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Ironic: something that is interesting, strange, or funny because it’s different from what you would usually expect.

I facilitated a conference of about 20 great clients recently.  I’ve known most of them for years now and it was a blast.  Great topics; great conversations; great food; great networking and a great outcome.  A downer was that one of them tested positive for COVID after returning home.  They “note[d] a few little coughs and sniffles in the room” and wondered if they picked up ‘Rona during the conference.  I replied that I hadn’t heard of any other cases and said that I’d make some enquiries.  If you know me, you’ll understand that “making some enquiries” could include conducting a scientific study, statistically analysing the results and then publishing them.

Some COVID facts

Omicron is highly contagious. Up to 19 people shared the same air-conditioned room for 2.5 days, ate together, shook hands, wore no masks (for what they’re worth) and sat closer than 1.5 m apart (the magical distance beyond which aerosolised virus particles dare not travel). If one person had ‘Rona, others would have definitely been exposed.  I figured that this was an awesome scenario; almost as good as a cruise ship. What a great opportunity to perform my own scientific COVID study!

So I requested responses to three survey questions, promising full anonymity:

  1. Did you test positive for COVID since the conference?
  2. What is your vaxx status?
  3. How many months since your last shot? 

I constructed a timeline of events to see whether it made sense for the infected person to have contracted COVID from someone else at the conference.

Knowing the incubation period for Omicron and the timing of symptom onset, it was possible, but unlikely that Person 4 caught COVID from other conference participants. Here are the data:

These data show that only Person 4 tested positive six days after leaving the conference.

Is it not possible for Person 4 to get infected by a silent conference participant and everyone else be protected by the shots?


Let me explain how I came to this conclusion. By now we’ve all heard, or experienced ourselves, that the COVID shots do not prevent infection or transmission. In fact, many people having been jabbed multiple times have tested Positive to COVID more than once. It’s simply not effective at its main job – stopping the spread of ‘Rona. However, its the Qatari study that’s the final nail in the Pfizer efficacy coffin.

Arguably, the most comprehensive and best comparative study on the efficacy of shots vs natural immunity comes from Qatar. This study of over 100,000 people over 14 months provides the statistical rules for interpreting what happened in our 19 person conference.

The study report is a bit technical and difficult to understand, so I’d suggest you watch the first 10 minutes of this video by Dr. Mobeen Sayed.  Dr. Been is a medical educator who has taken several COVID shots himself and attempts to play it straight when it comes to COVID study results.  Here is a chart from his presentation.  You will note, Dr. Been is an avid illustrator. 

He spends about 10 minutes summarising the outcomes of the study, using this chart. Someone with two shots of mRNA has a maximum efficacy of 46.6 %. This drops into negative territory after four months. Once boosted, it rises to 60 %, then falls to ~ zero within 3 months. Without a shot, a person’s natural immunity to the same strain of COVID has dropped to 70 % after 14 months (duration of the Qatari study). For the unjabbed, natural immunity against a different strain varies from 30 % to 10 % after 14 months.

Bottom line:  If someone was infectious with COVID during the conference, it is likely that:

  • 2 people would most likely have been protected (90 % – those un-jabbed, but with natural immunity from a prior Omicron infection)
  • 2 people would most likely NOT have been protected (10 % – those boosted within the last three months)
  • 15 people would almost certainly contracted COVID as their last booster was more than 3 months ago.

Note: the number of participants spending significant time in the conference room was 19.  The survey sample size was 8.  Therefore, the above results come with a 95% Confidence level and error bars of +/- 33%.

Our conference would have most likely become a Super-Spreader event, chock full of “vaccinated” people.

As Dr. Been explains, unless you choose to boost every three months, you are more likely to catch COVID than a person who has never had COVID and has never been vaccinated against COVID.

By the way, I DO NOT recommend that you get boosted every three months.  My article UNIVERSAL is but one of many articles that explains why that is not a good idea.

After all of the lockdowns, masks, millions of deaths and Trillions of dollars wasted on failed medical interventions, the natural immunity of the unvaccinated Person 8 is the best hope for shielding society against COVID.

How ironic! 

Yes, that’s correct. It’s that same marginalised and degraded group that was branded by the media as “selfish granny-killers” and “anti-vaxxers.” The June 2021 Forbes article “What Are We Going To Do With The Anti-Vaxxers?” was typical propaganda spewed by the legacy media. Claims like “99.992% of vaccinated people completely avoid the disease” certainly didn’t age too well.

Despite the obvious media lies and the lived experience of so many people, governments and businesses have doubled down on vaccine mandates. Did they ignore the Pfizer executive who admitted that they never tested for transmissibility? The latest news is that G20 Leaders have agreed to Global Vaccination Passport System. That’s right, and it’s not just Person 8 who will be banned from International travel, it will be likely everyone except for Person 3.

Was this ever about a virus?

Please watch out for my next article that provides the best explanation I’ve heard for all of this madness.

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