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Amish Paradise

As I’m sure you’d know, the Amish are about as far from city-folk as any group of people.  They shun virtually every form of technology and are often mocked as Luddites.  Parody artist Weird Al Yankovic did a superb job of just that by writing a song “Amish Paradise;” a parody of the Coolio hip-hop / rap hit “Gangsta’s Paradise.”

You may want to watch some of the 3 minute Youtube video before reading this article.

But the mocking didn’t all go one-way.  Weird Al showed us that there are some genuinely good things that the rest of us can learn from the Amish, including not getting corrupted by city slickers.  You know who else has learnt something important from the Amish?  Steve Kirsch.

Yes, the tech entrepreneur, inventor of the optical mouse and founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation. 

He is regarded by the Biden Administrations as one of the US biggest disinformation spreaders after bombarding Fauci, Big Pharma, the FDA, CDC and others with jab safety and efficacy data and calling them out for their lies and incompetence regarding COVID response.

Why would Steve Kirsch be so interested in a large Amish community in Pennsylvania?  Perhaps because of what they represent – a unique Control Group when it comes to every form of government directive relating to COVID.  They did not lock-down, wear masks, socially distance and breathed fresh air and took Vitamin D, Ivermectin and other natural medicines instead of the COVID jab.  You could not ask for a better COVID mandate control group. 

From the Executive Summary of Steve Kirsch’s substack article:

“On May 22, 2023, I offered a $2,500 reward for anyone to give me the names of more than 5 Amish people in Lancaster, PA (which is the world’s largest single community of Amish people with over 45,000 people) who died from COVID.

Nobody could do that. I got a few names. And nobody could name anyone under 50 years old who was suspected of dying from COVID. The best anyone could do was come up with 5 names, 52 years of age and older, mostly very old people. The person who found the 5 names is extremely well connected in the Amish community.

In other words, the Amish didn’t do anything to protect against getting COVID: no lockdowns, no vaccinations, no masks, no social distancing, no mandates, no school closures, nothing. If they got sick, they used Ivermectin and other methods that were not recommended by the CDC or FDA.

He found just 5 Amish who might have died from COVID. Roughly 90% of the Amish have been infected by COVID. So the IFR= 5/40,500=.00012

In the US as a whole, there were 100M cases and over 1.1M deaths from COVID. The overall US IFR is .011.

The ratio is .011/.00012=91.

That’s really stunning. The Amish died from COVID at a rate 91X lower than the US as a whole.

To check for other Amish deaths, he offered a reward

His offer got over 500,000 views but no winners.”

For the record, a study of COVID death among the Amish and Mennonite communities in Ohio found that: “the number of fatalities among Amish and Mennonites did indeed increase in the 2020 pandemic and followed similar trend lines of deaths in the USA.”  I don’t know why the study focused on Ohio and not on Lancaster, PA.  The study’s authors rejected Steve Kirsch’s request to exchange data for review.

Perhaps Steve Kirsch’s numbers are low.  It’s possible that many more than 5 Amish died in Lancaster PA.  It’s difficult to know. However the death comparison between the Amish and the rest of the USA is simply stunning.

This recent video by OFF GRID with Doug & Stacy comes from Lancaster, PA.

Doug provides some valuable insight into how the Amish decided to combat COVID back in 2020.  They were considered to be the first community in America to reach herd immunity after 90% of them had been infected.

In my previous article City Slickers, I mentioned a WEF story that lamented how cities and governments struggled to manage the COVID pandemic with constrained resources.

To combat this, the WEF is now all-in on building hi-tech into the world’s cities to make them all SMART.  Smart at doing what?  Surveillance.  As Klaus Schwab’s Transhumanist advisor Yuval Noah Harari said (see my article Digi-Tot) “we are about to enter a new age of digital surveillance – Under the Skin.”  SMART City life makes the dystopian Surveillance State “Now Possible.” (Harari)

Here’s a funny meme about the Amish and how technology impacted them during COVID.

What did they miss on TV during COVID? Here is a brief summary.

Even though courageous scientists and epidemiologists warned the world’s leaders of their foolishness in locking down and mandating masks and jabs, the madness continued unabated. Today, the results are unequivocal. What governments did in response to COVID could best be described as “a global policy failure of gigantic proportions,” wrote the authors of the most complete review of COVID response titled: Did Lockdowns work? The verdict on COVID restrictions.

It would seem that we are being led by a COV-idiocracy (a society governed or populated by COV-idiots).

Did we need the review and report to tell us of this global failure of gigantic proportions? Not really. The Amish were telling us if we were willing to listen.

Legacy media, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself “who’s the Luddite?”

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