Opportunity Framing

A structured approach is necessary to lead a diverse group of participants from divergent to convergent thinking. Opportunity framing is a process that forces an appropriate level of divergent thinking and avoids “group think” when framing an opportunity or solving a problem. JVP ie has designed and facilitated numerous Opportunity Framing workshops in various industries to assist in effectively identifying and analysing valid strategic options.

KT Decision Analysis

Kepner Tregoe (KT) decision Analysis is a valuable tool to assist a group in a rational process of analysing options to identify leaders. JVP ie is experienced in the use of KT DA in various settings, stages of projects and industry groups.

Ranging Analysis

Identifying realistic maximum, minimum and mean values for key project variables requires a disciplined approach to ensure the range of values is credible and based in fact. JVP ie has experience facilitating Ranging Analysis workshops to assist stakeholders to develop appropriate ranges for key variables.