Asset Managment Maturity Assessment

JVP ie has used a variety of Asset Management frameworks (including GFMAM Landscape and variants of BHP Billiton’s former GMN 22 elements) to conduct maturity assessments for clients. Helping organisations assess their maturity using an agreed framework is a first step on a journey of improvement.

Asset Management Documentation Structure

How do you create the appropriate level of Asset Management documentation to create a line of sight from Policy through Strategy to Procedures and Work Instructions? JVP ie can show you ways that align with recognised frameworks and enable all levels of the organisation to understand their role in effective Asset Management.

Reliability Roadmap

Developing and integrating a comprehensive suite of reliability tools and approaches that suits an organisation’s maturity and value drivers can be a complex task. JVP ie incorporates skills and experiences gathered since 1986 to simplify the process of drafting and crafting an effective road to reliability.

ERP systems implementation

JVP ie has considerable experience in several ERP systems implementations since 1986. Business processes, change management, data collection and procedure development are all essential ingredients but without an end state picture and links to strategic purpose, users will struggle to achieve objectives. JVP ie has navigated these waters several times and adds essential wisdom to the process.

KPI development

Leaders need to be aware of just how much performance measures drive behaviours. Well-designed cascaded and non-tribal, super-ordinate measures can bring alignment to purpose while poorly designed KPIs only bring confusion and pain. JVP ie has benchmarked performance internationally and has a vast experience base upon which to draw when developing an integrated set of leading, process and lagging performance measures.

Whole of Life costing

JVP ie has experienced poor and expensive approaches used by others in an attempt to develop Whole of Life or Life Cycle Costing models. Learning from the mistakes of others is a great way to achieve superior performance. These lessons learnt in developing appropriate WoL models can save hundreds of man hours in effort and deliver credible results.

Project Management Frameworks

Project Management Frameworks are often used to assist in the acquisition or development of assets and follow a phased approach such as: Scoping; Pre-Feasibility; Feasibility; Detailed Design; Project Execution and Commissioning & Close-out. JVP ie has assisted clients in the various stages of several Project Management Frameworks (both Small and Large) and can partners with practitioners to develop and / or implement one appropriate to their business.