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Black Swan

In Oct 2020, I wrote an article titled: Idle Hands are the Devil’s Playground. I introduced this article with the following:

“There appears to be widespread and growing evidence of intent to implement population control under a centralised system of world government driven largely by a cabal of oligarchs.  Having made their billions from free market capitalism, they now lurch left in an attempt to implement tyrannical socialism for everybody else. “

While researching that article, it appeared that certain forces were being applied to systematically force people to take COVID shots.  Not to lose weight, reduce their sugar intake or to get more sun – although all of these were important ways of reducing the risk of death from COVID.  We’ve learnt since then that these shots did not stop COVID infection or transmission – ineffective.  We’ve also learnt that excess all-cause mortality increased in proportion to a nation’s COVID vaxx rates – unsafe.  So, was there a broader agenda at play?  Were people being conditioned, with hyped-up fear and uncertainty, to readily exchange their freedoms for an imagined sense of safety, delivered via the point of hypodermic needle?  I believe so. 

This (unaltered) diagram was included in my Oct 2020 article. 

Two and half years later, I believe it has aged very well.

I found the revelations quite disturbing and I recall having some very dark, black dog thoughts. 

The implications were simply unthinkable.  It certainly did appear that sinister forces were engaged in serious efforts to engineer a process designed to force the masses into compliance.

These past two years have revealed a wilful ignorance on the part of medical authorities regarding COVID shot safety signals.  This has, in turn, enabled the mRNA platform to be fast-tracked into becoming the approved delivery mechanism for future vaccine products.

Patent expert Dr. David Martin provided the opening address at the Third International COVID Summit , hosted by members of the European Parliament recently in Brussels.

Click here to watch the video.

He stated that (30:25) “four times in April of 2019, … four patent applications of Moderna were modified to include the term ‘accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen’ as the justification for making a vaccine for a thing that did not exist … It was in September of 2019 that the world was informed that we were going to have an accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen so that by September 2020 there would be a worldwide acceptance of a universal vaccine template. … The intent was to get the world to accept a universal vaccine template and the intent was to use coronavirus to get there.”

In my previous article on Digital Totalitarianism, I wrote about the push for a global digital identity by the world’s leaders and its link to a vaccine passport.  I also wrote about Central Bank Digital Currencies and the rush by governments around the world to establish them in favour of sovereign currencies. I finished the previous article by hinting at possible reasons for accelerating the destruction of world economies and basic human rights.  It definitely seems that some BIG event is just around the corner which may make the financial transition irreversible. 

Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr recently stated in this video (3:45 mark):

“… the elevation of corporations … from the financial industry, from the military industrial complex, this kind of corrupt merger of corporate power which is systematically hollowing out the American middle class through wars, through bank bailouts, through lockdowns etc., where we’re just printing money to make billionaires richer. … During the COVID Lockdown there was a $4 Trillion shift in wealth from the American middle class to this new oligarchy of billionaires.  We created 500 new billionaires during the lockdowns and the billionaires we already had, increased their wealth by 30%.  That’s just one of the assaults, and then you go to the bailout of the Silicon Valley Bank and the war in Ukraine which is costing us $113 Billion, the war in Iraq and the wars that followed that have cost us $8 Trillion.  The total cost of the lockdowns was $16 Trillion and we didn’t get anything for all those wars, we got worse than nothing. … So that’s $24 Trillion and you know it isn’t any wonder that we don’t have a middle class left in the United States of America.”

Let’s recall Henry Kissinger’s maxim: “Who Controls Money Controls the World.”  If you’ve been paying attention, virtually every nation is now approaching bankruptcy – a sovereign debt crisis – thanks in part, to the COVID lockdown strategy.  The only reason that the US thinks it can continue to print money is because the US dollar is the world’s reserve currency (for now).

Did you know that US bank failures so far in 2023 – Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and First Republic Bank (3 banks, total of $110 B lost) surpasses all bank failure losses in the US during the GFC (25 banks, total of $94 B lost)?  The US Federal Reserve’s decade-long, low interest rate “Modern Monetary Theory” since the GFC seemed to defy financial logic.  Consequently, the nations’ fiscal managers have continued to pour fuel onto a dumpster fire, forcing higher inflation, increased interest rates, the loss of the family home and sleeping on the streets amidst a looming global recession.  This phenomenon is spreading globally.  Have the chickens finally come home to roost?  Was all of this recent profligate “COVID” spending simply a brazen act to ensure there would be no way back?

Please check out this Debt-to-GDP ratio chart. Note, it DOES NOT include ALL of the debt accumulated during the COVID lockdown era.

It would seem that the world’s economies are being held together with spit and baling wire.

Some experts have opined on the obscene actions of wealthy elites, claiming that they are likely a final bout of middle class “raping and pillaging” planned before the curtain is drawn back and the truth is finally revealed.  They claim that the world’s financial systems are so broken that they can’t be fixed and when the average Joe discovers that their pensions are gone, they will be livid.

They claim that the elites believe that millions of Elmer Fudds simply can’t be allowed to own guns.

Could any of this be remotely true?  It sounds like a crack-pot, tin-foil hat conspiracy theory, but a plausible thesis does exist, supported by solid evidence.

The next few videos provide a most compelling and logical set of reasons for all of the financial madness occurring right now and what may be next. This first video explains the world’s Banking system in 9 minutes.

Mark Moss explains the financial framework, starting with the Big Boss – the Bank of International Settlements.


Other contributors describe Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC) and it is frightening! Tucker Carlson says “CDBC – if that happens, we’re done.”

Here is a 2 min video with Max Keiser on Tucker Carlson explaining how the Central Bank will bypass local banks to install CDBCs.

MUST WATCH to the end.

In this next video (@ 18:00), Mark Moss describes the new IMF UNICOIN.  Did you hear about this in the nightly news?  Probably not. The UNICOIN gives the illusion that each country retains its own currency.

In this April 2023 Zerohedge article entitled: “IMF Unveils New Global Currency Known As The “Universal Monetary Unit” To “Transform” World Economy” the author writes:

“A new global currency just launched, but 99 percent of the global population has no idea what just happened.”

Tyler Durden, Zerohedge


Let’s recall the GFC?  From The Housing Bubble and the Great Recession: Ten Years Later (pg 18) we read:

“It is common to speak about the collapse of the housing bubble and the financial crisis as unpredictable events that fell out of the sky without warning. While this may be a comforting view for the economists with jobs that required monitoring the economy, it is far from the reality. The housing bubble and the risks it posed were easy to see. It was only due to incredibly narrow-minded thinking that the vast majority of the economics profession managed to miss it.” 

It cost the US taxpayer $626 B to stop the financial system from collapsing following the GFC.  This was in addition to the 30% drop in US house prices which took five years to recover.

The GFC was bad.  However, the COVID lockdowns caused anywhere from 2 to 30 times more economic harm than the GFC, depending on how you analyse it. In this April 2022 article the author comments:

“The most recent recession was short because it was not about debt. But right now Australia is building up debt in very significant volumes, especially for owner-occupied housing. There’s $1.3 trillion on the mortgage books — a record.  And rates are about to rise.”  And rise they have.

In March of 2023, ABC News wrote: “‘The market is telling us something very bad is coming‘, as global banking crisis deepens.”

Is there an enormous financial risk out there somewhere, that financial experts refuse to acknowledge?

The Big One

At The World Government Summit 2023 panel discussion, Professor Arturo Bris from the IMD World Competitiveness Center, stated:

“… the big question is how we are going to go through this transformation? It cannot be gradual. It has to be driven by … a certain shock that will happen.”

In this next video, finance expert, George Gammon explains a > $80 Trillion financial risk that the Bank of International Settlements warned the financial community about in their 2022 report.

Gammon argues that this “off-balance sheet” debt is an FX Swaps time-bomb that is potentially 1000 times the GFC and may explode in 2023.

Even if he is out by an order of magnitude, this level of loss would be unimaginable.

This is not conspiracy theory.  Reuters has also covered this story, stating:

“They saw funding squeezes during both the global financial crisis and again in March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic wrought havoc that required central banks such as the U.S. Federal Reserve to intervene with dollar swap lines.

The $80 trillion-plus ‘hidden’ debt estimate exceeds the stocks of dollar Treasury bills, repo and commercial paper combined,’ the BIS said.

‘The missing dollar debt from FX swaps/forwards and currency swaps is huge,’ the Switzerland-based institution said, adding the lack of direct information about the scale and location of the problems was the key issue. “

Global financial systems will have no way to recover.  This certainly explains the urgency to move to CDBC.  The global sovereign debt mess would simply be too large to mop-up in the old paradigm.

Is this the “certain shock” the global elites are counting on to trigger their move to CDBCs and the Great Reset?

Why don’t we hear about these in legacy media?

Instead, we get Megan and Harry, Dojo Cat and Kim Kardashian’s butt.

Remember that Reflexivity is a Communist tactic: a pre-conceived Problem, Reaction and Solution, all devised by Marxists to move the world leftwards towards their ultimate goal.  Could it be that a Great Financial Reset and a New World Order will be presented as the only way to “save the world” once the current financial systems have imploded?  That’s precisely what Klaus Schwab et al have been telling us.

So, in summary, COVID vaccines were forced on people the world over.  Few were able to avoid them.  Multiple boosters were required to keep people’s vaccination status current.

These actions and the fear-porn spread by legacy media were successful in conditioning the masses to willingly exchange jabs for freedom.

Many have awakened and have refused further boosting.

However, a very large group still vow fealty to the Green Tick.

A coming combination Vaxx passport with digital wallet and CDBC would provide a potent lever for enforcing compliance in the New World Order; one where the average person owns nothing and is dependent on the government for their survival.  At some point, facial recognition will be replaced by or augmented with a tiny chip implanted beneath the skin.  With programmable currency, people will be unable to eat what they want, travel too far from home, say the wrong thing on social media and you guessed it – avoid rolling up the sleeve for the next scheduled jab.

Every single vaccination approved by the WHO is a life-long subscription and our nations’ leaders are working hard to cede sovereignty to the WHO regarding control of future “Public Health Emergencies of International Concern” with police powers to enforce vaccinations, lockdowns or whatever measure they deem fit.  And it will definitely NOT be limited to viruses.  The Financial Post article: From vaccine passports to personal carbon passports: Get ready for CLIMATE-21 fossil fuel virus lockdowns describes how the COVID mentality is already weaponised against Carbon Dioxide! 

Former Congressman, Michelle Bachman discusses the planned WHO takeover on Bannon’s War Room Ep 2657. (16:00 – 22:00 min mark).  The only way out it seems is to defund the WHO.

Is all of this inevitable?  Should we all just roll over and give up?

No.  A future article will provide some hope as it introduces courageous people who have pushed back and describes some simple and effective tactics to keep standing.

Well, it seems that we either Stand up or prepare for Armageddon.

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