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Robert Muller was a prolific author.  In my previous article, I cited from his 2000 Ideas for a Better World 2000 Ideas for a Better World. Muller then expanded his list to 7000.  Not content with this, Muller published The Absolute, Urgent Need for Proper Earth Government, in 2005. This latter document demonstrates a change in tone from hopeful and aspirational to frantic.  The 2005 document betrays a genuine belief that unless the world’s nations abandon their sovereignty and cede it to the UN, the earth is destined for disaster.

In it he writes:

“Today our objectives and efforts must be:

  1. to see the religions globalize themselves into a global spiritual Renaissance in order to give us a universal, cosmic meaning of life on Earth and give birth to the first global, cosmic, universal civilization;
  2. national governments must absolutely globalize themselves significantly in a new, second-generation United Nations with much more power, especially power of implementation, legislation and vastly increased resources commensurate with the tasks of the 21st century, or a United States or Republic of the World with proper balance of powers in a world democracy, or a World Union on the model of the recent European Union;
  3. business must be put in its right place as a servant of the peoples’ needs within a properly preserved Earth and renewed natural resources, and no longer be an instrument of unlimited power, profit and enrichment as the principal objective of life;
  4. more generally we have come to the moment in evolution when we must give second place to the Darwinian theory of competition and survival of the fittest, and first place to a new ideology, science, strategy and methodology of cooperation for our evolutionary survival and continued progress on this perhaps unique, life-endowed planet in the universe.”

The Absolute, Urgent Need for Proper Earth Government goes on to outline a framework for a “Proper Earth Government” and ways to create it.  Included are several conversations that Muller has with God.

Idea 4000


Dear Robert, congratulations for having finished your 4000 ideas.  May I ask you: which one do you consider the most important?”


Well, my most important idea and conclusion after all my adult life as a world civil servant is this:

The United Nations must be vastly strengthened to resolve the major global problems henceforth increasingly confronting humanity and the earth. It must be empowered to adopt and enforce world laws and regulations.”

In summary, Muller writes:

“The preceding requires that all basic segments of human life on Earth be reviewed and rethought from scratch in the 21st century. These are:

a new political system for planet Earth

a new economics a new education a new media and communications a new democracy a new global leadership a spiritual Renaissance and inter-religious cooperation a non-violent human society a well preserved planet a decent well-being for all humans a stabilization of the world population right human settlements on the planet the disarmament, demilitarization, denuclearization and global security of the planet a new science and technology a new anthropology, sociology and new ways of life a new human biology a new philosophy, cosmology and long-term view of evolution a new world ethics and justice a new world psychology a new science and art of planetary management an art and culture Renaissance.

Such reconsideration is taking place currently in a whole series of institutions and conferences around the world. We can therefore be optimistic about our future as we enter a new century and millennium.”

The following references to Ideas are from Muller’s 2000 Ideas for a Better World which build out his four objectives above.

From Idea 824, Muller wrote:

“Regarding our planetary home, the Earth should no longer be secondary to nations, but nations must be secondary to the Earth and evolutionNational sovereignty has become an evolutionary aberration.  While it was a progress in earlier times, now it is a harmful obstacle to the future of our planet, humanity and of themselves.”

In his podcast: The Global Pagan Theocracy of the United Nations, Dr. James Lindsay comments on a long-term strategy deployed by the UN since the late 1960’s / early 70’s (15:30 mark):

“The idea was to construct a common enemy for humanity that we might rally around to make a global community. … Humans are destroying the climate; the environment.  So, the universal enemy to humans was constructed to be – humans.”

Despite the UN’s partial success with this strategy (brainwashing vast numbers of citizens), one very powerful, freedom-loving and individualistic nation posed as their greatest threat.  Muller targeted them in the following idea.

Idea 1338

“From an evolutionary point of view, the attacks of the US against the UN and reduction of its role and means will be considered some day as one of the greatest errors and lacks of vision in world history.  It seems that power went so much to the head of the US that it lost its sense of proportions and direction.  Therefore, the US will decline as a power as did all past powers which did not adapt to new fundamental trends of evolution. This happens regrettably on the eve of a new century and millennium when all countries, especially the best-informed ones, should have the clearest possible mind, views and heart towards a future written in the stars.  We must deeply mourn the fact that the US has lost its consciousness of the world’s future and of its guiding role in it.”

Cloward-Piven Strategy

The Cloward-Piven Strategy was developed in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.  Charlie Kirk summarises this political strategy for destroying the US as a super-power and installing communism in his podcast: as

  1. “Flood the country with migrants,
  2. bankrupt the government with debt and welfare programs, and
  3. spark crisis after crisis until the system collapses.

Gee, sounds familiar?”

Muller is not so direct in his approach to toppling the US.  Rather, he approaches the problem of the US from a spiritual perspective with a focus on values.

Referring back to Objective No. 1, Muller writes:

“… to see the religions globalize themselves into a global spiritual Renaissance in order to give us a universal, cosmic meaning of life on Earth and give birth to the first global, cosmic, universal civilization.”

From Idea 562, we read:

“The San Francisco Initiative to create a United Religions Organization similar to the United Nations … In the process they will hopefully reduce and progressively give up their fundamentalism in favor of a global spirituality the same way as nations in the United Nations have reduced the national fundamentalism called sovereignty.”

And from Idea 689, we read:

“The greatest obstacle to our further evolution is fundamentalism, my nation right or wrong, my religion right or wrong, my ideology right or wrong, my culture or race right or wrong, at a time when the whole human species is in the midst of transformation, of teaching and learning from each other, in thousands of ways and communities, from the top of the world – the United Nations, the biggest teaching-learning society on Earth – down to the family.  Competition and the survival of the fittest, as Darwin thought, can no longer be the rule of the human society. This phase of evolution had its role. The new evolutionary law is one of cooperation, of harmony achieved through learning and teaching from each other, and the birth of humanity as a meta-organism of evolution in which every human being is a cooperating unit or cell in a new global species, henceforth in charge of the further fate of our common home, the Earth and of all life forms on it.”

Muller is clearly criticising Christians for their belief that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God.  Instead, he claims that enlightened men (e.g. UN leaders such as himself) can and indeed, must IMPROVE upon religious texts, in line with the new “evolutionary law” “written in the stars.”  It is this new cosmic evolution that give rise to Muller’s new morality, enshrined in new values.  In fact, he claims to do precisely this when in Idea 1300, Muller rewrites Genesis chapter 1. 

In case you don’t know, Jews and Christians believe that God himself dictated Genesis 1 to Moses.  By rewriting the creation story, he is in a sense, putting himself in the place of God.

Idea 1300

“At that point I looked up from the text and seized a copy of a book I had written many years ago in the last century when I was a young world servant of the United Nations, entitled New Genesis, Shaping a Global Spirituality and read the following text of mine:

And God saw that all the nations of the earth, black and white, poor and rich, from North and South, from East and West, and of all creeds were sending their emissaries to a tall glass house on the shores of the River of the Rising Sun, on the island of Manhattan, [the UN building] to study together, to think together and to care together for the world and all its people.  And God said, That is good. And it was the first day of the New Era of the Earth.

And God saw that soldiers of peace [UN] were separating the combatants of quarreling nations, that differences were being resolved by negotiation and reason instead of arms; and that the leaders of nations were seeing each other, taking to each other and joining their hearts, minds, souls and strength for the benefit of all humanity. And God said. That is good. And it was the second day of the Planet of Peace.

And God saw that humans were loving the entire creation, the stars and the sun, the day and the night, the air and the oceans, the earth and the waters, the fishes and the fowl, the flowers and the herbs, and all their human brethren and sisters. And God said: That is good. And it was the third day of the Planet of Happiness.

And God saw that humans were suppressing hunger, disease, ignorance and suffering all over the globe, providing each human person with a decent, conscious and happy life, and reducing the greed, the power and the wealth of the few. And He said: That is good. And it was the fourth day of the Planet of Justice.

And God saw that humans were living in harmony with their planet and in peace with one another, wisely managing their resources, avoiding waste, curbing excesses, replacing hatred with love, greed with contentment, arrogance with humility, division with cooperation and mistrust with understanding. And He said: That is Good. And it was the fifth day of the Golden Planet.

And God saw that men were destroying their arms, bombs, missiles, warships and warplanes, dismantling their bases and disbanding their armies, keeping only policemen of peace [UN] to protect the good from the bad and the normal from the mad. And God said: that is good. And it was the sixth day of the Planet of Reason.

And God saw humans restore God and the human person as the alpha and omega, reducing institutions, beliefs, politics, governments and all man-made entities to mere servants of God and the people. And he saw them adopt as their supreme law:

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength.

You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  There is no greater commandment than these.

And God said: That is good. And it was the seventh day of the Planet of God.

And I seized my harmonica and played on it the Ode to Joy of Beethoven.”

How did Muller see the world achieving this Utopian ideal state, this new Garden of Eden?

Firstly, he laid the world’s current problems at the feet of the Judaeo-Christian west and the values they espouse and then argued for their replacement.

INTRODUCTION to Ideas 1301 to 1400


“… the persistence of obsolete ideologies, values, beliefs …”

INTRODUCTION to Ideas 1401 to 1500

“What unites us is a look at the miracle of evolution from a cosmic perspective. It is the effort to prevent our species from becoming another dead end, bypassed by ongoing development of life. It is the search for principles and values guiding humanity toward further ascent.

… thus, the very nature of evolution embodies a quest for values. Unless we can find and adopt the right values, degradation and extinction will be our fate. …

Only a few exceptional persons in each generation are able to perceive this interdependence of evolution and values; the fate of all others depends upon their impact.”

It appears that Muller saw himself as an exceptional human, perhaps even having attained the New Age “Christ Consciousness.”  This is consistent with Gnostic belief.

Idea 1904

“Our species is now in charge of the Earth’s future evolution.  If we stick to obsolete values we will put an end to it. If we adopt new values, new objectives, visions, institutions, and laws, evolution will continue. This is henceforth problem number one on this planet. Everything else has to abide to it.”

Idea 1937

“My main message in these 2000 ideas is this: Humans from now on must understand that the fate of the whole Earth and of our future evolution is at stake. This world-wide evolutionary challenge has never existed before. It requires from humanity new values, new ways of life, new institutions and new laws.”

If you listen to this James Lindsay’s podcast, you will hear, at the 1:06:00 mark, a member of the UN pay homage to Muller and his writings.

Or was it a dog-whistle?


Cultural Marxism exploits the weaknesses of the west’s values system – freedom of speech and a tolerance for opposing views, in order to gain a foot-hold.  From the article DEI must die, I quoted James Lindsay when he wrote:

“’Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ don’t mean what they sound like they mean.  People are catching on to this all around the world, but we need to go deeper.  It’s necessary not just to know something is wrong with these ideas and their implementation but also to know how and why they’re wrong. Ultimately, this means grasping the Left’s Woke Marxist mindset, namely the idea of cultural hegemony.  You see, ‘Diverse’ means ‘outside of the culturally hegemonic viewpoint,’ and ‘Inclusion’ means ‘including and protecting counter-hegemonic perspectives and the people who promote them.’  Understanding that the Left always thinks in terms of the evil spirits they call ‘systemic power’ is necessary to understand all of their terms, especially these two for practical reasons.”

What must not be forgotten is that the Marxist roots of the Cloward-Piven strategy are spiritual – the occult.  As outlined in pedigree, Communism has a direct line to ancient theosophical religion; it is a gnostic and hermetic cult.  Rational thought and logical debate have no influence over someone who’s drunk the Kool-aid.

The most important question at this point must be:

  • Did the UN, WEF and world Leaders dismiss Muller’s writings as the ramblings of a madman?
  • Or did they, instead, believe, embrace and act upon his audacious goals?
  • Have policy decisions, tools and propaganda been deployed to install and protect counter-hegemonic perspectives; that is, values and behaviours opposed to the Judeo-Christian ethic?


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