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QED is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase “quod erat demonstrandum” (that which was to be demonstrated), a notation which is often placed at the end of a mathematical proof to indicate its completion.

Since March 2020, I’ve written 26 articles related to COVID – its origins and the response of governments to the pandemic.  After speaking to some of you about these articles, I realise that perhaps, you don’t believe or understand what I’ve written about.  Therefore, before I conclude this series with reasons for Why these COVID actions may have occurred, I wanted to make sure you all see clearly What the results were.  So, I’ve summarised my 26 articles here and made the outcomes of government COVID response as plain to see as possible.

I believe that the data shows terrible outcomes and that we need a Royal Commission or Nuremburg 2.0, but I’ll let you analyse the data for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Throughout my summary, I’ve noted several occasions where my position on a controversial topic was in fact CORRECT.  I can’t identify ANY significant point where I was INCORRECT.  If you identify any, please contact me to discuss.  Please bring data.

This is not done to brag.  Rather, to point out that the (cancelled) scientists and doctors I subscribe to are the real heroes throughout this ordeal.  They stand in stark contrast with the medical establishment and legacy media who were INCORRECT on so many important topics.  One must ask “were they simply all incompetent or were they totally corrupted?”  Thankfully, I was in a unique position in my life with the requisite ability, passion and divine inspiration to ferret out the truth.  I recognise that many simply could not afford the time to do what I have accomplished.  This is now shared freely with you.


  1. A New Hope (Mar 2020)
    Prediction (JV): COVID deaths in sub-Saharan Africa will be low, despite very poor health facilities, due in part to the widespread use of the anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) – CORRECT (Ivermectin was also in widespread use to combat river blindness.  This was realised later.)
  2. The Empire Strikes Back (Sep 2020)
    Medical establishment and media collude to have HCQ banned as a treatment option.  HCQ is safe and effective for treating COVID when given early – CORRECT
  3. Nothing to See Here (Oct 2020)
    Wuhan lab-leak theory is proposed as most likely origin, not the wet-market – CORRECT more likely as time passes.
    Fauci lies about funding Gain of Function (GOF) experimentation – CORRECT.
    COVID response is simulated in EVENT 201 in late 2019 (funded by Gates and the World Economic Forum)
  4. Idle Hands are the Devil’s Playground (Oct 2020)
    Gates and other Billionaires fear Climate Change and overpopulation the most.  They agree to funding initiatives to address these.  Gates funds Fauci and WHO.  The Decade of vaccines.  Gates makes 2,000 percent returns from investments in Big Pharma.
  5. Return of the Outcry (Dec 2020)
    Prediction (various doctors): 800,000 would die due to suppression of early treatments like HCQ – CORRECT (comparing death rates in nations with widespread use of HCQ (and later, Ivermectin) vs those banning cheap and effective, repurposed drugs).
  6. What is Dis Mis? (Aug 2021)
    Herd Immunity is redefined by the medical establishment.  Emergency Use Authorisation for COVID shots requires all other treatments (e.g. HCQ and Ivermectin) to be deemed ineffective.  This explains the various propaganda campaigns.
    Anti-establishment positions:
    Quarantining the healthy is wrong – CORRECT
    Masks make little difference to transmission – CORRECT
    Asymptomatic spread of COVID is not a thing – CORRECT
    Treatments like HCQ and Ivermectin slow COVID viral replication when given early – CORRECT
    Natural Immunity to COVID (recovered from infection) is valid and powerful – CORRECT
    Prediction (JV): The term “Anti-vaxxer” would become as potent a slur as “racist” (JV) – CORRECT
    Prediction (Geert Vanden Bossche, Robert Malone, Luc Montagnier): You can’t vaccinate your way out of a pandemic – CORRECT
  7. Pawn (Oct 2021)
    Project Veritas whistle-blower: Zuckerberg is privately concerned about vaccines affecting human DNA (violating Facebook’s Community Standards).  Transhumanism is defined.  International Digital Vaccine Passports are being prepared (even in Australia).
  8. Super Swedes (Nov 2021)
    Evidence of heart damage related directly to COVID shots (before and after bio-markers in cardiology clinic).  Studies show mRNA COVID shots impede DNA repair; cause auto-immune issues.  Focus on Vitamin D levels (why hasn’t the media been promoting general health?)
  9. Origin (Nov 2021)
    Medical apartheid and police abuse of general public in Victoria.  Brave nurses.  Athletes are dropping like flies.
  10. Chronic Unease (Dec 2021)
    Robert F Kennedy Jr. explains the Medical Industrial Complex and the corruption of Big Pharma.  Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting Systems (VAERS) data – deaths and other safety data are being ignored by the CDC.
    Prediction (JV): Omicron would “burn through” all COVID barriers and that would end COVID as we know it – CORRECT
  11. The Prestige (Jan 2022)
    This is Not a pandemic of the unvaccinated – it’s a pandemic of the untreated.
    Spike protein from shots was found to circulate though the body and settle in vital organs – CORRECT.
    Joe Rogan speaks with Dr. Robert Malone, breaking download records.
    ICU and death by vaccine status is being suppressed.  Embalmers pull never before seen fibrous clots from the veins and arteries of deceased.
  12. PG (Jan 2022)
    Parental Guidance required.  Don’t jab the kids.
  13. Choice (Jan 2022)
    How Bad is My Batch? Vaccine-induced death and disease is related to Batch No.  Is Pfizer running a dosing study?  Russian Roulette?
  14. Collapse (Feb 2022)
    Canadian Truckers protest vaxx mandate.  US military data shows off-the chart levels of vaccine injury (3 military doctors as whistle-blowers).  Data then manipulated by DoD to hide evidence.
  15. Control (Feb 2022)
    COVID shots are an active trial within the human population.  Must retain a Control Group to compare long-term side-effects.  Pathologist sees upticks in cancers among vaccinated.  Project Veritas whistle-blower exposes FDA corruption.  Life insurance claims rise suddenly by 40% among working age people.  Younger people dying suddenly.
  16. Doosra (Mar 2022)
    Rod Marsh and Shane Warne died suddenly within 24 hours of each other.  Pfizer were legally forced to release hidden trial documents 75 years earlier than they intended.  One report listed more than 42,000 vaccine injuries including 1,223 deaths from a redacted number of shots administered by Feb 2021.
  17. Trust (Mar 2022)
    More excess All-Cause Mortality data is temporally aligned with shot roll-out programs.  CDC is being sued for manipulating and hiding data in relation to COVID and deaths.  Tech Entrepreneur Steve Kirsch fights for vaccine safety information.  Popular YouTube doctor John Campbell is red-pilled when confronted with the apparent malfeasance of the medical establishment. 
  18. Hide and Seek (Apr 2022)
    International Risk Mgmt expert Professor Norman Fenton exposes how COVID data is manipulated to hide vaccine injury, but All-Cause Mortality data does not lie.
  19. Certainty (Apr 2022)
    Two healthy, young basketball players in the USA die on the same day.  What are the odds? 1 in 40 Billion.
  20. FBAWTFT (May 2022)
    Who are some of the key players that appear to be leading this malfeasance? Rockerfeller, Gates, Fauci and Klaus Schwab are implicated.  The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset is explained.
  21. Suddenly (Jun 2022)
    Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is discussed.  The media attempts to get out in front of it as it cannot be hidden.  More sudden deaths of healthy younger people.  Don’t jab the kids.
  22. Hope (Jul 2022)
    US COVID lockdown leader Dr. Deborah Birx “hoped” that the shots would stop transmission under sworn testimony.  No data.  New bivalent COVID booster is being rolled-out without any human trials.  Tested on 8 mice.  All 8 caught COVID, yet test is considered successful.  Lab to jab.
  23. Cause (Sep 2022)
    In Alberta Canada the medical establishment refuses to acknowledge vaccine injury.  The biggest cause of death is now “Cause Unknown.” 
  24. TARP (Oct 2022)
    The CDC refuses to look for safety signals in the COVID shot roll-out.  Plausible deniability?  Florida Surgeon General recommends against COVID shots for youth. Steve Kirsch proposes two post-shot modes of death – within weeks by heart attack / stroke and around 5 months due to the formation of fibrous clots.  Australia’s excess death data is released and aligns with vaccine roll-out and Kirsch’s hypothesis.  Israeli Ministry of Health data is leaked.  Vaccine injury data is buried by medical establishment.  Immune imprinting from COVID shots causes other major illnesses.  The goal of the entire COVID vaccine program appears to be getting the mRNA delivery platform approved for universal future use.
  25. UNIVERSAL (Nov 2022)
    Pfizer admits that no tests for transmissibility were done on COVID shots.  The FDA approved the COVID shots for the childhood vaccination schedule.  In doing so, Pfizer and Moderna received immunity from prosecution automatically, in perpetuity.  CDC hides cancer deaths within overall death records. Joe Brignole, 1988 Mr Universe loses his bet with the grim reaper because of a COVID booster.
  26. Ironic (Nov 2022)
    A Qatari study compares the efficacy of COVID shots, boosters and natural immunity against COVID infection.


Drum roll, please …..

The following is a scorecard of the general response to COVID-19 (the China-model) adopted by most of the world’s leaders (i.e. lock down, mask up, refuse early treatment and mandate testing, quarantining and shots).

1. Infection.  COVID shots (based on the Wuhan strain) rolled out in early to mid-2021.  They had little effect on stopping infection or transmission of Omicron which appeared in late 2021. 

2. Vaccine Efficacy.  The 100 k person Qatari study compared the protection against infection and transmission of COVID-19.  Protection from primary shots plus two boosters varied from 60 % to negative 20 % (average of 17 %) while natural immunity (recovered from infection) scored between 70 % and 90 % over the life of the study.  Where people do not boost every six months (most of the population), efficacy goes negative and brings the average down further.

The US Health & Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra now recommends COVID boosters every two months.  Those able to accomplish this feat would achieve a theoretical maximum of 49% COVID protection.

Zero shots (recovered from COVID) – min 70 % protection over 15 months.
Nine shots – maximum 49% protection over 15 months.

Choose wisely.

3. Death (World).  Worldometer data shows that the rollout of the COVID shots seemed to do little, if anything to slow the rate of deaths with COVID (over 6.6 M so far) despite the fact that many older and sicker people had already died by that time and that Omicron was not as lethal as Wuhan or Delta.

4. Death (Australia and New Zealand).  Worldometer data for two nations with an aggressive Zero-COVID policy in place.  The rollout of the COVID shots coincided with an order of magnitude rise in deaths.  Neither nation had much natural immunity for infection due to the hard lockdown policy and people still died with the shots despite the fact that Omicron was not as lethal as Wuhan or Delta.

5. Death (Professor Norman Fenton – view video at 36:00 min mark) clearly shows that nations with low COVID vaxx rates and high early treatment use had far lower death rates than the highly-vaxxed, modern health-care nations.

5. Excess Death. What commenced as a Pandemic of the Untreated has morphed into a Pandemic of Sudden Death and Disability. 

Many of my articles dealt directly with the sudden rise in Excess, All-Cause Mortality in many nations including the USA, Netherlands, Australia and Denmark.

Ed Dowd has been a champion for this topic and spoke about this recently on the Dr Drew video.

Scroll down the page to: “Ed Dowd reveals frightening new Global Death Rate.”

Watch from 24 – 27 min marks.  The Denmark data is shown from the 28:20 min mark.

An important point to note is that All-Cause Mortality has been a very stable and slowly-changing metric for many decades.

6. Neonatal Death / declining Birth Rates.

Dr. John Campbell analyses neo-natal death rates in Scotland.   Watch his reaction from 7:00 – 7:30 min marks.  Can anyone explain the sudden drop in Australian birth rates?

7. Education.  Students now risk losing $17 trillion in lifetime earnings in present value, or about 14% of today’s global GDP, because of COVID-19-related school closures and economic shocks.

8. Small Business.  In nations and states that used the China-model COVID lock-down, small businesses suffered terribly, destroying the lives and life-savings of millions. 

9. Economics.  In nations and states that locked down hard, national debts skyrocketed, resulting in soaring inflation and weak economic forecasts.  The Australian national debt now exceeds $1T.  In the USA, it now exceeds $33T.  These debts are forcing nations toward sovereign debt crises.

How would you score the overall COVID response performance on a Scale from A to F?

Are you still unsure about the negative impacts of COVID response?

If so, you need to watch the R (18+) videos below.  Please do not allow children to watch these.

Please watch this video from the 6:30 to 19:30 min marks.

Despite what fact-checkers are claiming about the film, embalmers did not see these white, fibrous clots during the first 12 months of COVID (before the COVID shots). 

These have only occurred since the COVID shots were rolled out.  These are not slow, red-neck embalmers.  Captured data makes the link between COVID shots and clots. 

Pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole corroborates their findings, also confirming the micro-clots (dirty blood).

Now watch this second video from the 45:40 min to 50:10 marks. 

These chilling occurrences are caught on video.  How many are not?  This phenomenon is new (after the roll-out of COVID shots).

There seems to be so much that connects the COVID shots to bad outcomes.


Why is there no appetite to investigate any of this on the part of national leaders and legacy media?

I plan to cover this in an upcoming article … coming soon.

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