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Black Box

In science, computing, and engineering, a black box is a system which can be viewed in terms of its inputs and outputs, without any knowledge of its internal workings.  Its implementation is “opaque” (black).

I have several clients with significant issues caused by black box technologies embedded within their business systems.  One of the biggest issues with a black box system is trust.  One can never be sure of the reliability of outputs when there is no transparency in the process.

A sure way to deal with these issues is to replace the black box with technology that is visible.

But what happens when the black box is designed to prevents its’ own replacement?

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Let’s look at a real-life example.

“It doesn’t matter how many times you count the cash in the till.  What matters is how many of the bills are counterfeit.”
Dr. Douglas Frank

In the USA, elections are administered by electronic voting systems.  These systems should be quite simple in their design.  They are basically glorified counting machines with outputs that show an accumulation of votes over time.


You’d expect to see election systems present results something like this:




So what do you make of this video ( showing Vote totals flipping back and forth over time as they were being reported in the Nov 2020 Fulton County Georgia, US election?





Nothing to see here!

Despite how simple election systems are supposed to be, contracts deny voters the ability to investigate or audit the systems’ code.  Vendors claim Intellectual Property Rights (over the process of addition?) and establishment election officials are more than happy to cede peoples’ rights.

Let me provide some obvious examples that call into question the integrity of the US election system.  It is not a trivial business system.  Rather, it is instrumental in determining the leader of the free world.  If any system needs to be completely transparent – it’s the election system!

Big claims require Big evidence.

Previous articles: Little Deuce Coup and Coup Part Deux provided a variety of statistical and circumstantial evidence for “the Big Steal.”  Over the past few months, a stronger level of evidence has emerged.  Please watch the videos in the links provided.  Most are only a few minutes long.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

In June 2017, Professor of Computer Science, election systems expert and Democrat supporter Dr. J. Alex Halderman addressed a US Congressional Committee (view a 2 min excerpt video here) ( arguing that the US election systems are all vulnerable to hacking.  He issued a damning report in early 2020.  However, this was sealed by a Democrat judge.

“Weeks before the November 2020 election, Federal Judge Amy Totenberg wrote a decision that indicated profound mistrust of the voting systems and a desire to get rid of them, but found it was too late to unplug them for the November 2020 election then only weeks away.  Judge Totenberg sealed every scrap of information she could about the case, including Professor Halderman’s monograph.”

On 12th Nov 2020, CISA claimed that the “November 3rd election was the most secure in American history… There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.”  Had the US simply dodged a bullet or was there a cover-up in progress?

Legacy media and fact-checkers ran with CISA’s assertion.  If anyone claimed any kind of fraud, they were immediately labelled as “Election Deniers” and cancelled from social media.

So, what then is feeding the MAGA crowd’s belief in the “Big Steal?”

In this brief video, ( a local race in DeKalb County, Georgia presents irrefutable evidence of machine-based fraud.  Begin at the 3 min mark.  Candidate Michelle Long Spears discovered that she received zero votes in her own precinct after she came third overall in DeKalb County.  She should have received at least two votes – her own and her husband’s.  This sparked a hand recount of ballots that found thousands of missing votes and reversed the election results, giving her the race.  No reasonable explanation was given.  Fancy that.

Is there some kind of “glitch” that can cause this kind of thing to occur?  This will never be known while software vendors and State Election officials hide code inside the black box.

One explanation could be something like the Automated Ballot Manipulation software developed by Jeremy Wink and Kart Kandula, two of Alex Halderman’s students at the University of Michigan.  In August 2019, they presented their hack at the DEF CON 27 conference.  ( They were under the supervision of Dr. Alex Halderman when they wrote this malicious software using only 398 lines of code.

The animated image below from a Gateway Pundit article ( demonstrates the code in action.

Biden supposedly received 81 M votes in the Nov 2020 – 16 M more than Obama, America’s first black president and the most of any President in US history. 

Under what conditions can the following statement also be true?

After less than two years in office, Biden actually has the lowest approval level of any President in US history.

Where are his 81 M supporters???

Just who are they?  Are these real people or were a large chunk of them simply phantoms?

“It’s the canvass, not the count”  (Peter Navarro)

A canvass is an audit of the elector rolls (people registered to vote in a US state).

When Trump supporters planned to hire election canvassers to assist with election audits, Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland threatened to jail canvassers for civil rights violations.

So, although official auditors were prohibited from conducting a door-to-door canvass, private citizen volunteers were not.  They went door to door, asking a series of questions, such as:

Did you vote? How did you vote (in-person, mail-in ballot, etc.)? Did you receive any ballots addressed to the wrong person? Did you receive extra ballots? And so on.

Here are the results of some canvassing efforts across several US states:

Florida (31% illegitimacy rate) (

Missouri (25% illegitimacy rate) (

Arizona (173,000 lost votes, 96,000 illegitimate votes) (



So, it would seem that if the samples were truly representative, about 25% of ballots received were associated with fictitious names on the voter registration database.



  1. How did these phantom voters get onto the registration data base?
  2. How could phantom voters actually send paper ballots in the mail and have them included in the count?

Big money has been flowing ( for years to drive Democrat voter registration.  Just what has this money been used for?

Election officials in some states grant access to third parties ( (e.g. Clinton Foundation and Rock the Vote) to assist with voter registration.  What could go wrong with that?

One obvious example of fiction ( comes from Wisconsin, where over 550,000 registered voters have a registration date of 01/01/1918 and 115,252 of them voted in 2020.

Information like this and the uniformly bad canvassing results casts grave doubts over the accuracy of the voter rolls.

However, the following story provides the Rosetta Stone for decoding how a Registration Data-base can be weaponised for mass-election fraud.


The Rosetta Stone was inscribed with three versions of a decree (Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, Demotic and Ancient Greek) issued in Memphis, Egypt, in 196 BC.  It was the key to decoding hieroglyphics.




A group of patriots in New York State recently discovered the method used to generate up to 11 voter registration ID records for one person and to scatter these within the state’s registration database.  It was found buried below six layers of code to obscure the deceit.  Please watch from 3:07:00 to 3:25:00.  ( This was a monumental discovery of over 3 M false registrations in New York State.  Thank you to the New York Citizen’s Audit group for your efforts!

“The code is cracked.  The spell is broken and what they were doing in the New York State voter rolls is laid bare for everyone to see.”  Marly Hornik

If an audit is held, the number of ballots must match the electronic results.  Therefore, sufficient fraudulent paper ballots were required to be generated.  The movie “2000 Mules” demonstrates how over 2000 ballot traffickers each deposited hundreds of ballots in Zuckerberg-funded drop boxes, often in the middle of the night and always after visiting a non-profit office (stash house).

I have purchased a copy of the movie 2000 Mules and if any reader is interested in watching excerpts of the movie over Zoom, this can be arranged.

In this video, at the 50:30 min ( mark, a brief example from the 2000 Mules video is presented with even more information provided.  1962 ballots were removed from the Gwinnett County Georgia Elections Office Dropbox in a 24 hour period.

Video evidence shows that only 270 individuals approached the drop box.

Peering inside the Black Box

One of the most important stories in this article is that from Mesa County Colorado and about the County Recorder, Tina Peters.  It is explained beautifully in the must see documentary video, “Selection Code.” (

Tina Peters has been arrested twice by the FBI, is not allowed to perform her duties as the County Clerk and is prevented from travelling interstate.  Why would that be?  You’ll need to watch the movie.

Before I summarise the Mesa County story , let’s recap the election data from Nov 2020.

Firstly, some basic mathematics.   The Law of Large Numbers tells us that the average of the results obtained from a large number of trials should approach the expected value in a short time (like a PID loop controlled output) and tends to stay there as time passes.

This did not occur in Mesa County Colorado.  In fact, all seven counties examined by mathematician Draza Smith, showed the same strange pattern.  Instead of settling to a final value over time, the result kept shifting (quite unnaturally) over time.  It’s like going on a long trip and seeing your fuel economy figure continue to rise and rise and rise over time.  After about 50 km, the number should be almost locked in place, unless you are climbing some serious hills.

An important point to make here – The Mesa County vote result over time graph is very similar to that of other Colorado Counties, as if manipulated by a black box algorithm.  Therefore, it cannot be argued that Peters or an associate created the Mesa County data.

Draza Smith explains her analysis in the first 13 mins of this video. (

One of the key responsibilities of a Colorado County Clerk is to ensure election records are preserved for at least 25 months after an election.  When in early 2021, Democrat Secretary of State Jena Griswold demanded that all Colorado State election systems be upgraded to the Dominion “Trusted Build,” Peters hired an IT professional to perform a forensic image of the system before and after the systems upgrade.  After all, when performing a software upgrade, taking a back-up is just good practice.

However, this act infuriated Griswold.  When Peters began to smell a rat, she handed the two images to IT forensics professionals for a full analysis.  This drew the ire of Jena Griswold who referred Peters to the FBI.

The movie chronicles the findings of the analysis and shows why Alex Halderman’s warnings should have been heeded.  Not only were duplicate databases built within the system and votes moved between them, the system transaction logs had been deleted so that no-one could know who performed the manipulation.

Is there any Good News?

If, after all of this you still believe that Biden won the 2020 election legitimately, I’m surprised you’re still reading this.  Contact me so we can talk.  For the rest of you, I’d like to leave you with some positive news.

Although the wheels of justice seem to turn very slowly, some fraud cases have already been settled while many are still ongoing.


Former Mayor of San Luis, Arizona Guillermina Fuentes has plead guilty to her role in a sophisticated ballot trafficking ring ( during the 2020 Arizona primary.


Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow has been at the forefront of election integrity initiatives, spending his personal wealth to uncover the truth.   He was the Executive Producer for the movie “Selection Code” and hosted the recent “Moment of Truth Summit” in Missouri.  The weekend conference finished with the “Trial of the Machines.”  Many, many patriots are continuing to work hard to remove voting machines and tighten election integrity laws.

Lindell has also funded Dr. Douglas Frank’s travels around the USA to present evidence to State Legislators as part of an attempt to remove machines from upcoming elections.

In this video, ( Dr. Douglas Frank (scientist, inventor and big data guy) presented how the election was stolen in a nutshell from the 26 min to the 47 min marks.

I thought I already knew every he was going to say, but I learnt a few new things by watching this.  Here are some highlights in case you don’t watch it:

26:00     Wisconsin State Senator Robin Voss admitted there was widespread fraud but did nothing about it.

28:00     The manipulation of voter rolls has been happening since 2010 (at least) – before Obama’s first mid-term election.  This is not a new phenomenon.

29:20     Did a person do that? (Check out the graph. It must have been machines.)

30:00     How the steal worked in a nutshell:

Before the election:

  • Decide what the outcome will be for each state (regulated at the county level).
  • Inflate the Registration Databases (credit line of phantom voters).
  • Program the machines.

During the election:

  • Databases and machines are Hacked and Tracked (manipulate votes and voters; regulate precinct and county outcomes).

After the election:

  • Pair last minute voter IDs with phantom voters.

30:55     Emails between Zuckerberg’s CTCL and County clerk organising how to do ballot stuffing most effectively, entered into the public record.

36:00     Videos of nine people stuffing ballots.  Every ballot going into a drop box has a name on it.  How did they get that name?

38:50     Wisconsin Attorney General admits that machines were connected to the Internet.

42:00     California election results showing that EVERY SINGLE PRECINCT had the same percentage of registered Republican voters and EVERY SINGLE PRECINCT had the same percentage of registered Democrat voters.  Funny that!

Constitutional Sheriffs have sworn an oath to uphold the law including prosecuting those breaking election laws.


The FBI is totally corrupted, but here comes the cavalry. (




When we see what some people have been willing to do to steal an election, we’ve got to wonder “why take such an enormous risk?”  The penalty for treason in the USA is the death sentence or a minimum of five years in jail.

Even after reading this, you may still be thinking “what’s the big deal?”  “Why spend so much time on this topic?”  I believe the implications of stealing an election, especially in the USA are enormous in light of what’s happening around the world today.  However, I need to leave further discussion of that to another article.

There’s one thing we can all be certain of:


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