusted third-party verification of pharmaceutical products. 50% of their budget comes from Pharma…due to the institutional imperative that was in place at the time and the speed with which they tried to approve these unproven products with this unproven technology, fraud did occur, and what’s my proof of that? The FDA, together with Pfizer, were trying to hide the clinical data. 

And it’s come out recently…that the all-cause mortality for the Pfizer product failed – that means there were more deaths in the vaccine group than the placebo group. Normally in such a case, you have NO drug approval for such drugs. It’s the gold standard. I’ve been told by all my people in the Biotech Industry they were horrified.”

So what’s happening on Wall St, in part by the efforts of Edward Dowd? See below.

Take a look at both Pfizer and Moderna stock prices trends over the past two months.

Dowd made a short call on both Moderna and Pfizer several months ago.  Hedge Fund managers know Big Pharma is on the nose.

Preserving the Remnant

So what should political and business leaders be doing right now with COVID measures?

Several countries have realised that if they continue to force mandates for Omicron, they’ll need to do the same for the flu.  It’s simply bad health policy.

Great Britain, Israel, the Czech Republic, Ireland, France, Holland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark have all announced the removal in full or part of COVID mandates – many including the removal of vaccine mandates.

Once the CDC and TGA are forced to release suppressed efficacy data, we will see that there is simply no scientific basis for vaccine mandates.  Once the suppressed safety data comes out, there will be class action suits for vaccine death and injury.  The liability waivers will not protect regulators and Big Pharma when it’s obvious they have committed scientific fraud.

I wouldn’t want to be facing a prosecutor and having as my defence “I was just following orders.” That didn’t work too well in the past.

If we admit that:

  • The COVID shots do not stop infection or spread;
  • The COVID shots do not prevent hospitasation and death; and
  • The COVID shots have an unproven safety profile

then what is the reason for continuing with vaccine mandates, especially now, when Omicron has become nature’s vaccine (as I predicted)?

Only one reason remains (that I can think of):
Eliminate the Control Group.

In Australia, many people are being forced to choose between jab and job.  This is a gross violation of basic human rights, even if the COVID shots were safe and effective (which they are not).

I know that missing out on weddings and funerals is difficult, but avoiding restaurants and footy matches is a small price to pay for securing a huge long-term benefit for humanity.

Hold the Line.

I’d like to offer the following advice to everyone on both sides of this argument.

Get Smart, Preserve Control, Resist KAOS and seek the Truth.

If all else fails, go back to the beginning of this article and remind yourself:

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