Rejects and Tailings

Mining operations will generally deliver rejects and tailings as an unwanted by-product of their recovery processes. These can cause operations major headaches as they take up valuable space and can cause major environmental issues if not dealt with appropriately. JVP ie has assisted large mining resource planning departments in the development of decision-making processes regarding the disposal of rejects and tailings.


Later Development Plans

JVP ie has assisted organisations in the development of Later Development Plans – documents required by legislation to facilitate the granting of extensions to mining developments.

Co-Development Agreements

JVP ie has assisted a major mining Business Development department in the creation of a co-development agreement that allows two competing companies to work together across a common boundary, thereby extracting product that would have otherwise been sterilised.

Geological Services Strategic Planning

JVP ie facilitated the development of a Geological Services Strategic Plan for a large Mining company, considering drilling, logging, degasification, organisational structure and other key inputs.

Landform Planning

Final Landform planning is a crucial element of resource and long-term mine planning. However, committing to final landforms can have a significant negative effect to financial results if done at the wrong time. JVP ie assisted a large mining resource planning group in workshop facilitation and decision analysis regarding how to navigate this delicate topic.