January 31, 2022 JV


Would you stay in a hotel with 2,437 1-Star ratings?

Of course not!

Would eat at a restaurant with 2,437 1-Star ratings?

Of course not!

Then why would you take a COVID-19 inoculation from a batch with 2,437 adverse reactions including 20 deaths, 51 disabilities and 35 life-threatening events?

Unfortunately, many did, but now there’s new App called:

How Bad is My Batch?

With this new App, simply:

  1. Go to the COVID-19 injecting room.
  2. Ask the nurse for the Batch number.
  3. Then, go to How Bad is My Batch before you get jabbed and check it out.

If it looks like a toxic batch, then tell the nurse: “Maybe another time.  Have a Nice Day.”


Did you know that about 90% of all serious adverse effects (including over 20,000 deaths) from the COVID-19 vaccine are associated with only 5 % of the Batch numbers?  Isn’t that a fascinating statistic!

I personally don’t think you should take the jab, but I’m not going to pressure you into doing anything that you don’t want to do.

I respect your Choice!

But, if you’re going to play Russian roulette, do yourself a favour and at least find out if there’s a bullet in the chamber.

Have a nice day!

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