Vision / Mission / Strategy Development

Some think that Strategic Planning is old hat. Alignment in thinking and elimination of wasted effort has been delivered by engaging key staff in the process of developing the Vision, Mission and Strategies of their organisation or enterprise. By blending Strategic Planning 101 concepts (including SWOT Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces etc.) with subtle use of Head, Heart, Hand and Organisational Change tools, JVP ie has helped numerous groups develop top-down direction in ways that are easy to communicate and enact.

Team Building

JVP ie is familiar with several team building tools and concepts including Belbin, Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and Q12 and blends these with other conceptual models as required to help diagnose and assist teams to journey together towards maturity and function more effectively.

Problem Solving

Problems come in all shapes and sizes and include varying levels of complexity, complication, politics and poor people interactions. JVP ie is experienced with several problem solving methodologies and easily adapts and blends technical elements with softer, people-sensitive aspects to help people solve their own problems. The preference is always to help people learn to fish rather than catching fish for them.


Although there is no one method or approach to innovation, research has uncovered many of the keys to establishing the right environment to nurture innovation. Sometimes we get fixated thinking that innovation is always about creating new things, when Altshuller demonstrated how often it’s simply reapplying existing knowledge in a new context. JVP ie has conducted considerable research and benchmarked with leading companies such as 3M, GE and Xerox to assist groups in their quest to become more innovative.

Complexity Thinking

Incorporating learnings from Chaos and Complexity science and blending the thinking of Senge, DeBono, Snowden, Verna Allee and others, JVP ie has developed ways to communicate the essence of complexity thinking and apply them to personal and team dynamics. Complexity thinking is a critical missing in many people’s approach to problem-solving. JVP ie helps plug the gap in order to solve the truly intractable problems and consider directions that would otherwise have been rejected.


Working together to accomplish more is a cornerstone that underpins everything done through JVP ie. From Sveiby’s Collaborative Climate to the importance of trust and the value of recycling existing knowledge, many elements come into play in making collaboration work. JVP ie even uses a collaborative approach in mentoring clients to become more collaborative as this reinforces the value and teaches the basic principles.

Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman’s work on Emotional Intelligence is critical to unlocking the full potential of individuals and teams. Blending this EQ thinking with Q12 and other models has provided JVP ie with another set of proven tools designed to help individuals and organisations excel.