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Chronic Unease

A Tragedy

Daniel Springer died while attempting to remove a wear plate from an excavator bucket at a QLD mine site in 2017.  Some years before then, the standard OEM configuration of many small wear plates was replaced by a design with two large wear plates to save maintenance cost and downtime.  The change was made by local leaders who neglected to apply any Management of Change (MoC) or formal risk assessment process.  What they didn’t realise was that the wear plates accumulated impact stress energy during operation.

Once restraining welds were removed, the steel sprung out 1.2 m and struck Mr. Springer in the head.  He is survived by a wife, a son, both parents and four siblings.

MoC Facts

Some disturbing facts were released (73) during the inquest including:

  • The mine had insufficient knowledge or awareness of what could cause a build-up of tension in the large external floor wear plates on excavator buckets;
  • Across the coal industry as a whole there is also generally an insufficient knowledge or awareness of what can cause a build-up of tension in the large external floor wear plates on excavator buckets; and
  • The mine did not involve any technical expertise in assessing the risk associated with modifying the wear plates.

In fact, not even the Original Equipment Manufacturer was consulted when the wear plate design was changed.

Despite all of this, the DNRME advised that at the conclusion of the investigation they would not proceed with a Prosecution in relation to the incident and requested an inquest be conducted in the public interest (84).

Two of the most important lessons learnt (91) were:

  • Leadership must constantly emphasise a “chronic unease” about risk across all levels of the organisation.  The question of “what can go wrong?” must be asked at all times and specific controls must be in place for risks identified.
  • Leaders should draw on a broad range of experience and information sources (both internal and external) when undertaking risk assessments.

These final two points are just plain “Good Science.”  We should always seek to disprove our own hypotheses and include all dissenting views.  This is the only way to achieve an effective change.

One man died unnecessarily and as a result, hundreds of man days of effort and untold amounts of money have been poured into investigating the root cause; to ensure it never happens again.  I’m grateful for the laws and processes put into place such as Coronial Enquiries to make sure that the rich and powerful cannot easily make changes and force the average person to suffer the consequences of these.  This was all done for one man – Daniel Springer.

The Medical Industrial Complex

The Kennedy Family is as close to American Royalty as possible.

They were responsible for establishing many Health Care reforms and creating the regulatory framework to govern health care and Big Pharma in the USA and to make sure that it does not become corrupted. However, over the decades, something went seriously wrong.  Here is a list of settlements for False Claims and other corruption.

Today, one Kennedy, Robert F Jr. carries on the fight against corruption in the highest places of the Medical Industrial Complex. RFK Jr. Has just released a best-selling book “The Real Anthony Fauci,” but you won’t hear about it on the MSM. In response to the question “Why did you write the book?”, he stated:

“I wrote this book so that Americans — both Democrat and Republican — can understand Dr. Fauci’s pernicious role in allowing pharmaceutical companies to dominate our government and subvert our democracy, and to chronicle the key role Dr. Fauci has played in the current coup d’état against democracy.”

Robert Kennedy Jr. outlines his book in this Warroom podcast. In his book, Kennedy claims Fauci has committed many atrocities over his almost 40 years of running the NIAID.  Just some of them include (from the great site):

Guinea pig kids’: Fauci’s legacy of cruel experiments on children, dead babies and mass graves

RFK, Jr.’s book exposes Fauci’s ‘dictatorial control, insidious authoritarianism’ over global public health

Fauci’s puppy scandal prompts further questions about NIH’s dirty COVID secrets

Fauci approved AIDS drugs toxic for adults to be tested on orphans, foster kids, RFK Jr. says in new book

The MSM won’t acknowledge RFK’s best-seller other than to smear his as an “Anti-vax conspiracy theorist.” If you read this article, it’s full of ad hominem attacks and there is no attempt to refute any of his claims.  Robert F Kennedy Jr. is a trial lawyer and knows defamation law.  He has not yet received a defamation lawsuit from Tony Fauci’s lawyers.  What does that tell you?

Why am I focusing on Fauci?  Well, he’s the guy orchestrating the entire COVID response strategy on behalf of the medical establishment and Big Pharma.  He is the bag man, doling out Billions annually in grant (hush) money and is the lynch-pin between the NIAID, FDA and CDC.  He told the world that the vaccines were safe and effective and that everyone around the world, including your six-month-old baby needs to get vaccinated in order to defeat COVID and get back to normal.

A Statistic

If you have received one of the COVID shots and survived it, congratulations!  You are a successful statistic in the largest emergency use trial of any medical product in the world.  Unfortunately, the trial has been deemed a failure by Fauci himself.

It does not include adverse effects such as heart attack, stroke or other debilitating diseases.  By the way, anyone dying within 14 days of receiving a jab is not counted as a COVID vaccine death.   Approx. 50,000 such deaths were ignored.  Also, we know that the data represents 1 to 10 % of the total actual cases.  I personally know of several people who needed to take time off work after their jabs and didn’t think (and weren’t asked) to report adverse effects.  If you were vaccinated, did you need to take some time off work?

I’ve written much about vaccine adverse effects in previous articles, but wanted to add a few new pieces of evidence:

But the Gaslighting Prize of 2021 goes to: Experts say ‘post-pandemic stress disorder’ could lead to rise in heart disease. That’s right.  The author asserts that people are getting way more heart problems after receiving COVID vaccines, not because of the vaccines, but because of the stresses related to lockdowns etc.  Let’s see how gullible the public really are.


I wrote earlier that this largest human vaccine trial in medical history was a failure.  You’ve seen the poor safety data and by now you’d know that the rapid rise in Omicron cases is due to the fully vaccinated travellers travelling inter-state.

Here is a video on vaccine efficacy that makes a mockery of Fauci’s claims:

and one that outlines just how serious that failure is:

From a Dec 16 2021 NBC News story, we read that:

“Fauci and two colleagues said the virus that causes Covid-19 is unlikely to be eliminated, and current vaccines are too limited to prevent the emergence of new variants.”

NBC News, Dec 16, 2021


To overcome these problems, the authors argue the research world should “fully commit” to developing a “second-generation” of coronavirus vaccines that would provide broad protection across the genetic spectrum of coronaviruses.  They suggest forming an international effort to collect animal coronavirus samples worldwide and developing ethical challenge trials for coronaviruses, among other measures.”

Hang on a minute!  Fauci said that getting a booster will help you against Omicron.  In fact, Governments around the world are scrambling to fast-track the booster from 6 to 5 to 4 months since the last one.  Unfortunately, Fauci has said a lot of things over the years and has not been called to account.  If an experimental gene therapy does not stop you from catching COVID and does not stop you from spreading COVID, but may help you not die from COVID, then is it really a vaccine?  No, at best it should be labelled as an expensive, experimental COVID treatment with many acute side effects and an unknown long-term safety profile?  Oh, yes, and now a failed trial.

But the medical establishment has a way around that.  Simply redefine what a vaccine is!  As the author of this article notes:

“Check out @CDCgov’s evolving definition of ‘vaccination.’ They’ve been busy at the Ministry of Truth”

Back to the Dec 16 2021 NBC News story, what do Fauci et al mean by “ethical challenge trials for coronaviruses?”  Is that like subjecting unsuspecting orphans to deadly AIDS medication, or threatening billions of people with job losses and unending lockdowns if they don’t take an experimental COVID gene therapy?  Fauci says that it’s for the good of humanity; do what you’re told!

Fauci also said that treatments like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Vitamin D, and Zinc were unsafe and ineffective as COVID treatments while hundreds of thousands of front-line doctors the world over have been keeping people out of hospital through safe, cheap treatments like these.

Dr Vladimir Zelenko risks his life by saying this - Nexus ...

Dr Vladimir Zelenko treated Presidents and leading diplomats from the USA, Brazil and Israel after developing a treatment protocol in early 2020 that saved all but three of his 7,000 patients.  If treated early, most who contract COVID – even the elderly – never need hospitalisation.  He tells a great story about how his treatment protocol was discovered and also goes on to describe why it is now essential for vaccinated and unvaccinated alike!    I featured Dr. Zelenko in my “The Empire Strikes Back” article from August 2020.


On October 4th, 2020 three distinguished individuals: Dr. Martin Kulldorff (Harvard), Dr. Sunetra Gupta (Oxford) and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford) signed the Great Barrington Declaration opposing Fauci’s tyrannical policies, advocating instead for a focused approach that protects the vulnerable and treats the young and healthy in order to establish herd immunity.

Hmmmmm.  Herd Immunity.  Remember that term?  If we reached 60-70% then a virus could not spread because there would be too many blocked pathways to infection.  I wrote about this in an earlier article, but will repeat it here:

On 9th June 2020 the definition of Herd Immunity included:

“…when a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection.”

On 13th November 2020 this changed to:

“is a concept used for vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold of vaccination is reached.”

Isn’t it funny how these essential terms have changed?  It reminds me of a key figure in history who once said : “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” and “You will not certainly die.”  He was also one for bending the truth.

Anyway, almost 900,000 doctors world-wide have now signed the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD).  These three doctors were not advocating for anything radical; rather, for an orthodox response to an infectious disease outbreak.  That is, quarantine the sick and the elderly and give others treatment.  Learn to live with the virus and develop natural herd immunity.

Despite simply making a clear, scientific case, these three scientists lost their grant funding and their careers were essentially cancelled.  You see, Fauci is the bag man who funds all medical research studies with US tax money.  Our three doctors were truly heroic.  Anyway, guess what happened to Fauci and his boss?


Fauci has a FOIA headache

In an email exchange obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, we find Fauci’s (now retiring) boss, Francis Collins and Tony colluded to discredit the GBD.  Collins wrote that he wanted “a quick and devastating published take down” of the Great Barrington Declaration’s premises.  This article describes how they planned to discredit the GBD group, rather than simply laying out the facts and debating the science.  Unfortunately, Fauci doesn’t like to hold a rational, fact-based discussion on any scientific topic.

Instead, he claims: “I Represent Science.”  Well, I guess that settles it.  No need to engage the mRNA OEM when testing mRNA vaccines.  No need to engage the dissenting voices of 900,000 GBD signatories when they challenge your decisions to lock-down, mask up, destroy economies, keep kids out of school for almost 2 years and force universal vaccination in the midst of a pandemic.  Don’t listen to esteemed Nobel Laureates and epidemiologists.  No.  Just make your own decisions because you know best, Mr. Science.

I’m once more reminded of that character who thought a little too highly of himself.


Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s top-rated program “Mad Money” recommends mandatory vaccination programs be run by the military. (~Dec 20, 2021)

Watch this video from 0:58 through 3:07

“..back then, anyone who refused to get vaccinated would be ratted out immediately, because that person could hurt other people.”

Just a few days later….

“…I went to a party … everyone had to be PCR negative … and yet I still came down with it … this thing is just … whatever you hear, whatever expert you hear, Dr. Fauci, whatever. THEY KNOW NOTHING! They know nothing because I test negative and then I infect my partner. What does that mean? … Where are the authorities that are going to step up and admit “We have no idea what’s happening!”


If you haven’t really been looking at the evidence, you may still be wondering “how has JV landed here? Is he OK?”  If you’d like to hear a very succinct summary of what I’ve been led to believe after hundreds of hours of investigation and analysis, listen to Dr. Sam Harris, the renowned neuro-scientist and atheist philosopher.  Watch from the 27:00 min mark. He describes what he believes is the deluded fringe of society.

Sam Harris / Naomi Wolf

Then, please watch the response from Dr. Naomi Wolf, former Democratic Consultant to the Clinton campaign.  She has been a regular guest on Bannon’s War Room following 18 months of COVID madness that has convinced her to reject the current Democratic regime.  She does an excellent job of responding to Sam Harris’ claims.  The 13 minutes is an excellent summary of the entire battle of ideas.

By the way, I’m not Anti-vax. I am just yet to be convinced of the risk / benefit calculation for the current set of COVID “vaccine” products. One final thought on this. Several of my family, friends and clients have taken the COVID products, yet agree with me that there should be no mandate. We should be free to choose. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary (updated in September 2021), you are “Anti-Vax.”


What do we know about Omicron?   All of the data from South Africa indicates that the variant is highly infectious but not too lethal.  In fact, “South Africa ministers announced the country is moving to stop contact tracing and quarantining of Omicron contacts. Healthcare experts discovered the Omicron is so weak that they do not need to trace the Omicron variant among the people.”

We also know that natural immunity (recovered from COVID) provides between six and 13 times the protection against infection of vaccine-induced immunity. 

This is in contrast to the CDC’s study that finds vaccine immunity to be superior.  Uh oh!  Once again, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request reveals that the CDC is lying and has aligned themselves with Fauci’s universal vaccine position. 

BREAKING NEWS 23 Dec 2021:
Two new stories broke that I needed to add:
1. The CDC are hiding the fact that natural immunity is far superior to that conferred by vaccine. Here is an excerpt from a select Subcommittee hearing on the Coronavirus Crisis. The interchange is between Congressman Jim Jordan and Mr. Kerry (title unknown):

Jordan: 31,000 people spending $58 billion a year. Why hasn’t our government done a study on natural immunity?

Kerry: If I can be honest representative Jordan I don’t think they want to know the answer it would undermine the indiscriminate Vaccine vaccination policy for every single human being including extremely low-risk people.

2. The latest data presented in a story from Bloomberg confirms that although far more infectious, Omicron is also far less likely to cause hospitalisation. That’s good news.


So, let’s summarise some key facts:

  • Omicron will quickly become the dominant strain.
  • Omicron evades vaccine immunity, even for those with boosters.
  • Omicron infection leads to less severe health outcomes in the majority of cases.
  • Natural Immunity is far stronger than vaccine-induced immunity.
  • Vaccines have serious acute side-effects and unknown long-term safety data.
  • Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and a host of other Vitamins and medicines have excellent, known safety profiles and have shown significant benefit in treating COVID if taken early.

MoC Facts – Reprise

What’s even more damning here is the following:

Some disturbing facts that were unveiled include:

  • Big Pharma had insufficient knowledge or awareness of how mRNA spike proteins circulating through the body can cause heart issues, blood clotting and neurological issues, although the OEM specifically warned Big Pharma to test for these in their clinical trials – and they didn’t;
  • The medical establishment have no knowledge or awareness of how vaccinating the world in the middle of a pandemic causes viruses to mutate and could breed a vaccine-resistant mutant – although they have been warned; and
  • They did not involve any external technical expertise, including the mRNA OEM, in assessing the risk associated with any of their developments or programs and have systematically silenced any dissenting voices.

The Faucian Bargain

The emergence of Omicron has given Health officials one final chance to show that they can act in good faith.  They two very clear options:

  1. Accept the fact that Omicron is going to spread like wild-fire.  Protect the population with access to safe, cheap therapeutics.
    This will relieve pressure on the health system, allowing everyone who still has a job to go back to work and in the next few weeks / months, we will achieve herd immunity and be done with this nightmare.
  2. Continue to double down on universal vaccination.  Mandate vaccination and endless boosting with unsafe, ineffective vaccines.  Lockdown hard again, mandate masks and vaccines, segregate the unvaccinated, fine them 3,600 Euro per quarter (Austria) and treat them as second-class citizens.  Plunge the world into economic ruin.

You are likely going to feel enormous pressure to receive a booster soon.  That is just more of the same stuff that isn’t effective, makes people sick and provokes the virus to mutate.

Before you make this latest Faucian Bargain, please watch this documentary on Fauci by Glenn Beck.

The most interesting fact for me is that the Moderna vaccine contractual arrangement was signed between Fauci’s NIAID and Ralph Baric on Dec 12 2019 (before COVID was officially announced).  Funny, that.

..And after you have Done Everything, Stand.

Many, many distinguished doctors and scientists – too many to name, have tried to make sense of the COVID response policies laid out by Fauci et al.  After many attempts to present data and debate with logic and reason, they have all acceded to the notion that this is not about public health.  What has been happening is part of another agenda; one far more sinister than many would ever expect.  In fact, several good friends of mine are still having a hard time coming to grips with the idea that health professionals and political leaders would be acting in a coordinated fashion to sacrifice human beings for economic and political gain.

Vigano / Malone

Vatican archbishop Carlos Vigano is a very thoughtful, intelligent and humble leader of the Catholic faith.  He has for some time been very critical of Pope Francis and recently called for a global response to the COVID response.  In the same video, Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology that underpins the Pfizer and Moderna shots, follows Vigano, going to a place intellectually that he has resisted for the longest time. 

Hiding in Plain Sight

How could this be happening?  Why would we not know about this?  Hitler wrote many things about the Nazi effort to craft their own propaganda narrative in support of totalitarian control.  One powerful example is:

“The greater the crime perpetrated by the leadership, the less likely it is that the people will ever believe their leaders to be capable of perpetrating such an event.” ~ Adolf Hitler

I hate to quote evil totalitarian dictators in my article, but they appear to be speaking more truth than the MSM.

“It is a quite special secret pleasure how the people around us fail to realize what is really happening to them.” ~ Adolf Hitler

A Tragedy verus a Statistic

One man, Daniel Springer died unnecessarily and that was a tragedy.  We saw a Coronial Inquest.

Millions have died during 2020-2021 due to the COVID response.  Will we see a Coronial Inquest or was Stalin right?

In April 2020, the public was forced to lock-down, crushing small business and enriching global elites.  Changes to orthodox pandemic response (quarantine the sick, elderly and those at risk), were made without any Management of Change or formal risk assessment process.  Big Pharma were granted immunity from prosecution while experimental mRNA gene therapies were (pre-)prepared in record time without consulting the mRNA technology’s Subject Matter Experts.  The world was promised that they were safe and effective.  Big Pharma and the FDA lied.

The clinical trial designers chose not to ask “what could go wrong?” and did not to entertain the recommendations of the mRNA OEM who told them “what could go wrong.”  Then trial results were withheld; adverse effects not captured.  Perhaps Pfizer were in too much of a hurry to dominate market share?  When thousands of Subject Matter Experts issued dissenting views on COVID response and therapeutic value, their voices were silenced by Fauci and his cabal.

When you represent science, I guess you don’t need to disprove your own hypothesis and invite all dissenting views.  Science is infallible.

How many thousands have died by taking an experimental gene therapy in violation of Nuremburg and Geneva Conventions?  How many more thousands have had their lives shortened through myocarditis, strokes and other serious illnesses?  And what of the millions who died unnecessarily, being denied cheap, safe therapeutics?

The medical establishment has written off this batch of mRNA vaccines.  “… the virus that causes Covid-19 is unlikely to be eliminated, and current vaccines are too limited to prevent the emergence of new variants.”

How then is Fauci able to demand billions for the “second generation” of vaccines while continuing to push for vaccine passports, mandates and boosters using the failed products?

Are you beginning to feel a little of that “Chronic Unease” yet?

The Good News

Having examined this topic from many perspectives, I concur with the Vatican Arch-bishop, the mRNA inventor and millions of other freedom-loving members of society.  It would appear that this is not about health.  Globalist elites have attempted to control mankind and nature itself with their bio-weapons and tyrannical response.  However, I don’t think that God’s nature is going to cooperate.

Can you imagine the sheer panic of world leaders when Omicron burns through all of their COVID barriers – vaccines, boosters, masks, lockdowns etc., and leaves the world with a beautiful, powerful, natural immunity?  Wouldn’t that be the second greatest Christmas gift ever?  Omicron is far more transmissible than Delta, so it’s likely to happen.  It also appears to be far less deadly than previous strains of COVID.  It may well be an excellent live attenuated virus vaccine built by nature.  Let’s hope, pray and take plenty of Vitamin D and Zinc.

And what is the greatest Christmas gift I hear you ask?

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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