Network Development

People, when effectively connected are capable of sharing knowledge to achieve individual and collective goals. JVP ie uses a variety of tools and approaches gleaned from Benchmarking visits to US companies including 3M, Xerox, Ford and Raytheon and applied in the mining and other industries. JVP ie has decades of experience in developing and sustaining networks both within and across traditional business boundaries, resulting in accelerated knowledge sharing, innovation and collaboration.

CoP Development

Communities of Practice or CoPs are a specific organisational construct that are foundational elements of knowledge sharing networks. JVP ie integrates elements of CoP development used by McDermott, Wenger, Snowden and other thought leaders with own methods proven through several decades of application across global businesses and industry groups.


It is difficult to measure the business impact of shared knowledge and most organisations either don’t bother or end up using poor measures as proxies for the real thing. JVP ie has developed a powerful set of measures that not only demonstrate the value of sharing knowledge but also provide insight into how Network or CoP members prefer to share their knowledge and information.

Document Management Systems

Implementations of Document Management systems (e.g. OpenText, Sharepoint, Hummingbird, Documentum) rarely go well. JVP ie has been heavily involved with several system implementations and knows what’s critical to making them work.


It’s possible to implement and sustain an online knowledge-sharing forum where practitioners willingly answer questions and share insights with members. JVP ie inexpensively supports many clients with a Forum and associated brokerage services.

Collaborative Climate

Collaboration doesn’t just happen. Many factors including workplace culture, generational preferences and leadership behaviours weigh heavily on an organisation’s ability to work together. JVP ie has applied proven research and borrowed from thought leaders to encourage high levels of collaboration between stakeholders.

Conference Design

Conferences are a key activity for members of knowledge-sharing networks. They provide opportunities for members to hear new ideas and interact with others on topics of common interest… if designed well. JVP ie has been designing conferences for network members since the turn of the 21st century and has evolved them to stay relevant and to meet a broad range of needs and preferences.

Conference Facilitation

Designing a conference is one thing, but keeping the presentations moving, seeding relevant questions and ensuring that the conference objectives are met are the objectives of a talented facilitator. JV has facilitated hundreds of conference sessions with no failures.