Asset Management

Establishing Asset Management systems, structures, data and documentation is crucial to the successful start-up of any asset-intensive business and a core element of any operational readiness program. Up to 80 % of the cost of maintenance is determined during the design phase of a project. Good decisions during this phase and during operational readiness can set-up a business for optimal whole of life asset cost and asset reliability. JVP ie has experience in establishing an effective and appropriate Asset Management system in a greenfield project as well as implementing systems and improving asset management performance in mature operations.

Business Systems Integration

Many systems including Finance, Production, Asset Management, Safety, Security, Procurement etc. are required to be in place and functional for a new business start-up. Not only do all essential systems need to be present, but they need to be aligned with each other and incorporate processes, data and applications in addition to the change management required for their adoption and use. JVP ie has implemented several of these systems as part of ERP upgrades as a well as leading a major systems integration effort in the Operational Readiness phase of a major greenfield project.


Management Operating System

A Management Operating System is a set of integrated processes that wire and align an organisation across work levels and time horizons from annual planning to quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily and shift levels. It is essential in creating a line of sight from operations to strategy and embedding operating discipline, PDCA, short-term interval control and delivery of plan into all activities and work levels. Often incorporating visual performance centres, the Management Operating System (also referred to as a LEAN system) is a critical means of forcing systems integration. JVP ie oversaw the implementation of a Management Operating System in a greenfield project.