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Existing everywhere or involving everyone.

Meet Doug Brignole – Mr. Universe, 1984

When Doug Brignole won the Mr. Universe title in 1988, he was recognised for his individual achievement in body-building.

In this new era of “diversity” and “inclusion,” progressive leaders demand equity in outcome.  They argue that “everybody should be able to achieve the Mr. Universe title if they want to.”  Most will just need a head-start (i.e. some affirmative action) to get there.  So, what happens to individual freedom and meritocracy under this new regime?

Can you imagine the NBA with quotas on short or white players?  I can’t.

Universal Risk

When COVID first appeared (Wuhan strain), no-one knew much about it.  However, by May of 2020, the disease could be risk-stratified quite easily. The elderly and those with a serious underlying health issue such as diabetes or obesity were at much higher risk of hospitalisation and death from COVID.  Otherwise, the younger, healthier cohort had very little risk exposure.  The risk to children from COVID was almost zero.  They were more likely to die of the flu or from drowning.

Once Omicron appeared, the risk reduced even further for all cohorts.

Did you know that the Wuhan and Delta strain spike proteins cause 20 times more inflammation in the lungs and blood clotting than the Omicron spike protein?

Why on earth would the Wuhan spike be included in the new bi-valent booster?

What is the benefit in attempting to vaccinate against an extinct virus strain?

Universal Requirement

Doctors quickly identified drugs that could be used to limit viral replication.  They knew how to treat blood-clotting and inflammatory symptoms.  Treatments could be tailored to an individual, depending on how far the disease had spread.  Yet, despite these facts and the obvious relative risk differentials, governments demanded a universal response – COVID shots.

With the support of legacy media and the medical establishment, world leaders insisted that their citizenry lock down, mask up and take an experimental gene therapy to get back to “normal.”  On many occasions, Bill Gates and Tony Fauci both advocated for vaccinating every human being on planet Earth.

“Humankind has never had a more urgent task than creating broad immunity for coronavirus. Realistically, if we’re going to return to normal, we need to develop a safe, effective vaccine. We need to make billions of doses, we need to get them out to every part of the world, and we need all of this to happen as quickly as possible.”
(Bill Gates).

All known therapies were made illegal to dispense as people were forced through coersion and mandate into the shots.  Natural immunity conferred by recovering from COVID was discounted as “useless.”   So, what was the basis for this universal vaccination requirement?

Universal Deceit

Do you remember the media narrative:

“Take the shots for your mob.”

“Take the shots or you’ll kill Granny with COVID.”

“Only immoral people refuse to take the shots.”

“The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected.”
Ryan Christian, The Last American Vagabond Podcast (September 24, 2021)

Medical professionals and first responders, once heroes, were considered lepers if they didn’t take the shots.

At many schools in the US, children were being forced to receive a COVID shot to resume in-person learning.  This is despite the fact that:

  1. Children are not at risk; and
  2. The Pfizer shots do not stop the disease from spreading.

“At a meeting of the Special Committee of the European Union Parliament held on 11 October 2022 to discuss the findings regarding COVID-19 pandemic and recommendations for the future, a Pfizer executive confirmed that the vaccine had never been tested for its ability to prevent the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus before being put on the market…
…It is not an exaggeration to state that this massive deployment has been the largest clinical experiment performed on human beings in the history of the world.”

(Dr. Robert W Malone)

Q: Was the COVID shot tested for transmissibility?

“No. Haha … We had to move at the speed of science.”

Ms J. Small (Pfizer Executive – standing in for the CEO)

Watch the brief video here.

“Some countries are giving boosters to kill children…”

A Freudian slip, perhaps? (23 sec mark)

Universal Liability Protection

Despite all of this evidence, COVID shots have been rushed onto the US child vaccination schedule.  No drug has ever been added to the child schedule while still being on Emergency Use Authorisation.

How do you account for this other than through the lens of regulatory capture?  A direct result of being added to the US child vaccination schedule is complete, automatic immunity from prosecution.

Pfizer and Moderna have been granted zero risk and a guaranteed revenue stream for their mRNA shots in perpetuity!

Universal Regret

Doug Brignole (1988 Mr. Universe) was a very fit and healthy 62 year old man.  In April 2021, after doing his own research he decided to take the COVID shots.  He was so confident in his analysis that he decided to challenge those refusing the shots.  Now, the CDC had claimed that the shots were safe and effective.  Death or injury should be very rare, perhaps 1 in a million.  Therefore, Doug’s challenge contained a huge logical error.

In order for Doug to die from the COVID shots, he needed to defy odds of about 1 Million to 1!

Steve Kirsch reports that he spoke to people who knew Doug Brignole and that “Doug was vaccinated with the latest booster less than a week before he died.”

USA Today claimed that Doug died from COVID.  However, “if Doug died from Omicron, that would mean Doug got vaccinated, instantly developed COVID and died at home and didn’t bother going to the hospital.  I don’t think so.  So few people die from Omicron. Doug was already fully vaccinated which means “he cannot die from COVID” according to our health officials, and if he did die from Omicron, it would have been in the hospital since Omicron doesn’t cause “sudden death.”
The USA Today ‘fact check’ simply makes no sense.”
Steve Kirsch

The sheer number of people dying suddenly beggars belief. 

Here is a brief video of some headlines, just from October 2022.

As I’ve written about previoulsy, All Cause Mortality numbers have risen across the world and it’s not just COVID deaths. Are the medical establishment and world leaders not seeing it?

Universal Obfuscation

Perhaps “The Ethical Skeptic” (TES) can help.

TES is a former intelligence officer and strategist who has spent thousands of hours analysing CDC mortality data to produce some simply shocking results.

It all began when: “on March 21st 2021, a longtime mentor, friend, and business partner of mine, an otherwise healthy 68 year old male, unexpectedly suffered an organ failure cascade which resulted in a shut-down of his pancreas, liver, kidneys, and finally heart. He had just received his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on that Thursday prior.  Carl quickly descended into a coma, and then died on March 26th.”

In two very detailed articles, Houston, We Have a Problem and Houston, the CDC has a Problem. TES shows how the CDC has been manipulating cause of death data to achieve two specific goals:

  1. conceal excess deaths potentially caused by the mRNA vaccines, and
  2. attempt to make mRNA vaccines falsely appear as uber-effective in saving lives.

Among the many findings is that increases in Sudden Deaths (e.g. heart attacks, strokes) and Cancers are being either masked as COVID deaths or hidden in Unknown Cause categories by CDC staff.

TES analyses the data before and after a late 2021 “CDC / NCHS System Upgrade” and makes the following observation:

“In 2022, post the NVSS System Upgrade around one-quarter of all Covid-19 death victims, suddenly also happened to be dying of Cancer.  This was not the case throughout any other period during the pandemic – the ratio normally falling around 5.3% (in itself also high).  The only way this over-apportionment can happen is if Covid is being assigned trivially to cancer patients, so that Covid-19 may further then be assigned as the Underlying Cause of Death, thereby reducing the ICD-10 Cancer tally accordingly.  In other words, a categorical gaming of cancer death tallies.  This was an undisclosed policy change which occurred during the System Upgrade.”

“Since the NVSS System Upgrade, a full 25% of all Covid-19 mortality each week has just happened to be people also dying of cancer.  Such constitutes an impossibility in this important mortality account ledger, one which is analogous to the same species of mistake an embezzler might make.†”

(† Please note that I have had more than my share of embezzlers caught and intelligence cases broken during my career. I am well qualified in this professional activity.)

TES was approached by an academic who conducts debunking work for the pharmaceutical industry.  He attempted to coerce TES (via a series of emails) into handing over thousands of hours of work, under the threat that otherwise he would publish a hit piece on this article.  An article which he had at the ready, and which indeed he released the very next day after TES refused to be intimidated.

“The “official” CDC chart (everything is awesome) and the related malicious activity constitute what this cabal calls ‘Covid Science’.

This type of human rights criminal activity exemplifies why the public is very angry right now.  A lot of people died because of incompetence and information obfuscation just like this.”
The Ethical Skeptic

Getting to the heart of the issue

Two former COVID-shot proponents, Dr. Aseem Malhotra and Dr John Campbell educate us on the basic functions of the heart, how various heart diseases like Myocarditis occur, what can be done about it.

I like the way Dr. Malhotra uses the term “pharmacological intervention” as code for “COVID shots” in order to protect John Campbell’s Youtube feed. Both are now red-pilled and John Campbell walks a tight-rope as he comments on the safety and efficacy of COVID shots and excess death statistics.

I predict that the number of defibrillators in the workplace and in public settings is going to rise markedly in the future, as is the focus on defibrillator training.

Universal madness

The atheist philosopher Frederick Nietzsche had predicted that a universal madness would break out and horrible events occur because, in his words, “God is dead.  God remains dead.  And we have killed him”.

Some of my readers who’ve spoken to me about this topic, simply cannot believe that so many world leaders would act in such a Godless way.  Why would so many agree to continue with this “safe and effective” narrative if it was truly false and harming so many people?  It’s just too irrational.

In a future article, I will disclose stunning information from Dr Robert Malone that may help to answer the big “WHY?” question.  Stay tuned.

Universal plea

Dear reader, after all of this, you may not be convinced by my arguments and may still want to continue taking the mRNA shots.  So be it.  Every adult should be able to perform their own research and hold to their own opinion.  I respect that.

Please watch this brief (4 min) video featuring two of the world’s most experienced cardiologists before you finish.


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