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An assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.

Executive Summary:

Governments and Institutional leaders around the world have lost the trust of the average person.  We have been subject to:

Mistakes.  Terrible policy decisions costing millions in lives, years of life and life savings.

Recklessness.  Spending Trillions of tax-payer’s money with no thought for the burden of future debt.

Lies.  A blatant disregard for facts and data; hiding evidence and using the media to shift blame and to project.

Hubris.  An unwillingness to admit mistakes and correct course.

Callousness.  Decision-making that disregards basic human rights and civil liberties.

Cowardice.  Destroying whistle-blowers.  Hiding behind mandates based on will, not science.  No attempt to defend difficult decisions with facts.

Greed.  Decisions that enrich Big Pharma, global elites and their supporters, crippling all others.

The FDA and Pfizer have together committed scientific and medical fraud regarding the Pfizer trial results.  This was the illegitimate beginning of the “universal vaccination” campaign in response to COVID-19.  Excess death and disease have since been seen to occur in 90 % of countries achieving high vaccination rates.  These excess deaths cannot be explained by the heavily inflated “COVID death” figures alone.  A recent analysis of CDC death data reinforces insurance company panic confirming a recent spike in death and disability claims.  Patterns of pathology results reveal strange, new clotting mechanisms, major upticks in cancer and a variety of auto-immune diseases.  Numerous examples of vaccine adverse effects reports are being actively suppressed, enabling medical authorities to support the claim that they are “rare”.

Big Pharma and the regulators know much more than they are willing to admit.  Together, Pfizer and the FDA have failed in the courts to secure a 2076 release date for thousands of hidden documents.   Documents show that they knew of over 1,000 potential vaccine adverse effects that should have been, but were not communicated with doctors.  Pfizer and the FDA knew that the toxic spike protein circulated through the blood stream and settled in vital organs, yet the roll-out continued.   This wilful disregard for long-term health is sufficient to indict.

Over 2000 volunteers including 230 + lawyers have been crowd-sourced to examine the recent 55,000-page Pfizer document dump.  Several stunning findings have already been uncovered and this is just the beginning.  Lawyers, like sharks, smell blood in the water.  They are busy building civil and criminal cases against Pfizer and the FDA.  A petition to empanel a Grand Jury to investigate data manipulation by the medical establishment has been filed in US Federal Court by US Senators.  When fraud is proven, any liability waiver against vaccine death and injury will disappear, leaving Pfizer and medical establishments around the world open to class action suits.

This is a good time for organisations to back away and distance themselves from all vaccine mandates, IMHO.

Age of Innocence

As a younger man, I used to have implicit, unwavering trust in the leaders of Western nations like Australia and the USA.  I believed that although there were some bad eggs, our leaders and the institutions themselves were largely, beyond corruption.  In the 80’s and 90’s there was no talk of mis-information or gas-lighting and the media was our friend.  I was so naïve.

Innocence Lost

There is no doubt that Marxists have completed their long march through the institutions.  In doing so, they have wreaked a trail of utter devastation and installed corrupt leadership.  This UN report outlines how this has translated to public trust.

“While data for long-run trends are limited, the data available show a marked decrease in institutional trust in developed countries. In the United States, trust in the national government has declined from 73 per cent in 1958 to 24 per cent in 2021.”

So, where are we today? Things couldn’t have gotten any worse, could they?  The past couple of years have been exceptionally bad for governments and institutions – especially legacy media and Big Tech.  Why would that be?  Three words: Trusted News Initiative.  The BBC, NY Times, YouTube, Facebook and others colluded on propaganda and censorship, targeting a range of issues including vaccine hesitancy.

  1. Trump collusion with Russia.
  2. Hunter Biden’s laptop being Russian disinformation
  3. Biden legitimately winning the US 2020 Election;
  4. COVID-19 coming from a Wuhan wet market; and
  5. The COVID-19 vaccines being safe and effective.

1. and 2. have already been proven False.  I will continue to demonstrate that the final three are also False (both in this article and in the future).  The current US administration believes that these topics are so dangerous that anybody would be deemed a “domestic terrorist” for simply writing about them.

16 Million more than Obama?

Immediately following the US 2020 election, security officials assured the population that this election was the “most secure in history.”   How could Joe Biden secure 16 million more votes than Obama in his heyday, but couldn’t fill a carpark while campaigning, just weeks earlier?

A future article will focus on the latest evidence of widespread election fraud.

For now, I’d like to ask you to simply watch this 2-minute movie trailer.

Then ask yourself “was this the most secure in history.” If you answer “yes,” I have a bridge to sell you. 

Medical Corruption

“Evidence based medicine has been corrupted by corporate interests, failed regulation, and commercialisation of academia,” argue the authors of a recent British Medical Journal Op-Ed.

This is an apt description of the result of decades of grift linking Tony Fauci, the CDC, FDA and Big Pharma.  Don’t take my word for it.  Company officials have admitted as much to undercover women wearing cameras while on a date.  Trust has been eroded continuously for decades, but the last two years have accelerated the big reveal.

Thank you, James O’Keefe and the Project Veritas team for helping us to see the truth.

Unexplained death

Since my last article, it’s obvious that the Life Insurance Industry is now very concerned about excess mortality.  It destroys the bottom line!

Ed Dowd, the former Wall St Fund Manager and his Wall Street insurance analyst partner with actuarial training have found further disturbing evidence

They analysed the CDC’s death data, developed a baseline by age group and presented excess death figures by week. 

The data, presented in this manner (and replicated by a third party), creates a plausible, contemporaneous link between the achievement of vaccine program milestones and excess death. 

MiloMac on GETTR (the person who validated Ed Dowd’s numbers) attempted to explain this further, but has been thwarted by the CDC’s reporting practices and redefinition of COVID deaths.

Dowd’s vaccine-induced death hypothesis is supported by most / all of the Bradford Hill causality criteria being met when coupled with arguments offered within this and previous articles. However, proving this hypothesis through detailed cause of CDC death statistics is very difficult.  It’s the spike protein that is toxic – whether from COVID-19 or the shot. My article “The Prestige” delved into this conundrum.

Release that thought. Life Insurers wondered whether the CDC were under-counting COVID deaths (there are way more deaths than just from / with COVID).

We are about to see that COVID death numbers have been way over-counted by the CDC!  Now, that is a real disconnect!

CDC Data Manipulation

Within the space of one month, two significant stories have broken regarding the CDC and the manipulation of COVID-related data.

On February 20, 2022, the NY Times reported that the CDC have been withholding large volumes of data from the public out of fear that it might cause vaccine hesitancy.   And then, on March 17, the CDC quietly published changes to paediatric COVID death numbers due to a “coding error.”

What could be causing this sudden exposé?

I’d like to offer the following as likely causes of the CDC attempting to “get out in front” of a coming firestorm that will engulf the CDC, FDA, Pfizer and others:

  1. Allegation of Federal Crimes.  A Federal Court Filing to empanel a Special Grand Jury to investigate allegations of Federal crimes.
  2. PFIZER and FDA concerns.  Over 2,000 individuals including 230 + lawyers crowd-sourced to find indictable evidence within previously hidden Pfizer documents.
  3. Relentless pressure from dissident voices.  Mounting evidence of medical malpractice presented through various alternative media.

Here are some excerpts from the filings:

“The Petitioners allege that the Defendants violated federal law with respect to data integrity for COVID-19. The Petitioners allege that the Defendants failed to ensure, and/or willfully manipulated data being collected, analyzed, and published.

The Petitioners allege the Defendants’ violation of federal law led to a significant hyperinflation of COVID-19 case, hospitalization, and death counts, which was subsequently used to defraud the US Taxpayer out of at least $3.5 Trillion dollars in misappropriation of public funds between 2020 to 2022…

…The root cause of the COVID plague that has gripped this country for more than two years can be best understood in how data has been illegally manipulated by the Defendants, now spanning two administrations. A lie told for years is no less a lie, even if that lie has been unfortunately accepted as truth…

…Additionally, Defendants Walensky and Becerra, in an effort to coverup the failures of the experimental COVID inoculations to prevent infection, intentionally terminated all publication of surveillance data for ‘vaccine breakthrough’ (aka ‘vaccine failure’) on October 30, 2021, one month prior to the beginning of exponential rises in ‘vaccine breakthrough’ cases, hospitalizations, and deaths nationwide.

‘Vaccine breakthrough’ occurs when a ‘fully vaccinated’ person contracts COVID despite being ‘fully vaccinated’. This is key data used to assess the efficacy of the experimental COVID inoculations. In the place of real numbers of confirmed ‘vaccine breakthrough’ cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, Defendants Walensky and Becerra have promoted a new fraudulent metric termed ‘vaccine efficacy’ that groups partially vaccinated individuals with unvaccinated individuals and refers to the group collectively and misleadingly as ‘unvaccinated’, which again constitutes data fraud.”

PFIZER and FDA concerns

When critical data is actively suppressed and only released under legal duress, trust is lost.  Pfizer and the FDA have recently failed to secure a 2076 release date for thousands of hidden documents.

Over 2,000 individuals including 230 + lawyers were crowd-sourced to locate indictable evidence within a 55,000-page dump of Pfizer documents.  It was Pfizer’s and the FDA’s defiance that piqued the interest of sceptics.  What’s absolutely fascinating to watch is how Naomi Wolf (a Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign political consultant) has teamed up with Steve Bannon (Trump’s 2016 campaign CEO) to crowd source the volunteers. 

Wolf’s team provided the on-line forum and Bannon’s War Room posse the intellectual horsepower to sift through the document trove.  That’s what you call bi-partisanship.

What could possibly be in these documents that has both Pfizer and the FDA so worried?

One of the early finds is an animal vaccine trial report that confirmed the spike protein did not dissipate in several hours (as promised) and did not remain at the injection site (as promised).

Instead, spike circulated through the body of animals and was found in large concentrations in organs such as the liver, spleen, ovaries, testes, lymph nodes and heart.

The spike protein is toxic to human cells. 

Doctors such as Robert Malone were concerned about the possibility of spike leaving the injection site and asked the FDA to demand studies to confirm that it didn’t.  Well, it looks like the studies were completed in animals after all.  However, trials continue (to this day) in human subjects.

Who wants to be a Millionaire? 

Tech entrepreneur Steve Kirsch has offered millions of dollars to medical officials to debate him on vaccine safety and efficacy, but so far, no takers.

Why is that?

A Mid-Western Doctor

This post represents a year-long project of documenting adverse reactions by a mid-Western Doctor.

“My primary reason for all of this is that everyone likes to say ‘severe reactions to vaccines are 1/1,000,000.’  My logic was there is absolutely no way I know 1,000,000 people through 1 degree of separation.  My guess is I know 50,000-100,000 people through 1 degree of separation so at the absolutely most I will hear of 10% of the cases (probably less) within this sample, so if I have at least 10 cases of severe injury within this sample that is a large red flag….

…I do not think every case listed in here was caused by vaccination, but I suspect most were.  To protect the identities of individuals within here, while the information I was provided was very specific, but I’ve made much of the information in this article fairly vague….

…I’ve sorted the reactions by type, with each having its own section.  Also, PMH stands for past medical history, which is relevant since it’s unusual for complex illnesses to emerge without a past history of similar things…

…I also must note that I only know one of case listed in here (a non-fatal but permanently debilitating one) which made it to VAERS.  This was partly due to me being very close to the injured individual, her whole family working in health care (herself included), and me being on her case to get it in.  While it’s possible some other cases made it to VAERS, I do not know of any other that did and I frequently asked this question, so I have no doubt the side effects are being under-reported…

…One of my patients is a lawyer who works for the military.  She knows of 2 people in the military who died from cardiac arrest less than 24 hours after receiving the vaccination.  In both cases, a VAERS report was filed, and then later it was manually deleted and removed from VAERS.  As a result, neither of their deaths are now registered…

…I presently know of the following (I did not tally or include all of the moderates I found as there were too many):

Critical Injuries: 43

Severe Injuries: 43

Significant Reactions: 42

My belief is that moderate reactions are much more common than significant, significant more common than severe and severe more common than critical, but as critical are more likely to be shared with me, I will be more likely to hear of more of those.

Typically when a drug has between 10-100 critical injuries reported to the FDA, they strongly look at pulling it from the market or giving it a blackbox warning.  I thus feel these vaccines are not being held to the adverse reporting standard we expect.  I would like to again emphasize part of the reason I put this list together was because I was reading a lot of reports on the internet of adverse events, and to some extent you don’t actually know if they are real or people posting them, but I know every single one described here happened.”

Why doctors say nothing

Steve Kirsch provides a reason for the lack of interest from doctors: (scroll down to Why Doctors say Nothing)

Because the medical boards threaten to take away their license if they say anything publicly or privately against the vaccine.

In California, doctors used to write exemptions for the vaccine and mask wearing. The medical boards got a list of those doctors and contacted them.

After that, no more exemptions got written.

To test this someone called up hundreds of physicians saying their child had a severe anaphylactic reaction after the first shot and nearly died and they wanted to see if the doctor would write an exemption for the child. They all said no.”

A high-profile, Pro-vaccine Advocate

Dr. John Campbell is a pro-COVID-vaccine doctor and key influencer with over 2 M subscribers on YouTube. 

He is beginning to really struggle with his COVID-19 videos of late.  It appears that he is being red-pilled by the very data that he is seeing and simply can’t square with the medical establishment’s response. 

In this Nov 2021 video Campbell compared the efficacy of Ivermectin with the new Merck and Pfizer COVID treatments.  Listen to his disclaimer at the 33 sec mark:

“Now no-one’s saying that information has been deliberately suppressed for years while millions of people have died.”

This comment avoided the video from being cancelled by Youtube.  However, according to Steve Kirsch, this led Wikipedia to label him a spreader of misinformation. 

Fast-forward to March 9 2022.  Kirsch goes on to write:

Campbell published a video entitled “The Pfizer documents” where he goes through one of the released documents in detail: the ADVERSE EVENTS OF SPECIAL INTEREST (AESI) document (aka the “5.3.6 document”).  In the video, Campbell clearly shows that he is not happy with the lack of transparency. He is not happy with the safety signals disclosed in this document. Not happy at all. He concludes

“This has just destroyed trust in authority” (watch @21:55). Bingo!

This means that, in the minds of the mainstream media, Dr. Campbell has transitioned from being a “respected health expert” to a “misinformation spreader” that should be ignored.  And here, he explains a recently leaked document that contains over hundreds of potential side effects from COVID shots that doctors should look out for. He didn’t know about the list and he is one the most informed doctors on COVID issues.  At the 6:20 min mark, he states:

“I would have thought that this could lead to significant under-reporting.”

Steve Kirsch has written hundreds of articles on vaccine safety and efficacy, but there’s only one you really need to read.

Under the Microscope

In my previous article, I quoted Dr Ryan Cole, a very experienced pathologist:


Dr. Ryan Cole

In this brief video with Steven Kirsch, Dr Cole shows microscopic evidence (using tissue samples from autopsies) that spike protein bypasses all of the normal clotting mechanisms to generate clots almost instantaneously – as well as gradually over time.

He also explains the clotting mechanisms used by the spike protein and how these new, high-protein, white blot clots form. They are being removed routinely from bodies by embalmers.

If you recall, two specialist doctors reviewed the autopsies of 15 people who were deemed to have died from natural causes (likely heart attacks).  14 of these 15 people actually died from a spike-induced auto-immune response (like AIDS on steroids).

If someone you know dies from a heart attack or stroke, these two questions should be asked immediately:

  1. Is there any previous medical history of heart issues?
  2. Did they receive an mRNA shot recently?

If the answers are 1. No and 2. Yes, then insist on a PROPER autopsy.  There’s a 93% chance that it’s vaccine-related (according to the data from Doctors Bhakdi and Burkhardt) and the family may be able to claim damages when the truth is uncovered.

My past articles have included many reports of vaccine adverse effect problems, but as the medical establishment like to say: “anecdotes.”  Unless data is captured and coded accurately, it very difficult to show that the shots are unsafe – no matter how many legendary sportsmen die in one day.  We need data that can be trusted. 

Burden of Proof

As will be shown by the Grand Jury investigation, the problem with this entire fiasco is that the safety burden of proof is with Big Pharma and the FDA.  Pfizer should have PROVEN that the COVID shots were safe and the FDA were supposed to make sure Pfizer completed all of the studies necessary to do that.  They failed in their respective duties despite the heroics of whistle-blowers like Brook Jackson (who lost her job after detailing numerous issues with Pfizer trial data quality control).

David Healy provides a fascinating back story (titled “Eric Rubin Boston Strangler”) to the Pfizer trail outsourced to Ventavia (for whom Brook Jackson worked).

Pfizer and the FDA now hide behind falsified data under CDC control.  Unfortunately, we may need to wait a further seven months before all of remaining Pfizer documents (from 10,000 to 55,000 pages) are released. 

The burden of proof has been misplaced and unless there is an intervention, COVID mandate madness will continue unchecked.  We don’t know how many lives this will cost, but at least the data will all be released by October 2022.


I’m not trying to diminish the importance of the war in Europe, but isn’t it interesting how easily the media get distracted and stop covering topics that don’t suit their narrative?

The media has already shifted from COVID to Ukraine and so have many members of the public, but the Emergency Powers are yet to be lifted.  World leaders are drunk on power, so don’t hold your breath.  Thankfully, millions remain who will continue to fight for truth, freedom and accountability for those who have committed crimes against humanity.

Battle Royale

I don’t know that we’ll ever see a scientific debate about vaccine safety and efficacy between vaccine mandate champions like Bill Gates and Tony Fauci and pro-freedom advocates like Steve Kirsch and Peter McCullough.  [I know you really wanted this, Colin.] I guess no-one wants to be a millionaire.  However, I’m convinced that there will indeed be a Battle Royale.

But where?

In the Media?  Unlikely.

On Wall Street?  Dowd thinks so.

In the Supreme Court?  Maybe.

But to know Where, we must first know Why.

Why has all of this happened?  Why have we witnessed the utter destruction of trust in our governments and institutions?

I’d like to offer the following as an explanation:

In the Apostle Paul’s second letter to the church in Corinth, Chapter 1, verse 10, he wrote:

“He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us again.  On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us.”

When you have lost trust in every human institution, you will look to God; there is nowhere else to turn. I believe this debacle will be settled in the courts of heaven.  That’s where our salvation comes from.

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