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Birds flocking and fish shoaling are wondrous things.  How do they do that?  Dancing mysteriously, independent, yet conjoined; somehow mesmerised by an invisible converging force.  It’s beautiful, yet haunting.  Complexity scientists attribute this to some unknown property called “emergence.”

This article on Emergence provides a basic overview for the novice reader:

“Emergence describes the ability of individual components of a large system to work together to give rise to dramatic and diverse behaviour…

…Complex emergent phenomena are often not predicted by an understanding of the behaviour of the constituent parts underlying them.  In other words, emergent systems are considered to be greater than the sum of their parts

…Many biological systems commonly exhibit emergent behaviour.  The complex behaviour of flocks of birds, colonies of ants, swarms of bees and schools of fish emerges from the interactions of the constituent parts of the respective systems…

…The idea of emergence, though, isn’t confined to biological systems.  It pervades all areas of science and is a manifestation of other complex interacting systems in our daily lives, such as stock markets, the connectivity of the internet, and traffic flow…

…Despite the ubiquity of emergent behaviour there remains no deep understanding of emergence

…As such, understanding and harnessing the fundamental organising principles of emergence remains one of the grand challenges of science.”

I am fascinated by the patterns created by simple animals.  But what could we expect from those created by humans?  Blaise Pascal wrote:

“What a Chimera is man! What a novelty, a monster, a chaos, a contradiction, a prodigy! Judge of all things, an imbecile worm; depository of truth, and sewer of error and doubt; the glory and refuse of the universe.”

Blaise Pascal

Can you imagine the results of humans interacting within complex dynamic systems?  It could go one of two ways – either amazing well or horrifically bad.

We may not understand what emergence is, but I believe we can all agree that some animating force exists and that it operates on individual entities to create complex behaviour.

Paradise Lost

Let’s consider the myriad of bad actions and the enormous loss of life and wealth exacted upon the world’s lower and middle classes since the start of the COVID pandemic.  When trying to argue that it’s all been due to ignorance or accident, people have often claimed “surely, this could not have been coordinated.  It is simply too complex.”  It’s difficult to believe that thousands of world leaders could have secretly coordinated with each other to execute a detailed plan and to keep it hidden.  However, the phenomenon of emergence may help us to make sense of the madness that has undoubtedly occurred.

“Freely they stood who stood,
and fell who fell.”

― John Milton, Paradise Lost

Over the centuries, people have been persuaded and / or corrupted by an array of innate human weaknesses including a lust for prestige (pride), a lust for money, a lust for power, a lust for pleasure and threats to their person or their loved ones.  Jesus himself faced these same temptations in the wilderness.


Thomas Harrington of the Brownstone Institute states that “we have a very naïve understanding of how power works.  Power concentrates and cooperates with itself to achieve certain ends.”

Powerful people have a very deep understanding of innate human weaknesses and how to exploit these.  We know from Hitler’s Germany that entire populations were swept up en masse through the use of effective propaganda.  More recently, the CCP has used techniques like “honey-potting” and “money-potting” to capture elites for their own ends.

In the lead up to COVID mandates, several powerful entities hovered in plain sight.  Before 2020, I must admit that maybe two of these were on my radar in any significant way.  Most of society was blind-sided.  Let’s take stock of that which we currently know.

  1. The US Department of Defense, via Fauci’s NIAID developed bio-weapons technology in order to combat perceived unprecedented, existential threat levels from emerging infectious diseases and bio-terrorism (a National Security Threat).  This fear was amplified through the creation of SARS-CoV-2, leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab.  These facts are detailed in the article: Frankenstein.
  2. The world Communist system is waging unrestricted warfare with the West.  The CCP has been at war with the US for over 100 years, as described in the article: Frankenstein.
    In 1984, the KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, outlined the four stages of Communist takeover of the USA; the plans that had already been executed and those still to come.  In 1984, he could not know that the Berlin Wall would fall in 1989 and that the locus of Communist power would shift from the USSR to China.  The 14 minute summary of his 1984 interview is compelling viewing.   You could also see the entire interview here. 
    We have seen the slow march of Communism through the institutions, with an entire generation now preferring Socialist control to free market enterprise and individual responsibility.
  3. Many of the world’s wealthiest billionaires support Eugenics and harbour irrational fears about overpopulation and climate change.  This has been discussed at length in Idle Hands are the Devil’s Playground and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (FBAWTFT).
  4. Most of these same global elites are secular humanists who are spending billions in an attempt to defy death, by merging humanity with machines and the Internet of Things via Transhumanism.  This has been discussed at length in the article Pawn.
  5. These same global elites have already agreed to detailed plans for a Great Reset, Agenda 2030 and a One World Government.  They care nothing for national sovereignty, human trafficking or global slavery.  Please check my article FBAWTFT for more on this.

Each of these Big Five Opportunistic Invaders (BFOIs) have clearly defined and articulated plans that can be traced back many decades.  It could be argued that any or all of these could be responsible for the absurd global COVID response.  I don’t claim to know which it is; it doesn’t matter.  Even if the response to COVID commenced with genuine concern for humanity, it appears that the BFOI’s quickly exploited the COVID crisis for their own ends.

Before I continue, let’s summarise the intention of the BFOIs.  They plan to destroy the Judaeo-Christian West, performing a “Great Reset” that enslaves any remaining people under a modern China-style fusion of State Power, Big Business, Big Tech and an emerging bio-Medical Security State.  These are not my words.  We should believe them when they tell us what they plan to do. 

Power concentrated and cooperated with itself in an innovative and emergent manner until 2020, hiding in plain sight. 

Event Horizon

Bad actors now consider COVID Mandates as an Event Horizon – a point of no return, like an object drawn toward a black hole, unable to escape the increasing gravitational forces.

Before the Event Horizon, centralised planning does not figure in a Complex Adaptive System.  Rather, the animating force is all that’s required for emergence. We now appear to be at an inflection point.  The elegance and mystery of Emergence has been replaced by the crudeness and vulgarity of brute force tyranny.

The Global COVID Response was a very effective practice run.  Global elites believe they can now accomplish their ends via leveraged power.  However, there is nothing sophisticated about their centralised plans.  

Their arguments are hollow; their claims specious; unsupported by data.  They offer mere simulations of reality.  Zoom calls in place of face-to-face meetings.  Plastic-mediated human contact. Potemkin villages.

They cry that global warming is about to destroy the earth and we need to eliminate fossil fuel use and cows while it’s snowing at Jindabyne in middle of summer and thousands will die of cold in the Northern hemisphere this winter. 

Five inter-connected “Levers of Power” have appeared.  I’ve written about some of these already, but they are developing in real time and will be explained in more detail in future articles.  I perceive them to be:

  1. Financial and economic controls.
  2. Food scarcity.
  3. Fuel scarcity.
  4. Digital controls.
  5. Information / cultural controls.

The Diagram

I went through some pretty dark moments over the past 32 months, while researching and writing 27 articles on COVID response. I came across so much shocking material that I kept asking myself: Why has this all happened?  How does it all fit together?

NOTE: The diagram below was the first diagram developed when writing this article. It was drafted before other diagrams were sourced for use within in this article (including the Black hole diagram and Dante’s diagram (coming later)). Seriously. This is how I imagined it all fitting together. When you finish reading this article, you will be as shocked as I was.

I attempted to draw a systems diagram (a hat tip to my good friend Richard), but found it too difficult to convey the essence of what I was thinking.  My mind kept coming back to the image of a vortex; spiraling in on itself.  This is my best attempt (as of mid-December 2022) at describing why I believe the global COVID response, especially the mandates, occurred and what is yet to come.

I have no doubt that an infectious disease spread throughout the world.  We know that an experimental mRNA shot was co-developed along with the lab-manipulated virus, but the latter may well have escaped prematurely as a result of a lab accident.  The mRNA COVID shots were rushed to market and tested on billions of people as part of the world’s largest human experiment.  Developing an mRNA vaccine delivery platform for emerging infectious diseases may have been sufficient cause for a Noble Lie in the minds of some senior DoD and Health bureaucrats.

Treating COVID as a National Security Threat secured the emergency powers and funding required to manufacture a crisis and drive a global psychological operation (psyop).  It also created an opportunity for bad actors to hijack the crisis for their own ends; a temptation simply too big to ignore, in my opinion.

The US has always been the grand prize.  It is the big stumbling block for the BFOIs.  Cooperation from the US government was essential for a New World Order and One World Government strategy to succeed.  The leader of the free world had to be controllable.  The plan was working well (see my article Space-Time) until an America-first Nationalist Populist named Trump won the White House by surprise in 2016.  He had to be removed from office and a Manchurian candidate installed in his place.

The US Intelligence Community has been toppling unfavourable leaders across the globe for decades using Colour Revolutions. 

Tucker Carlson’s team recently

“spoke to someone who had access to these still hidden CIA documents, a person who was deeply familiar with what they contained.  We asked this person directly, “Did the CIA have a hand in the murder of John F. Kennedy, an American President? And here’s the reply we received verbatim.

Quote, “The answer is yes. I believe they were involved. It’s a whole different country from what we thought it was. It’s all fake.”

Tucker Carlson’s CIA source

If the CIA could be involved with an assassination, then helping to steal an election is no big deal.  Right?

With the US back in the hands of globalist elites, the COVID Mandate program could kick into high gear.

The COVID vaccine passport and the mask of shame are more than medical virtue signalling.  They are powerful symbols of submission in the power-dynamic.  The vaccine passport is also a critical part of the mechanism by which future levers of power will be implemented.  The digital vaccine pass, conjoined with a Central Bank Digital Currency will be essential to restricting future movement and trade.  Personal carbon policies can be implemented readily via digital control to shape behaviours over time as the world transitions towards a leaner, hungrier, meaner future.

Cricket. It’s What’s for Dinner.  (2015)

Notice the date. They have been sitting on this beauty for a while.

The CCP-style COVID response – lockdowns, masking, vaccine mandates etc. – was never really about health.  Rather, it was an experiment in totalitarian control.  World leaders wanted to see just how far their populations could be pushed without widespread insurrection.  I believe they were pleasantly surprised by how easily large swathes of society willingly exchanged their basic human rights for veiled promises of safety.  They believed they had reached the Event Horizon and after the  Biden regime was installed in Nov 2020, they could continue full steam ahead.

Don’t take my word for it.  Watch this brief video of Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF.

“We have now a window of opportunity to create this Global Reset which we all need.  This Global Reset is necessary because we have all seen that our policies, which we pursued before the coronavirus struck us, that those policies do not create the necessary inclusion of society necessary for harmonious societal development… 

…And they do not create the sustainability of what we are doing.  Just think of the global warming, technologies of the fourth industrial revolution.  I’m thinking here of artificial intelligence.  I’m thinking of the internet of things, of the new capabilities we have with genetic engineering.  Those technologies have been very much advanced by the pandemic.  We know that many of the world’s problems can only be solved if we apply new technologies and I’m happy to see China putting high importance on developing its fourth industrial revolution capabilities.  So, we have a great opportunity at this moment like we had after World War II, to have in some way a new beginning in our global cooperation in globalisation, in managing our global affairs.” Klaus Schwab, Founder, World Economic Forum.

Hope springs eternal

If you’ve read my articles, you would have seen ample evidence that the COVID shots cause serious injury and death.  I and many others have called for a Royal Commission or Nuremberg 2 to investigate the COVID response.  We finally have some movement in this direction. 

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida has called for a Grand Jury to listen to evidence of criminality against Floridians due to the Federal Government’s mandates, led by Tony Fauci.

I’m not going to argue intent; whether it was part of a de-population program or not.  Others could readily argue for that.  There is at the very least, gross and willful negligence and likely criminal conduct on the part of global health bureaucrats and the leaders they serve.  We must continue to push for full transparency.  Society cannot progress without knowing precisely what happened and why.

As the world’s richest man continues to unveil that which has been long hidden, we must carefully watch our leaders.

Do they double down and continue to mandate lockdowns, masks and shots that are neither safe nor effective?  If they do this, in the light of scientific evidence, I believe my argument is strengthened.

Delays in removing emergency powers signals an intent to further deploy the Levers of Power while the population is unaware.

What sounded like conspiracy theories just a couple of years ago, are now self-evident.

“Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first stage it is ridiculed, in the second stage it is opposed, in the third stage it is regarded as self-evident.”


The question is:

Will you stand?


I didn’t initially intend to write this section.

I recently heard Charlie Kirk speak about Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell.  I’d heard of Dante before, but not read any of his works, so I decided to conduct some research.

Dante’s “Inferno” is the first part of his three-part epic poem “The Divine Comedy,” written in the 14th century and considered one of the world’s great works of literature.  Those approaching “Inferno” for the first time might benefit from a brief structural description. This is Dante’s journey through the nine circles of Hell, guided by the poet Virgil.  The nine circles of hell are given in order of entrance and severity.

I actually found it a chilling experience to see how closely the design of my COVID diagram aligned with Dante’s Nine Circles. 

Circles 2. through 5. – Lust, Gluttony, Greed and Anger are similar to my list of innate human weaknesses.  The centrepiece of my diagram (and the focus of my entire series of articles) – COVID Mandates, is so aptly described by circles number 6.  – Heresy and 7. – Violence.  Finally, there is no better way of describing the nature of the Levers of Power than by circle 8. – Fraud and 9. – Treachery.

We have not arrived at this point in time by accident.  It is the result of specific actions on the part of many actors over thousands of years.  Humanity has been at war with itself for most of that time, but only recently has that was been waged using information in the battlefield of the mind.

As I wrote earlier:

“We may not understand what emergence is, but I believe we can all agree that some animating force exists and that it operates on individual entities to create complex behaviour.”

So, what could this animating force be?

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