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City Slickers

This 1991 film is a comedy about three middle-aged men who find purpose to their mundane, troubled, city lives by joining a cattle-drive from New Mexico to Colorado. 

We lived near there at that time while working for BHP.  This was the view from our home, facing West.

Our home was on the edge of a small town in the north-west corner of New Mexico.  It was a great place to raise a young family.  I moved there from Wollongong with my wife and three children from six months to four years of age.  Our fourth child was born in Farmington.  It was no Amish Paradise but we were far from being city slickers.  My wife grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles California and knows what it means to live in a city.  After almost 40 years of marriage and having moved several times – from NSW to New Mexico, USA and then to QLD, Australia we agreed that we prefer a more rural to an urban lifestyle

When you live outside of a big city, you really need a car to get around. But transportation is just one of the many challenges of country living.  Whether it be Healthcare, Education or Employment, it’s difficult to find many of today’s modern societal needs outside of a city.  The population is simply not there to support the investment.

But I guess it depends on how you define “needs.”

That’s why our tax dollars always seem to gravitate towards urban areas; it’s where the voters are.

Even though there’s plenty of land out there to develop, it seems that our nations’ leaders are hell-bent on forcing people to live in smaller and smaller city spaces.

One of Joe Biden’s big spending bills – the US Infrastructure Bill aka “Build Back Better” or “Green New Deal” underpins the desires of the global elites.  In this article from the World Economic Forum we learn that:

“We need to get people out of cars and onto mass transit. And I know this is a controversial concept.  But, generally speaking, we need to get people comfortable with living in greater concentration.  Of course, people will still need to live in rural areas too.  But urban lifestyles are more efficient in terms of carbon footprint.

Many of the infrastructure projects from the post war-era facilitated a very inefficient use of resources.  I’m not suggesting we force people into cities, it’s happening naturally – urbanization is a global trend.  And COVID notwithstanding, we need to make that easier.”


Was your home (single family or multifamily) NOT built to the WEF’s 10 Green Building Principles published in 2021?

Does your house NOT look like a “net zero structure of the future?” asks Investigate journalist Igor Chudov in this substack article.

Chudov has done yeoman’s work in revealing WEF plans for how to force people from their own homes by making them uninhabitable. In his article, he cites directives from four separate WEF, CRREM, UNEP, and ULI documents that say the same thing:

“… homes and commercial buildings may be worth ZERO …

“… because the future retrofits required for net-zero carbon emissions may cost more than their value. Thus, your home or commercial real estate may become stranded. The term stranded asset means that is unusable in its current form due to a change in regulations.“  Hmmm

More cultured, Western nation leaders prefer to drive people from their homes in a civilised manner. They would much prefer their people “Opt-In” to city life by making things much easier there and more difficult (almost impossible) in the country.

After all, which politician wants citizens with pitchforks on their front lawns?

Better to quietly pass legislation and let economic forces do their thing.

The Prince of Saud is not offering any options when it comes to his futuristic city NEOM.

The new “linear city,” dubbed ‘Neom’ by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, will be outfitted with the most advanced technology available, including vertical farms, facial recognition, zero-emission transportation, cloud seeding, and other programs that are in development. The city will apparently even feature some chilling dystopian extras like robot cage fights and a fake moon.

And, of course, everything will be run by “advanced AI.”

Shockingly, we hear that: “Traditional occupants, landowners and existing residents have been compelled to make way as the high-profile project drives ahead.  And when six men from the Howeitat tribe refused to move out of their homes, they were detained, tortured and charged with terrorism offences.”  Now it appears they will be executed.  Perhaps that’s to send a signal to other Arabs that “Opting-in” to NEOM is better for your health?


Why such a fanatical (diabolical?) demand for driving people into cities?

Climate Change! The planet is burning! … or is there another reason?

I believe that former Silicon Valley engineer turned whistleblower, Amman Jabbi can help to answer that.

For those who’ve read the article Digi-Tot, you’ll remember Aman.  In Digi-Tot, he spoke and then I wrote about:

Facial Recognition Systems; Digital Identity (including Social Scoring); the Link between Digital Identity and Vaccination Status; a New Cybersecurity protocol – Zero Trust and Security vs Privacy.

In this current article, I’m going to refer you to other parts of Aman’s video where speaks about technology related specifically to the shocking new 15-minute SMART Cities.

SMART Lights (16:35)

Puke Ray (22:47)

SMART Shopping (32:20)

Geofencing (34:16)

Smart Cities (41:30)

Predictive policing (52:40)

As Jabbi says,

“You can deny reality but you can’t deny the consequences.”

Alert Politicians

Christine Anderson is a member of the European Parliament, representing the Alternative for Germany Party.

In this 5-minute video she speaks about 15-minute SMART Cities, climate lock-downs, Saudi Arabia’s NEOM, the Bologna Wallet, the Vienna Token and the complete impoverishment and enslavement of humanity.

At their 2020 meeting, the WEF announced 36 pioneer cities in their SMART city program.  Newcastle and Melbourne were selected to participate in this pilot program.

Take a moment to read and reflect upon the title and the first dot point above. I plan to dissect this, like a surgeon, in a future article using weird al legory, if you get what I mean.  The WEF is promoting new hi-tech SMART cities to create a more ethical and responsible future.  It’s true that governments failed ethically to manage COVID in cities and they were irresponsible with resources.  Their actions caused economic carnage and excess deaths, which are still occurring long after COVID ceased being “a thing.”  I wrote in Digi-Tot that Klaus Schwab’s advisor, Yuval Noah Harari said that we are about to enter a new age of digital surveillance – Under the Skin.  He declares that the dystopian Surveillance State Is “Now Possible.” The SMART City helps to make it so.

The WEF has helped to establish several mechanisms to support the deployment of SMART City policies and technologies.  I was easily able to identify three:

Here is a series of videos on SMART Cities from the WEF perspective in case you are interested.

From Digital Complexity to Natural Simplicity

The past few articles described the advanced technology that is being deployed to condition people for ultimate control.  Digital identities, vaccine passports, surveillance technologies, electric vehicles with kill switches, stranded houses etc. are being integrated to drive people towards and then to contain them within 15-minute cities.  A huge benefit of the 15-minute city for global elites is that it keeps people from congregating, naturally preventing massive protests from forming.  Isolating, frightening, impoverishing and demoralising people and removing their cars, guns and private home ownership are all keys to controlling them.

Once the conditioning process has taken its toll, it can be argued that technology would no longer be required.

This 2-minute video summarises this ultimate phenomenon quite elegantly.

Neil Oliver from GB News summarises the current madness in this video, delivering a powerful message in his delightful Highland voice.

Key topics include:

(0:00)     Future of our Species

(0:43)     Hiding of the Truth

(1:25)     Lying is all Around Us

               CLINTEL – World Climate Declaration  https://clintel.org/

(3:15)     Vilified and Dismissed

(3:40)     Down the Road to Ruin

(4:32)     Someone is Lying (about Climate Change)

(6:16)     Disaster-Mongering

(8:33)     Biases and Errors

(10:50)  Consider all the Facts

(11:25)  Tolerance for Lies

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