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Large machines rely on structural mechanics and physics to maintain integrity and keep them from collapsing.

The stress of dynamic loading, corrosion, loss of structural members and gravity has seen some catastrophic collapses over the years.

While performing a stand-up comedy routine, raunchy comedienne, Heather McDonald bragged about how all of her vaccinations had kept her from COVID.  And then she collapsed on stage, fracturing her skull. McDonald is recovering.

  I trust that the irony of this situation is not be wasted on any of you.

What happens to a narrative that is subject to continuous stresses from scientific evidence, assaulting it relentlessly?  When the veneer of lies defending key structural narrative members is exposed to the daily hammering of scientific evidence, they buckle and must therefore, be removed.  Any attempt to paint over badly corroded structures will only make the eventual collapse far more devastating.

There is a little-known saying of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew, Ch 5, verse 10(b), JV Unauthorised version):

“Blessed are the truckers, for their courage shall expose the intent of evil tyrants.”

Actually, I just made that up, but if Jesus was walking the earth today, I reckon he’d say that about the Truckers from Canada, Australia, France and everywhere else they are congregating. Watch freedom-loving Canadians peacefully defy arrest for protesting.

A “fringe” minority of poorly educated blue-collar workers with “unacceptable views” has totally exposed the COVID narrative.

They have helped to show that these unending COVID mandates have nothing to do with science.

I have been writing for well over a year, that the response to COVID is not based in science.  What the world’s leaders have been doing to the general public is not about health.  Rather, this is a subtle, totalitarian power grab.  Canadian truckers have caused Canada’s tyrant Trudeau to lash out as they refuse to disperse until he hears their grievances.  Their courage and tenacity emboldened other truckers and freedom-lovers from around the globe to take the fight to their own tyrannical leaders. All subtlety is gone!

Comedian J P Sears does a great job summarising the Canadian Trucker protest.  It’s well worth watching!

What could have caused this normally mild-mannered group of Canadian truckers to finally snap?  Two years of draconian mandates, forcing Canadians to lose their God-given freedoms, with no scientific basis to continue.  They’ve simply had enough.

Well, for about two years, globalist elites have been systematically stealing people’s fundamental human rights in the name of COVID.  They have used some very advanced psyop techniques including gas-lighting and propaganda, resulting in what Dr. Mattias Desmet describes as “Mass Formation.”

Dr Desmet explains it in this video (from about the 18-28 min marks) and provides a way out from the 50 min mark.

You may prefer to listen to J P Sears explain Mass Formation from a layman’s perspective.

The dominant narrative used to enslave society is, in a nutshell:

If we all lock-down, mask up, stop meeting and take an experimental gene therapy, we’ll save our embattled hospitals and stop COVID.

Trudeau’s “Unacceptable Views

Well, despite the best efforts of the medical industrial complex to manipulate the data and spin the narrative, truckers have come to realise that:

  1. Lock-downs have caused much more harm than good;
  2. Masking has done little to stop viral transmission and has retarded learning in many children;
  3. Asymptomatic spread of COVID is a minor pandemic factor.  Quarantining the healthy is an asinine pandemic response;
  4. Experimental gene therapies are not effective at stopping infection or transmission.  Ergo, they are not vaccines;
  5. These experimental medical products have significant side-effects that have been hidden from the public through a coordinated campaign of fear, bribery and intimidation;
  6. The risks of a bad health outcome from contracting COVID can be easily stratified.  There is miniscule risk to younger people with no underlying health conditions; and
  7. There are many effective therapeutics that have been withheld from people in order to promote the experimental gene therapies.

It’s obviously unacceptable to hold these views.

I’d now like to focus on Unacceptable View No. 5, with more recent data. In a previous article, I wrote about three DoD whistle-blowers who uncovered devastating adverse effects data from the jabs forced upon US military personnel.  Once this was made public, the DoD claimed that the data from the previous five years (2106 – 2020) was incorrect and they have since adjusted it.  Daniel Horowitz from The Blaze analysed the adjustments and posed some very interesting questions for the DoD, following their response to the whistle-blowers’ findings.

Firstly, members of the US military are generally young and are medically screened before enlisting.  They are, therefore, among the healthiest demographic of US citizens.  Serious medical diagnoses among the 1.4 M cohort should be rare.  Yet:

  • From the original data, there were approx. 1.4 serious medical diagnoses per person per year versus 16 from the adjusted data.  How many young, fit people do you know who had 16 serious medical diagnoses per year before COVID?
  • From the original data, about 6 % of the US military presented with a serious neurological disorder versus 60 % from the adjusted data.  How many people do you know with a serious neurological disorder?  Is it 60 % of all your younger, healthier friends?
  • From the original data, about 0.05 % of military personnel presented with a Pulmonary Embolism (blot clot in the lungs) versus 0.2 % from the adjusted data.  Studies have shown that PE’s generally develop after 60 years of age and the entire US population presents about 0.1 %.  How does the young, fit cohort have double the incidence of PE’s than the general population?
  • Either there was mass vaccine injury in the US military, or it has been very unhealthy for over five years and the Pentagon completely lost control over epidemiological surveillance of these health issues for years.

Horowitz final point comes from this Twitter thread.

He notes:

“CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) met and presented this slide that indicates they have been monitoring DOD data the entire time.  According to DOD, we are to believe the data was screwed up for 6 years.”


But the broader point is that CDC clearly was looking at the original data and had no problem with it.”

I call BS with this adjusted data set.  The DoD is boxed in.  A grand jury needs to be empanelled.

I’d like to point out that this practice of revising historical records has some precedence in recent notable events.

Global Warming ate my data

Michael Mann eliminated the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age while homogenising instrument temperature data to concoct his now famous “hockey-stick graph.”  Mann’s bald-faced lying and mis-representation was all uncovered in the “Climate-gate” email drop.  I wrote about this in my article Get the Puck out of Here.

When historical instrument data was requested, this is what happened.

“The world’s source for global temperature record admits it’s lost or destroyed all the original data that would allow a third party to construct a global temperature record.  The destruction (or loss) of the data comes at a convenient time for the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) in East Anglia – permitting it to snub Freedom of Information requests to see the data.” 

How dare you!

I really don’t care if most of the world has been hypnotised by the AGW (man-made global warming) BS and carbon-neutral insanity.  I’m going to continue to help my friend Richard and the many other believers in real science who refuse to accept this fabrication.  The CCP continues to build coal-fired power-stations while our nation’s soy-boy leadership is building solar farms and bird-choppers to line their pockets and hamstring Australia’s economy. 

Falsified US Election Data, Nov 2020

The other major case of revisionist history is still working its way through US courts.  The responsibility of a county clerk is to preserve election records.  Rather than simply handing over the Mesa County election system to Dominion Voting Systems contractors for an upgrade, Tina Peters, simply did her job by taking a system image before the update to “Trusted Build” status.

What became obvious following a forensic examination of the before and after image of the Mesa County election system was that the Dominion “Trusted Build” included deletion of the November 2020 Election tally results, in direct contravention of State and Federal laws.  Yes, that’s right.  While upgrading the version of Dominion Voting System, any evidence of systemic election fraud was deleted throughout Colorado, except in Mesa County.  That is a big problem for the Democrat Attorney General who is attempting to crush Peters and anyone else thinking about blowing the whistle.  To top it off, Tina Peters is a “Gold Star” mother.  That is, her son gave his life in the service of his country.

Tina Peters has since been terrorised by the FBI for daring to defy the Democrat Attorney General and copy the “before upgrade” data.

Her home was raided a few months ago.  She has also been humiliated in public recently (placed in hand-cuffs as part of a warrant to seize a tablet).  Peters or her lawyer could have been contacted.  Instead, the Feds chose to go “full mobster.”  These policing actions are reprehensible.  The Biden regime is so desperate to keep this bottled up, they have weaponised the Intelligence community against anyone questioning the establishment narrative.  More on all of this in a future article.  The genie is out of the bottle.  There is a PLETHORA OF EVIDENCE of election fraud.

Whether it be Hockey-Stick Mann, Dominion Voting Systems or the US Department of Defense, the pattern is clear.  Rewrite history so that people cannot know the truth.

The truth is like a lion; you don't have to defend it. Let ...

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