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Till Death

The governments of the West seem to be wedded to the mRNA vaccine delivery platform, despite the overwhelming and damning evidence of its danger to health, life and fertility and its poor efficacy.

Will this marriage vow “till death do us part” be proven true or can an annulment be obtained?

This article consolidates and examines existing data and presents it in a hopefully compelling manner to help cement a case for a Royal Commission into the Australian Government’s mishandling of the COVID response.

Non-Medical Interventions

In a recent systematic review and meta-analysis published by the Institute of Economic Affairs, it was determined that Covid lockdowns failed to significantly reduce deaths.

What governments did in response to COVID could best be described as ‘a global policy failure of gigantic proportions,’ wrote the authors.

The Herby-Jonung-Hanke meta-analysis found that lockdowns, as reported in studies based on stringency indices in the spring of 2020, reduced mortality by 3.2 per cent when compared to less strict lockdown policies adopted by the likes of Sweden.

This means lockdowns prevented 1,700 deaths in England and Wales, 6,000 deaths across Europe, and 4,000 deaths in the United States.

Lockdowns prevented relatively few deaths compared to a typical flu season – in England and Wales, 18,500–24,800 flu deaths occur, in Europe 72,000 flu deaths occur, and in the United States 38,000 flu deaths occur in a typical flu season.

These results pale in comparison to the Imperial College of London’s modelling exercises (March 2020), which predicted that lockdowns would save over 400,000 lives in the United Kingdom and over 2 million lives in the United States.

Herby, Jonung, and Hanke conclude that voluntary changes in behaviour, such as social distancing, played a significant role in mitigating the pandemic – but harsher restrictions, like stay-at-home rules and school closures, generated very high costs but produced only negligible health benefits.

COVID-19 lockdowns were “a global policy failure of gigantic proportions,” according to this peer-reviewed new academic study.  The draconian policy failed to significantly reduce deaths while imposing substantial social, cultural, and economic costs.

‘This study is the first all-encompassing evaluation of the research on the effectiveness of mandatory restrictions on mortality,’ according to one of the study’s co-authors, Dr. Lars Jonung, professor emeritus at the Knut Wicksell Centre for Financial Studies at Sweden’s Lund University, ‘It demonstrates that lockdowns were a failed promise.  They had negligible health effects but disastrous economic, social and political costs to society.  Most likely lockdowns represent the biggest policy mistake in modern times.’

The research concludes that, unless substantial alternative evidence emerges, lockdowns should be ‘rejected out of hand’ to control future pandemics.

‘The science of lockdowns is clear; the data are in: the lives saved were a drop in the bucket compared to the staggering collateral costs imposed.’”

Why did Australia and so many Western nations lock down in response to COVID when this was NOT part of their pandemic preparedness plans?  I’ve written about this topic on numerous occasions.  Please scan the article QED for links to further articles on this topic.

An important point to note before continuing in this article is that the Institute of Economic Affairs report focused only on non-medical interventions (lockdowns, masking etc.).  It did not examine the overall impacts of medical interventions including the banning of preventative drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin and the simultaneous mandating of the COVID job.  I also wrote about these topics in previous articles.

I’m not writing this article to say “I told you so”.  I’ve been correct so far on virtually everything I’ve written related to COVID.  Rather, it’s a “believe me and do something about it” article.  It is based on the work of many courageous scientists, doctors and politicians.  I’m hoping that it provides clarity and cements the case for a Royal Commission or similar enquiry into the Australian Government’s mis-handling of the COVID response, for the sake of humanity.

Medical Interventions

In January 2022, I wrote an article titled The Prestige.  Here I raised a hypothesis based primarily on the work of Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Ryan Cole: the spike protein in the COVID shots causes more harm than the “wild” spike from SAR-COV-2. 

We know clearly from studies released in the last 12-18 months that:

  1. The spike protein (whether “wild” (from SARS-COV-2) or from a COVID shot) is a foreign antigen to the human body and is toxic to cells.
  2. The spike protein from shots may exist in much higher quantities in the body than “wild” spike.
  3. The spike protein in the mRNA COVID shots contains pseudo-uridine which makes it last longer and has been found to circulate throughout the human body for months.  When in sufficient concentrations, it can cause a range of heart conditions, neurological disorders and other health problems.
  4. This combination (above) can cause hospitalisation and death and is not as rare as indicated via official medical records.  That is, other data indicates a problem worth investigation.

In April 2022, I wrote an article hide and seek based on the work of Professor Norman Fenton.  He was one of the first to state that All-Cause Mortality is the only medical data that could be trusted in relation to COVID.  Medical authorities appear to be manipulating all other figures for some other agenda.

Recently, Dr. Robert Malone wrote a substack article titled: It’s Evil to Fake Deaths to Panic People  In it, he referred an article by Senator Gerard Rennick describing how the WHO instructed health authorities the world over to inflate COVID numbers.  Malone does not mince his words:

“Revisiting this information is important, given that the WHO was and is encouraging countries throughout the world to code for COVID-19 deaths, even when some of those deaths most likely weren’t caused by COVID.

So, … the death rate [is] over-estimated worldwide.

This has led to a general mistrust of public health and rightly so.

It is evil to fake deaths to cause the mortality rates of COVID-19 to spike.

It is evil to force physicians to use protocols that were not clinically tested or proven to be effective.

Our public health system is broken worldwide and it is only getting worse.”

Dr. Robert Malone

So, what is this other data indicating a problem worth investigation?   A problem that is worth fighting to uncover, even if means that people will be cancelled for doing so?

In October 2022, LNP Senator Matt Canavan raised some serious questions about COVID shot safety.  He was very concerned over a 17% rise in Excess Death in Australia from Jan – Jun 2022.

His claims were supposedly “debunked” by an ABC News article.

But Senator Canavan is not the only one asking tough questions.  Senators Malcolm Roberts, Alex Antic and Gerard Rennick are just a few of our politicians calling for a Royal Commission into this.  So, why are the good Senators so hot and bothered with all of this Excess Death data?  They had a strong hunch that something was wrong.

“Deaths are 17 per cent higher than normal in Australia,” tweeted Queensland LNP senator Matt Canavan. “I don’t know what it is but it is about time we got serious about asking why.”

Directly below, he shared another user’s tweet that read: “The mRNA Covid vaccines are killing people, plain and simple.”

In response, the ABC poured cold water on the Senator’s concerns.  After calling in the experts: RMIT ABC Fact Check and RMIT FactLab, they provided the following:

‘No credible evidence’ vaccines are behind a rise in Australian deaths.

“Experts” interviewed by the fact-checkers said:

“In September, the Australian Bureau of Statistics published provisional mortality data for the year to June 2022.

It includes death counts which the ABS has compared to four-year historical averages (2017-19 and 2021) to provide an ‘initial indication’ of whether deaths are tracking higher than expected.

The results show that there were roughly 17 per cent (13,526) more deaths than the baseline average in the first six months of 2022. But on the question of whether that says anything about vaccine safety, the Australian Actuaries Institute’s Karen Cutter told CheckMate: ‘The simple answer is no.’

She explained that the provisional data only provides counts for a handful of major causes of death, and “does not show anything at all that attributes death to vaccines or not”.

Tim Adair, a principal research fellow with Melbourne University’s School of Population and Global Health, similarly said the numbers “don’t shed any light” on vaccine-related deaths.

And in a statement to CheckMate, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which regulates vaccines in Australia, warned that despite a rise in deaths this year, it was “false and unscientific to automatically conclude that vaccines caused these deaths“.

‘There is no credible evidence to suggest that COVID-19 vaccines have contributed to excess deaths in Australia or overseas.’”  *

So, there you have it.  The experts have spoken.  Shut up and sit in the corner, Senators.

*  However, before moving on., I’d like to make one rejoinder.  The report:  “Is there a link Between the 2021 COVID-19 vaccination Uptake in Europe and 2022 Excess All-Cause Mortality” clearly demonstrates that the more a nation was vaccinated, the higher their excess mortality figure.

We know that the dead cannot speak for themselves, but a good autopsy is the definitive proof of cause of death.

Why so many sudden unexplained deaths and so few autopsies?

Remember, our fact checkers told us that “the numbers ‘don’t shed any light’ on vaccine-related deaths. 

You cannot find what you’re not looking for

As I wrote in Limits, if you’re walking to your car late one night and drop your keys but don’t see them under the street light, do you assume they no longer exist? 

This is how our medical authorities are treating COVID shot adverse events.  If they pretend for long enough, make sure data is not collected and excess deaths go back to normal, perhaps people will forget about it. 

I recently watched a Dr. John Campbell video about autopsies conducted to determine whether a death was caused by a COVID shot. Dr. Campbell showed photos of spike protein inflammation of myocardial tissue. 

The spike can be easily differentiated between “wild” spike protein and a COVID mRNA spike protein and a using a standard pathology test (brown stain).

Here is the paper, discussing the results of a review of 28 autopsies of people who died shortly after a COVID shot.  All 28 (100 %) were independently adjudicated by three authors as having died due to the COVID shots.

I’ve written about pathology like this numerous times previously in articles including Trust and Suddenly (search for Dr. Ryan Cole).  However, there was a particular set of data that Dr. Campbell discussed which piqued my interest and encouraged me to do some more research.  Dr. Campbell believed that what he was now willing to say may push him over the edge and that he may well be cancelled from Youtube.

“If I don’t see you for a while, thank you for watching me recently.”

I can sympathise with that feeling.  He ended his video with a Bob Dylan quote: “How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see?”

What I’m about to explain now is, in my opinion, the smoking gun. 

Senator Gerard Rennick has also written about this crucial finding in this article.  I arrived at the same conclusion independently but it’s great to know that our Senators and their staff are on the ball! 

From Senator Rennick’s article:

“The other statistic that is really worth noting in 2021 is that the largest jump in deaths actually occurred in the states that had no COVID whatsoever. The largest jump was in WA, of all places, and was about nine per cent. It was followed by Queensland, which had a jump of 10 per cent, and then the other states, like Tasmania and South Australia. Victoria and New South Wales, which had some COVID…

It’s really worth asking yourself what happened in 2021 that didn’t happen in 2020. We can refine that even more: what happened after April 2021, because that’s when the spike in deaths happened, and what happened in those states that didn’t have COVID? Of course there is only one obvious conclusion that: the rollout of the vaccine.”

Why has Senator Rennick been relegated to third position in the QLD Senate ballot meaning that he is likely to miss re-election?  Can anybody guess?

Why hasn’t the media picked this up???

If you were to consolidate the following sets of data:

you would get the following Excel graph. 

From Jan – Jun 2022 we see the alarming rise in Excess Deaths that Senator Canavan spoke of. 10 % of these deaths were “with COVID.”  How does one explain the other 137 k deaths – at least 10 X more than COVID!?  As we read earlier, the Therapeutic Goods Administration … warned that despite a rise in deaths this year, it was “false and unscientific to automatically conclude that vaccines caused these deaths“.  Perhaps, what they were trying to say was that this rise in excess deaths is somehow due to COVID itself, even though none of these people had COVID when they died. Huh?  More this later.

Thanks to Australia’s severe lock-down policies, we have a smoking gun.  Between March and December of 2021, there was virtually no COVID in Australia, especially Western Australia.  Therefore, using the Bradford Hill Causality Criteria:

  1. Strength (effect size): the larger the association, the more likely that it is causal.
  2. Consistency (reproducibility): Consistent findings observed by different persons in different places with different samples strengthens the likelihood of an effect.
  3. Specificity: Causation is likely if there is a very specific population at a specific site and disease with no other likely explanation.
  4. Temporality: The effect has to occur after the cause.
  5. Biological gradient (dose–response relationship): Greater exposure should generally lead to greater incidence of the effect.
  6. Plausibility: A plausible mechanism between cause and effect is helpful.
  7. Coherence: Coherence between epidemiological and laboratory findings increases the likelihood of an effect.
  8. Experiment: “Occasionally it is possible to appeal to experimental evidence”.
  9. Analogy: The use of analogies or similarities between the observed association and any other associations.

the case for COVID vaxx-caused death is very strongWE NEED A ROYAL COMMISSION!

The excel chart ITSELF supports Criteria 1., 3., 4., and 5.

Criteria 2.: Many studies from highly-vaxxed nations indicate this, although COVID was already in most populations before roll-out.  It’s difficult to differentiate between death caused by COVID vs death caused by the CVOID vaxx – both used the same toxin – the spike protein.  This was the central theme of my article The Prestige.  This was either totally “dumb luck” on the part of ALL of Big Pharma or a sinister plot to obfuscate a high death-toll post-jabs.  The latter sounds like conspiracy theory, but when you look at how the medical authorities and the media refuse to collect and analyse adverse effects data, you’ve got to wonder.

Criteria 6.: Numerous studies into Adverse effects and the mechanisms of action provide plausibility.

Criteria 7.: Autopsy findings PROVE this (when they are allowed to be done).

Criteria 8.: The Australian COVID story is a great experiment.  It shows the effect of COVID shots both before and after COVID appeared in a major way.

Criteria 9.: Not necessary.

Narrative Shaping

Narrative shaping is a key element in any information warfare campaign.

This had already commenced by Oct 2022. Recall from the Senator Canavan ABC News article where the TGA commented that it was “false and unscientific to automatically conclude that vaccines caused these deaths“.

Compare this comment to that of Ms Lauren Moran, head of health statistics at the ABS.  In this 19 July ABS article, Ms Moran wrote:

COVID-19 was the main contributor to excess mortality during 2022, with deaths during this period matching the spread of the Omicron variant.”

Did you catch that?  The head of statistics for the ABS just “automatically concluded that vaccines didn’t cause these deaths”?  Where is her proof?  We were told previously that “the numbers “don’t shed any light” on vaccine-related deaths. ” Experts stated that there is no data to show a connection between COVID shots and death.

Ms Moran needs to brought before a Senate enquiry to explain her assertion or else be sacked.  Correlation does not equal causation.

We all need to be acutely aware of what is happening in the information warfare landscape.  A very recent spate of news articles displays the emergence of some new terms designed to shape this narrative around excess deaths.  Terms like “COVID-effects,” “overall impact of the pandemic” and “hidden deaths” are being used as euphemisms for excess death, with a strong denial of any COVID vaxx influence.

Courier Mail – Tasmania Excess Deaths

Examiner – Tasmania Excess Deaths

Medical News – Rural USA Excess Deaths

In each example they are asserting that vaccine hesitation has caused excess death.

If we don’t initiate a Royal Commission into the COVID response soon, the medical establishment and legacy media will rewrite history and expunge their culpability in possibly the greatest crime and worst lie foisted upon humanity.

The ABC News is one of the worst at this, but this example is just so sweet. 

As the borders were about to open in early 2022, the lockdown-loving ABC news urged the WA State government to stay locked down.

Something really bad was happening in WA and no-one could work it out.

The title of their story says it all.

Ambulance ramping doubled in 2021 despite lack of WA COVID-19 cases. 

The hospitals simply could not cope with this massive influx of death and disease coinciding with the COVID shot roll-out.

The vaxx rollout was the only thing that could account for the sudden rise in hospitalisation and death.  The ABC’s own reporting proves Bradford Hill Criteria 1., 3., 4., and 5.


I don’t know what’s worse – approving the COVID shot roll-out with inadequately safety testing in place or covering up the Vaxx-related deaths afterward.

I believe the ROYAL COMMISSION needs to include both in its scope.

I encourage everyone to support Senators Alex Antic, Matt Canavan, Malcolm Roberts and Gerard Rennick. We all need to join forces to demand a ROYAL COMMISSION through the parliament before the medical establishment and legacy media rewrite history.

I wrote about all of these findings years ago, based on the experience and evidence gathered by eminent scientists and epidemiologists. This article, inspired by the recent John Campbell video ties a ribbon around it all.

I’d recommend experts like Professor Norman Fenton, Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone be approached to present evidence and examine our own data as part of the Royal Commission.

Also, examining the New Zealand excess death versus vaxx rate data would be a great test for Bradford Hill Criteria 2.: Consistency. They, like WA, were locked-down hard until after their COVID vaxx roll-out.


I attempted to look for Mortality data for New Zealand for 2021, but couldn’t find it along with a monthly baseline to derive Excess Mortality. However, I did find a relevant substack article by Joel Smalley, with a very informative graph and compelling analysis. See for yourself.

The entire New Zealand mortality story in one chart

Flu causes excess death. Flu disappears, excess death disappears. COVID doesn’t produce any excess death. The COVID vaccine causes more death than a typical flu.

[NOTE: the total number of “with-COVID” deaths between Feb and Nov 2021 was three (3).  NZ was locked down very hard, like WA with very few COVID cases till late 2021 when it reached 90 % COVID vaxx rate.]

He goes on to write:


  • the virtual absence of flu in 2021;
  • the non-existence of COVID in 2021;
  • the highest death tally in 2021 since 2018;
  • the temporal correlation with the vaccine rollout for adults;

I’d suggest that it’s pretty conclusive that, at the very least, the vaccine should be investigated as the potential cause of all the excess death in 2021.


Time is of the essence.  For the sake of humanity, we must begin a ROYAL COMMISSION immediately.

Western nations are hell-bent on ceding their medical autonomy to the WHO.  With extraordinary pandemic powers, they may well force lockdowns and mRNA shots on everyone again.  It’s crucial that we maintain a Control group to provide the basis for a long-term safety study on mRNA COVID shots.  It takes at least 5-10 years to conduct an adequate long-term study.

Don’t forget Dr. John Campbell’s video and his Bob Dylan quote:

How many times can a man turn his head
And pretend that he just doesn’t see?

Bob Dylan

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